Ilhan Omar Announces New Marriage, Months After Affair Claim


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has announced her remarriage, just four months after her marriage fell apart following an allegation she was having an affair with her political consultant.

Omar posted the news of her new marriage Wednesday night on Instagram, with a photo that showed her and a bearded man smiling and displaying wedding rings. “Got married! From partners in politics to life partners, so blessed,” the post read.

Omar’s post didn’t identify the man and a spokesman didn’t immediately respond to messages.

Omar, a Minneapolis Democrat in her first term, was accused by Beth Mynett, a Washington, D.C., woman, of having an affair with her husband, Tim Mynett, who has worked as a political consultant for Omar. Beth Mynett made the accusation in a divorce filing in August. In his own filing, Tim Mynett denied his wife’s assertion that he told her he was in love with Omar and that he was ending his marriage for the congresswoman.

When Omar was asked at the time whether she was separated from her husband or dating someone, she told WCCO-TV, “No, I am not.” She has since declined to discuss her personal life.

In October, she filed for divorce from her husband Ahmed Hirsi, citing an “irretrievable breakdown” in the marriage. The divorce was finalized in November.

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  1. Hmm where is that wiseguy ? the yidfunaderfel? The obnoxious anti trump guy. He kept on saying that Omar is tznuis look how she even wears a hard scarf. He said we should emulate her. And i told him never believe a muslim is tznuis. (9 our of 10 kav of zenus was distributed to them)

        • Don’t be a fool. Happens by us too. There are plenty of tshuvas in the achronim on the matter. The fact is muslim dress is tzniusdig. That they have other issues we can all agree on, but the dress is tzniusdig.

          • It’s fake tznuis. This proves it . And no it doesn’t happen by us if dressed like that and it’s far more rare in general . You know why? Because it’s not just a dress for a show . It’s a Torah way of living that protects us . This is your model of a tznuos lady . You are a liar and faker just like your lying name

          • Don’t be a fool if you want tznuis look at mike pence a model white Christian trump goy. He is so frum that he won’t go out to eat alone with a strange women and is very makpid not to mix . You would never find such a scandal by him. Bec it’s a way of life


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