WATCH: Woodmere Middle School Teacher Says “God Damned Jews”


WOODMERE (VINnews) — In a video posted to Twitter by Dov Hikind, a Woodmere middle school teacher can be heard saying “God damned Jews.”

In the video, the teacher is responding to a student who said a building was “purchased by the United Hebrew Community of NY.” In response to this, the teacher clearly muttered “God damned Jews.”

[Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools Respond To “God Damned Jews” Video]

In an updated tweet posted by Hikind, he explained that the event seen in the video was being held at Mineola High School, but the students participating were from all over Long Island, including Woodmere Middle School. The man who took this video is a father of one of the students and confirms what that teacher/judge said.

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    • Rabbi k, your stupidity shows you must have gone to ‘parochial’ schools. Wanna compare the success rate, economic successes or nobel prizes of public school grads in NY compared to all the ‘parochial’schools (yeshivot) in all of the USA?.

      • Go right ahead. But I suspect that your successes and [N]obel prizes are going to be largely if not exclusively those of public school graduates of the ’60s and earlier, before the ongoing dumbing down of the US educational system. Try comparing public school graduates of the last 50 years with their counterparts from parochial schools, and you’ll see that the public schools don’t even rate.

    • As a matter of FACT it was a parent from another district! That PARENT was banned from participating in the LEGO robotics events indefinitely, and has already voiced wanting to make personal apologies to the parents and children. Next time wait for the facts to come out. Do you believe everything you read on the web?? Putz!!

  1. This teacher is to be commended. A role model we can all learn from. All yiddishe parents should send their kids to public school in order to get a well rounded education.

  2. Hikind is becoming the jewish Al Sharptan. He’s trying to find anti semitisim in every nook and cranny. Mr. Hikind if you retired then go sit at home in your rocking chair. I don’t think this is what someone should get fired for.

  3. Posting yesterday on the Hewlett-Woodmere district Facebook page:
    “It has come to our attention that a judge at the First Lego League Competition this past Saturday made an anti-Semitic comment in front of Woodmere Middle School students and other adults. Please know that the judges are NOT Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools’ staff members.The District immediately contacted the organizers of the event and is cooperating with them to vigorously investigate. Please know that comments of this nature will not be tolerated.”

  4. are we crazy ! this is a problem??? how many times do u mumble to yourself …” mamzer or beepn …
    please we as klal have real issues this IS NOT ONE OF THEM

    will some of us normal people call the school identify yourself as a frum jew and say ” we are not with dov and these bully tactics (516) 374-8069 i will call in a few minutes

    • Maybe you mumble “mamzer”, but I don’t, unless I would encounter an anti-Semite like that teacher. But I wouldn’t mumble, I would say it loudly.

      In any case, even if you do mumble under your breath, can you compare it to telling it to kiss in the capacity of being a teacher?

      It is puzzling how do defend such mamzeirim.

  5. Listen, I live in the 5T and have lived here for 20 years. I have encountered so much arrogance, so much outright gaivah and so much thoughtlessness and selfish behavior that I have on numerous occasions muttered “God Damned Jews”. (And yes, I’d love to get out of the 5T but the wife wants to stay. Shoin, fartig.)

    Anti-Semitism is a terrible thing but, and this is an uncomfortable thought, sometimes we bring it on ourselves.

  6. Don’t believe everything you read. I have a daughter that goes to Hewlett Woodmere middle school, and I’ve lived in Woodmere for 12 years. It was not a teacher at all who made the comment, nor was it even a judge. As a matter of FACT it was a parent from another district! That PARENT was banned from participating in the LEGO robotics events indefinitely, and has already voiced wanting to make personal apologies to the parents and children.

  7. Let’s be honest. How many Jews have said “Damn Jews” or “I hate Jews” when a Jew acts terribly?
    I bet what she said has to do with the Jews from outside trying to build a huge development that’ll change the 5t’s area for the worse.
    The problem is many Jews also said “Gd damn Jews” when they heard about the plan.
    They also can’t cry Anti-Semitism because it’s also Jews (inc. Orthodox) trying to stop it.


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