Shuvu Banim Leader Rabbi Berland Arrested, 2 Policemen Injured [VIDEOS]

Rabbi Eliezer Berland arrives for a court hearing at the Magistrate Court in Jerusalem, on February 9, 2020. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) – Rabbi Eliezer Berland, the leader of the Shuvu Banim Breslov community, was arrested early Sunday morning in a police raid at his home on suspicion of fraudulent receipt and tax offenses. His wife and  other senior members of the community were detained for questioning.

During the course of the arrests, violent clashes broke out between Rabbi Berland’s followers and police. Two policemen were said to be lightly injured.

Over the last few months, police conducted a covert investigation into alleged claims of exploitation by Rabbi Berland’s followers of hundreds of fatally ill patients and their families by demanding tens of thousands of shekels in exchanges for blessings of healing. Police gathered evidence and testimony against a number of 18 to 20-year-old Jerusalem suspects who are suspected to have been involved in fraudulent receipt of monies.

Investigators claim that they also managed to uncover evidence of a variety of alleged money laundering offenses, including tax evasion involving millions of shekels. The money was purportedly laundered using dozens of bank accounts.

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  1. One of the causes of the Protestant Reformation was the corrupt selling of indulgences by the Catholic Church. This is a similar corrupt practice. When will these cults be challenged?

  2. If they arrested him on charges of taking money for blessings that clearly don’t work”, they will have to arrest all the Rebbes. This is their way of making money all these years,y preying on the vulnerable and the desperate. If a Rebbe promises a Yiusha, it is like he made a deal to do something for money that he has no power to do (if it works 5% of the time is only because of the “law of averages”). What do we call someone like that – simply a crook and manipulator of the masses.

    • Just btw for those עמי הארץ posting here, 1) most legitimate rebbes don’t guarantee or promise, only bless
      2) most rebbes don’t demand money only exept the money that their followers choose to give them by their own free will!

  3. These creepy Israeli police who attack religious Jews when they protest for Shabbos or against feigala parades should get a taste of their own medicine. They are tough with frum from birth chassidim and Yeshivah boys. But let them try and mess with rabbi Berlands boys. These are tough baalei tsuvahs who either are ex convicts or ex military tough guys. They will show these secular cops who is tough. I watched them as they escorted rabbi Berland to the kosel and they are like hells angels. Love these chevra. We need a million chareidim who are like that and will get rid of every Arab and secular Jew from Israel. The Arabs are allowed to break laws but these secular pigs only target frum Jews. Satmar is right.

  4. to knower of rebbes: you are a sick liar. rebbes give brochos (as do rosh yeshivas and rabbonim) they usually are not promising a yeshua. in the recent past there was a litvishe rosh yehiva who promised girls they would become kallasw within the year if they gave him their maaser money. (he would not return it if they did not)


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