Monsey Library Stabbing Suspect Walked Free After Attempted Rape Due To Bail Reform

Blanchard Glaudin smiles in court on Tuesday (Source: Screenshot)

SPRING VALLEY (VINnews) — The 25-year-old who stabbed a female security guard to death in the Finkelstein Memorial Library in Spring Valley after she asked him to lower his music, was no stranger to violent crime.

Blanchard Glaudin was previously charged with attempted rape while he was a patient at Montefiore Nyack Hospital in November, according to court docs.

Apparently Glaudin goes under several names, as Orangetown police charged him under the name Gaudin Blanchard.

According to the Orangetown police report, Glaudin entered a woman’s room, grabbed her by the throat, violently assaulted her and attempted to rape her.

The woman fought off the attack and staff intervened, but the woman sustained injuries to her neck and throat.

After being arrested, Glaudin’s bail was at $100,000. Even after the new bail reform rules were enacted, bail was allowed to be set for attempted rape charges.

However, Glaudin was released by a County Court judge after spending just 6 days in prison.

Sheriff Louis Falco said that Glaudin was released during a time which inmates were being released without bail by judges under their own understanding of the bail reform laws.

Falco says he does not know who the judge was that released him, nor under what conditions he was set free.

Below is video footage of Glaudin’s court appearance on Tuesday, where he was seen smiling.

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  1. It’s only going to get worse check out who’s running for mayer next year,
    A Muslim Palestinian woman she hates jews and a huge anti semite
    We need to move away from nyc

  2. Vote against all who endanger you. And you know who these are!Your vote is the power you have to prevent this – otherwise the next person killed may be a relative of yours, Chas V’shalom.

  3. “According to the Orangetown police report, Glaudin entered a woman’s room, grabbed her by the throat, violently assaulted her and attempted to rape her.”

    Wait, I thought the bail reform meant that suspects of NONVIOLENT crimes are released without bail. That sounds pretty violent to me.

    Another good reason to flee New York.

  4. Florida is a great state to move to
    Houses are cheap in certain areas
    The government pays all tuition
    And taxes are low
    Weather is great
    Of course jews cant run away from antisemitism but it’s any time better then nyc there coming out with crazy laws in a few weeks wait and see

    • How is Florida so great? There are racial tensions with the Haitians, and other groups. There are hurricanes which knocks out power for weeks. It is exceedingly hot in the summer, and there are bugs and insects all over the place, not to mention alligators. Plus, the Floridians, not only the transplanted New Yorkers, but also the natives ,drive horribly. Last, their health care system, and hospitals (i.e. the West Boca Medical Center) is horrible. No, I would not want to live there.

      • We should all change back to democRATs so we can all vote for Bernie Sanders so that Trump wins in a landslide. Also the local liberal democrats will lose if Sanders is the democratic candidate. It’s the right tactic.

  5. The story said quite clearly that the law would have allowed him to be held. The judge misunderstood the new law and applied it improperly. The issue is the judge, not the law.

    • Yes the story does state that. But, at the time the bail reform laws were released, it was also pretty well reported that at the time the Bail Reform Laws were pretty confusing to everyone and no one really understood them or how they worked. I could be wrong, but if memory serves me correctly, there was more than one story reported of judges who were so confused by the new law they were letting people go because they believed they had too. Basically, if the liberal, thug loving morons who changed the law would have left well enough alone this wouldn’t have even been an issue for this judge. As experience is proving with this reform law, it is turning out to be a giant disaster anyway

  6. What I don’t understand is everyone is complaining about bail reform but if bail was still an option and these people were able to come up with the money to get out of jail who would you blame then? Bail has been a pay to play system for too long the system is broken people don’t blame the Democrats or the Republicans blame yourselves for sitting on your ass and not doing anything.

  7. Chaza”l tell us that when bad things happen there is something wrong with the leaders, for some reason in today’s days you are not allowed to say this, but that’s the truth, it’s all our rebbe’s and rabbonim that tell us not only to vote Democrat but that it’s a mitzvah, for the life of mine I can’t figure out how it’s possible for a frum yid to say it’s a mitzvah to vote for the worst lowlife liberal candidate’s that openly promote the worst actions of society and against everything Torah, and all of us go like stupid sheep and follow when it’s blatantly against everything we stand for.


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