Biden Commits To Picking Woman As Running Mate If Nominated

Former Vice President Joe Biden, participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios in Washington, Sunday, March 15, 2020. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday committed to naming a woman as his running mate if he’s the Democratic presidential nominee, making a definitive assertion clamored for by some voters who have watched a historically diverse candidate field dwindle to two white men.

Biden made that assertion during Sunday night’s debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders in response to a video question from a voter about how he would handle women’s health issues. Asked the same question, Sanders didn’t definitively commit but said, “In all likelihood, I will.”

Biden has previously said he would seriously consider naming a woman or a person of color as his running mate.

Also Sunday night, he repeated a previous pledge to nominate a black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court if given the chance to do so as president. During last month’s debate in Charleston, South Carolina, ahead of that state’s primary — where a victory gave Biden momentum that propelled him into Super Tuesday wins just days later — Biden said he was “looking forward” to making that a reality.

Throughout the lengthy primary campaign, Biden has often eschewed running mate talk as presumptuous, though he has at times posited several names. Asked by a voter at a campaign stop in Winterset, Iowa, in November, Biden described several prominent women he’d consider, were he to win the nomination.

“I could start naming people, but the press will think that’s who I picked,” Biden said, noting it was premature.

Still, he went on to suggest Stacey Abrams, who ran for Georgia governor in 2018, calling her “the woman who should have been the governor of Georgia.”

Likewise, he suggested, without giving their names, that he would consider former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and the two senators from New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan and Jeanne Shaheen.

In December, Biden told voters in New Hampshire he’d want to pick someone “simpatico” with him and his priorities, telling voters there were “a lot of qualified women” and “a lot of qualified African Americans.”

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  1. The thinking behind this is morally corrupt. I haven’t a care in the world whether the VP is black, green, straight, or whatever gender. The choice of who should be the VP should never, ever be made based ona demographic. It should be made solely on the merits of that individual’s skills, policies, and professionalism. The flavor of Biden’s statement trashes the qualifications for public office, and creates a new narrative that one is qualified for a job based on their anatomy, skin color, or orientation. This PC garbage, and those promoting it need to be kept away from public office. They are dangerous.

    • Voice of reason, yes. Voice of politics, no. VP choices have been demographic for generations. Their logic: bring in votes that might go elsewhere or might not be cast.

  2. Uncle Joe; got news for you. You’re appealing to women voters, and women DO NOT like other women in power as a rule.. besides———– umm —- where was I??


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