Monsey: Psychiatrist Declares Grafton Thomas Incompetent To Stand Trial

Grafton Thomas appears in court with his attorney Michael Sussman

MONSEY (VINnews) — A psychiatrist hired to evaluate Grafton Thomas, has declared that Thomas’ mental illness deems him incompetent to stand trial on federal hate crimes charges.

Thomas is accused of using a machete to attack Jews attending a Chanukah party at the home of Rabbi Rottenburg in the Forshay neighborhood of Monsey on Dec. 28.

According to Attorney Michael Sussman, “Mr. Thomas was not competent to stand trial” following an evaluation by Dr. Andrew Levi, who has asked a federal judge to hold what he termed a competency evaluation.

Sussman and Thomas’ mother have insisted that Thomas’ stabbing attack was not motivated by hate, but rather was triggered by his mental illness and him not taking his medication.

“He has no history of like violent acts and no convictions for any crime,” Sussman has said in a statement. “He has no known history of anti-Semitism and was raised in a home which embraced and respected all religions and races. He is not a member of any hate groups.”

Sussman said that he plans to ask the judge to seal the medical report by Dr. Levin and all related documents, in order to protect the privacy of his client. The US Attorney’s Office may respond for 2 weeks.

Thomas’ vicious attack on Chanukah left six Jews injured, including 72-year-old Yosef Neumann, who remains in a coma with a fractured skull.

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  1. They learned this tactic from the evil French.
    He was competent enough to drive 2 ways to Monsey and back, seek out an obscure house — not a shul — and not near wherever he lives, and hack away only at Jews — not anyone else.
    But he’s incompetent to stand trial.

    • Of course it was pre-meditated, but neither you or I have examined the patient to determine whether he understood right from wrong. Let another government-appointed psychiatrist evaluate him, and let the judge go from there. Do you seek justice, or just retribution?

  2. The U.S. Attorney’s office, and the local DA’s office, should hire their own psychiatrist to evaluate this monster. Of course, the psychiatrist hired by the defense will state that the perpetrator is incompetent, as that is what they are getting paid to do.

    It reminds me of the first mass murder case in modern American history, when Howard Unrah of Camden, NJ, went on a shooting spree and killed his three Jewish neighbors, and ten other people, including children. The psychiatrists couldn’t agree on a diagnosis, so they ruled that he was insane. As a result, Unrah spent sixty years in an institution for the criminally insane. This piece of garbage, Grafton Thomas, may also escape justice, unfortunately.

  3. That’s right he picked on Jews but is mentally ill so he’s unsafe to be around normal ppl and must be confined to a mental home. How can he be free to walk the streets if he will not be found responsible for his crimes so essentially you have a fellow on the streets who’s dangerous and is now above the law.


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