White House Holds Conference Call With Rabbis And Jewish Faith Leaders

This May 9, 2014, photo shows the South Portico of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

WASHINGTON (VINnews) — On Tuesday afternoon, the White House held a phone conference call with Rabbis and Jewish faith leaders, regarding the state of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The meeting was led by Avi Berkowitz and a member of the office for the counsel to the President. President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were not on the phonecall.

The purpose of the conference call was to impress the severity of the health crisis onto the Jewish community, particularly in certain areas where it is not being taken very seriously, despite the pleas of the health department.

The White House warned the community leaders numerous times, that not taking the necessary measures will see the situation “turn into a serious issue of Pikuach Nefesh.”

The White House called on any remaining Yeshivos that are open to immediately close, as well as on parents to stop sending their children in to those institutions.

It was explained that children who can pick up the Coronavirus at school can easily carry the virus without showing symptoms for many weeks, while in the meantime infecting their elderly neighbors and relatives who are much more vulnerable.

The following questions concerning praying with a Minyan were posed to Avi Berkowitz:

Q. Should Minyanim be held outdoors?

A. It is not advisable.

Q. Buildings that have multiple small Shuls in them, can they use each one with 10 people in each?

A. No.

Q. What is the projection on how long this will go on for?

A. There is no way to know, and the experts are not putting a date on it, but the President said it can last a few months.

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  1. So far, 100 people died from Coronavirus
    in the US.
    Meanwhile, there are 110 people dying in the United States EVERY single day from vehicle accidents!
    We must IMMEDIATELY ban ALL cars until we can figure out how to stop this needless loss of life. Call your Senator and DEMAND that ALL highways and roads be closed immediately. Don’t you agree that every life is precious? Make the call now!
    # Banallvehicles

    • Very stable genious Trumpist MAGAifo spreader.
      110 people dying every single day accidents. Correct. 110 a day yesterday a week ago a year ago…SAME NUMBER (Maybe even going down a little/year
      20 days ago 1 person died from MAGA-Corona Virus. 10 days ago it was 30. today 110
      at this rate in 2 more weeks 240.000 2 more months 2-3 million, thanks to this Very Stable Genious MAGA ifo Statistician.

      • Corona is controllable? Says who? Every talking head expert says “everyone” will get it. It’s just a matter of time. Don’t spread hysteria lie’s.

      • Vehicle accidents are usually controllable. And statics show when fewer vehicles are on the road there are alot fewer accidents. I’d venture to say quarantines decrease the risk of car accidents exponentially.

        Cautionary measures are called for but I still question if this extent is warranted.

    • This is absurd… In two weeks there will still be the same number of people dying in accidents….but u could have 10000 people dying a day of the virus accident s don’t infect millions of people

      • 10000? CDC Estimates up to 2 million (5% Jews) or 60.000.
        Real Torah True MAGA Jews who are Trump voters (Not like Soros etc) let see. (About 10% of all Jews) a few thousand 4-6000. Hashem Yerachem

        • Again hocking achink with paranoia that 2m jews will get it . I am not maching Avek the severity but hey get real . Stop it with your fake news and fear mongoring. You still believe Trump will turn on jews too? A few thousand Yiden will get it and hopefully no one will die . Once weather warms up it will be like Chiba and go bye bye .

          Stop instilling fake fears and stay calm and safe

    • It’s mindless people who think this way that voted for inept Donald Trump. We have a health crisis that will only benefit the funeral industry.

    • Gee, I know the benefits of cars and trucks but I can’t see the positive side of the COVID pandemic. Please enlighten me. Perhaps you are a Malthusian Chasid. In that case it makes some sense.

    • YES YOU MUST Go Shopping to live. Its a Mitzveh Deayrajse. Davening with a Minyen is not. Never been. NOT AT ALL Open up a Sulchan Aruch instead of posting incitement to Sfichas Dam. In Fact if you Daven with a Minyan its Mitzveh sebo beavayro today.

  2. Circlem are you living in outer space. A contagious disease that has sickened more than 100,000 people and killed ens of thousands and will continue to sicken and kill people is not comparable to auto accidents.

  3. Chinky: you can daven without a minyan. I believe we say 3 times a day
    Ki Atah shomeah es KOL peh. KOL PEH KOL PEH!!!! NOT ONLY those who raven with a minyan. Do you believe what I assume you say every single day 3 times?

  4. To the first comment
    Very silly comparison and making light of an extremely serious plague
    To the 2nd comment
    Who told you you can go shopping? You definitely shouldn’t go shopping as a matter of fact the rabbis in lkwd wanted to have all stores close accept for food stores and pharmacies
    You should self quarantine as much as u can that’s the only way to stop spreading this virus

  5. People do not understand the severity of the situation.
    Thousands of Jews are already infected.
    If an elderly person catches Corona, he / she has a 20% chance of dying.
    From the Gemara [Bava Kamma, 60b] through Rishonim and Achronim, there are numerous instructions to get inside and stay inside as much as possible when the Malach ha’Maves arrives via a plague, which the Maharil points out will NOT distinguish between those of us who were ” supposed ” to live longer lives and those who were destined not to.
    This is the real deal. This is a tsunami.
    Get inside and stay inside.
    Do not go near anyone elderly. You may have the virus.
    Call them, use video, smile and talk with them, but stay at least 8 feet away, and do not touch anything around them.
    Going to minyan now is to go against the daas Torah from the Gemara onwards.
    Those who flout our rabbonim and the world renowned medical experts will be responsible for many deaths.

      • Iran says 15% of the dead there are under 40. Very comforting thought. They also said millions might die in their country.

        As to your numbers that is with a functioning healtcare system. We are at a precipice where many yidden will not be able to get medical care for this and the death rate can be way higher than the optimistic numbers you mention.

        People wake up, every action you take that potentially causes this to spread further will very likely result in more people dying from this. You already have people whose have a parent with this crying and begging yidden to wake up. This is pikuach nefesh and anyone suggesting that it is okay to gather together should tremble at the pit of hell they are standing at for urging jews to violate a most serious aveira.

  6. Herr Trumpf gave the Judenrat their schlepping orders. His blundered response to this national medical crisis is directly responsible for so much chaos and the deaths of so many. What a RASHA he is, in his Orange sheitel and MAGA hat. Schmutz.

  7. It’s horrific that the chachamim who think that they know more than the medical experts and can just carry on business as usual or figure out their own gedarim. They can’t be team players and put their own frumkeit before the welfare and safety of others. As if they have a monopoly on knowing the value of Torah study and the continuity of tinokos shel beis rabban. It’s all about not wanting to “follow” those who are deemed as “outsiders”.

    So sad that this Chillul Hashem had to happen. There is no Kapparah for Chillul Hashem.

    • What do you care? You’re locked up in the safety of your home. You are not affected by those that dreizach in the streets. Stop with the sanctimony.

    • Worse this is a matter of pikuach nefesh and they are either ignorant about the facts (unexcusable as a leader who is paskening on this) or they are not god-fearing as how can you tell people to engage in an act which will almost definitely contribute to loss of life? Isn’t that one of the big 3?

      כל עבירות שבתורה אם אומרין לאדם עבור ואל תהרג יעבור ואל יהרג חוץ מעבודת כוכבים וגילוי עריות ושפיכות דמים

  8. First of all let’s analyze why this corona virus came. Maybe it’s gay parades in Jerusalem and chareidim do nothing about it. What about the chillul Shabbos in Israel. What about the heart attacks caused to parents who have to pay for xpensive weddings. All these will be solved by the carona virus.

    • If you are correct why did Rabbonim still insist on keeping shuls and schools open thereby ensuring many members of the frum community will be exposed to this and die? If the punishment for chilonim is so great, what is the punishment for those who advised we engage in violating a major aveira by spilling the blood of our brother?

  9. I still don’t get it. Looking for an intelligent response. The numbers of death will not grow exponentially, every infectious disease specialist said that. It’s true that without the drastic quarantine measures, many more people will catch it. However, the vast majority of the population is in no danger whatsoever. Of course I care about the elderly, but if we shut down the country to prevent their deaths, the roads should also be permanently closed.

  10. The virus needs to just run its course, this situation of 0 activity isn’t sustainable.
    Imagine this for another 3-4 months?
    Is the gov’t Adding hospital beds by the thousands now?

  11. Achdus is the point. It was the point by the measles outbreak, and it’s the point now, but all you want to do is bicker and fight over trump, and statistics.

    Trump is politics, and statistics ignores hashgacha pratis.

    Please just everyone have your opinion, but that’s it. Stop putting people down, even if you consider them a rodeif. Everyone will eventually stop the mass gatherings and see the error of their ways


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