Orthodox Mother Of 5 From Israel Wins Miami Half-Marathon Race

Beatie Deutsch Center after winning on Feb 10, 2020

MIAMI (JTA) — A haredi Orthodox mother of five won the half-marathon at the 18th annual Life Time Miami Marathon and Half Marathon event.

Beatie Deutsch, 30, finished in a time of 1:16:4 to win in the women’s category on Sunday, the Miami Herald reported.

It was Deutsch’s first race in the United States. She is working to qualify to represent Israel in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. That race currently is scheduled for a Saturday, however, and the Sabbath-observing Deutsch would be unable to compete even if she can reach the Olympic qualifying time.

Deutsch, who moved to Israel from New Jersey in 2009, is known for running in a skirt, sleeves that fall below her elbow and a headscarf.

In May, Deutsch was the top female finisher in a 13-mile half-marathon race in Riga, Latvia, reportedly becoming the first haredi woman to win an international athletic competition.

This year, for the first time, the Miami Marathon offered kosher-certified meals for athletes at the finish line, the Miami Herald reported.

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  1. Hareidi orthodox?

    Is there a difference between orthodox and Hareidi orthodox.

    What about Chareidi orthodox vs Hareidi orthodox?

    What about Chareidi vs Hareidi (without the orthodox?)

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Haredi/charedi are simple gd fearing Jews. Same goes for orthodox. But these Jews would never wrap themselves in an Israeli flag because they know that the Zionist experiment is the antithesis of Torah. Haredi orthodox indicates “Uber frum” double dose haredi who think Jewishness is contingent on support of the Zionist experiment, hence the flag wrapping..

  2. Si paas nisht. A Yiddishe frau belongs in the privacy of her home raising her kinderlach to be ehrliche Yidden. Such a lack of tznius to run in front of men other than her husband. If she needs to run for her health, there are plenty of gyms for women only. This running in public is a terrible breach of tznius and a chilul Hashem. Feh

  3. This is a Kiddush H’. No one can say anymore that one has to run in shorts, lightly clothed in order to be a proper athlete. She is running in a skirt and beating everyone else!

    No one can say anymore you have to be very young to be successful in sport and no one can say anymore you can’t be successful when you have kids! She is showing that anything is possible when H’ sends you a blessing.

  4. What a remarkable woman! Beatie constantly uses her platform to uplift and inspire and is truly a lesson in what you can accomplish when you keep Hashem at your side as a constant presence while putting in your full hishtadlus. Keep inspiring us, Beatie!


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