Shomrim Searching For Man Guilty Of Assault In Boro Park [VIDEO]


    BORO PARK (VINnews) β€” Boro Park Shomrim is enslisting the public’s help in identifying an individual wanted for an assault.

    The assault occurred in Boro Park, on 55th St & 18th Ave.

    In a video released by Boro Park Shomrim, a man is seen walking with a boy towards the intersection, when a man wearing a blue jacket races across the street towards them to assualt them. As he rushes them, the man pulls the boy away to protect him.

    After a quick exchange, the man then runs across the sidewalk where a mini van is pulled over, and appears to punch someone through the open door.

    The public is requested to contact the NYPD or Boro Park Shomrim with any leads.

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    1. When did this happen? The date stamp on the video seems to say Jan. 9th 2020.
      Also, technically a person is not called “guilty” until he is found guilty by a court. Let’s play by the norms.

    2. Trumpinwitehouse…

      Not really sure why you lump all nypd in one group ? Many work very hard to protect the people in ny at the risk of their lives.nor do all police like donuts.a hard working officer is alo human.he can take a short break to grab a bite such as a donut and coffe .by thee way actually most police are in good shape .most imporyant thing that sailed right padt you is that you still need saichal


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