U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz To Self-quarantine After Contact With Man Infected By Coronavirus

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. | Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

WASHINGTON (AP) — GOP Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday he will remain at his home in Texas after learning that he shook hands and briefly chatted with a man in suburban Washington who has tested positive for coronavirus.

In a statement, Cruz said he met the man 10 days ago at the Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Oxon Hill, Maryland. The Texas Republican said he’s not experiencing any symptoms and feels fine and has been advised by medical authorities that the odds of transmission were extremely low.

Yet, Cruz said, out of an abundance of caution he will remain at home in Texas until a full 14 days have passed since the interaction. He said medical authorities advised him that those who have interacted with him in the last 10 days should not be concerned about potential transmission.

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    • Well, since the president never said the virus was a hoax, then no. You’ve fallen for a hoax about a hoax. What he said was that their claims – that he’s not doing anything about it – are a hoax.

    • Do any of our elected officials do a darn thing for us ever??? It’s gullible taxpayers like you who love to go to work just to pay your Senators and Congresspeoples salaries. You are an enabler. If these public officials love their job so much and they feel the average American just can’t possibly survive without them, they should work for free. Shut down the do-nothing Senate and Congress. They are the biggest welfare recipients.

    • Maybe since its budget wasn’t actually cut in the end, then that’s irrelevant? Do you think that viruses have brains (if they do, then they’re one up on you), and tailor their behavior to what bills are considered by Congress?

  1. “Conservative Action Conference” Sounds like a Republican gathering. Maybe they should check what they did to this country in the last 3 years. Republican Voters (Senators) are older men over 65. They are the main target of this TrumpVirus aka Democratic Hoax.

    • Yes, like medieval Christians who blamed Satan and/or the Jews for anything bad that happened to them, so it is with some people nowadays casting Trump in that role.


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