Police: Monsey Stabbing Victim Had Asked The Attacker To Lower Music

Scene of the stabbing at the Finkelstein Library on Tuesday (Source: Screenshot)

SPRING VALLEY (VINnews) — The Monsey community was shaken on Tuesday after the news broke that a fatal stabbing had occurred inside the Finkelstein Library in Spring Valley.

As much as such a heinous crime can never ever be justified, the shock and outrage surrounding the incident was escalated dramatically by the revelation of the suspect’s motive.

Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica revealed on Wednesday that the seemingly random stabbing attack, started with a small interaction.

According to Modica, Finkelstein Library security guard Sandra Wilson was at the computer terminals on the third floor of the library, when she approached Blanchard Glaudin and asked him to turn down the music on his phone.

In response, Glaudin simply stabbed her.

Glaudin was charged with second-degree murder and is currently being held in the Rockland County jail.

Wilson was pronounced dead Tuesday at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, after being stabbed several times with a kitchen knife.

After the stabbing, Glaudin was held down by heroic visitors of the library until the police arrived.

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  1. Horrible, despicable crime; one time, while I was driving, there was a fine upstanding citizen in back of me, playing Rap music, emanating some very loud tunes. I placed my hands over my ears at a traffic light, as the noise bothered me. I never said a word to the character playing the music. He could see that the music was bothering me, as I could see him smirking and grinning, from my rear view mirror. What does everyone think he did next? He deliberately turned the music louder, in an effort to torment me. I was very happy when the light changed, and I was able to get away from that piece of garbage.

    It should be noted that several years ago, down south, there was another motorist in a similar situation at a gas station. While he was filling his tank, there was a car which came by also playing very loud Rap music. The motorist asked them to turn it down. Their reaction was that they cursed him out, and turned the music up. Unfortunately, the motorist lost his cool, and opened fire on their SUV with a gun that he was carrying, killing one of the passengers. His defense was that he felt threatened by them. He probably did; however, a jury disagreed, and he was convicted of manslaughter, and other charges, and was sentenced to over 20 years in prison.

  2. Nothing new here. Not shocked at all. There is a very good reason why the minority of the population makes up the majority of prison inmates. It’s because disagreements are handled by violence, and crime in general runs rampant. People like that belong in the jungle, not in a civilized society.

    • Jack–
      Be careful, your racism is showing. Different “races” commit different crimes for a variety of reasons. Look at the number of “frum” Jews in prison for “white collar” crimes. Somebody steals $50 with a knife and we get all up-in-arms. Somebody else steals $5,000,000 with a pen and we come up with all sorts of excuses.


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