Help Mendy go to Israel


Mendy Rosenberg has had ALS for the past 11 years. ALS is a debilitating disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function.

However, he doesn’t allow this disease to control him. He learns every day, even when it is extremely difficult and has just made a Siyum Hashas! Mendy always has a smile, something this disease was not able to take from him.

Mendy would love to travel to Israel and get brochos (blessings) from Rabbanim and pray at the holy sites, but he needs our help. A nurse, medic and an aid will need to travel with him, and the monetary cost is high.

Please help Mendy achieve his dream of going to Israel.

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  1. I would also like to go to Israel and get brochos from Rabbanim and daven at the holy sites, but instead I have to go to school, get an education, earn a living and support a family. B”H I dont need a nurse, medic and high medical expenses, but since when was wanting to go to Israel suddenly a reason to go collecting for tzedoka?

  2. Wow… How does VIN allow above comment?? Dont want to sound harsh. Mendy would anytime trade situations with you w/o even education. even if it would mean working as a janitor the rest of his life. Even if it would mean cleaning a pig stall forever! Mendy has been an inspiration to hundred of thousands of people. For that alone, i contributed.


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