Lakewood Mesivta Defies Mandatory Shutdown, Remains Open With 150 Students


LAKEWOOD (VINnews) — Not all Yeshivos have followed the mandatory guidelines to close their Yeshivos. At least one Yeshiva in Lakewood has 150 students sitting and learning, defying all instructions from doctors and local, state, and federal officials.

The students of Mesivta of Lakewood, under direct guidance of their Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yosef (Yossel) Burstein, are learning and sleeping in the building, in complete disregard of the ongoing global health crisis.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread around Lakewood, this poses a grave danger to the students, their families and all who come in contact with them.

VINnews has learned that there are also suspected cases in the Yeshiva itself.

VINnews notes that according to all rabbinical rulings, it is incumbent upon all to report the Yeshiva, as this poses a very real danger to many lives.


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    • The reform don’t have yeshivas. don’t have daily minyonim and have sparsely attended Friday night prayer services. They will have fewer infected with this virus.
      We should all be terrified of this virus which will mean many will be spending Pesach in the hospitals without even visitors being allowed.

    • Settle down little child.. wait until you grow up to weigh in on this issue. No it’s not about gays and what have you. This is about listening to medical advice and cooperation. Reform? Are you drunk?

        • Your comment is irrelevant, ignorant and an abomination itself. The Agudas Yisroel and the Gedolim are now directing Yeshivas to close…the count of infected people in our communities is skyrocketing daily…and you offer this BS!? Disgusting.

          • The Agudas Yisroel and the Gedolim are now directing Yeshivas to close??
            So now it’s okay to close?
            but when the health department said close that was a stupid idea.
            I don’t understand the thought process of some people.

    • The reform closed everything and so did most of the frum people. Most gedolim said to close down everything. You can learn in your house and avoid the risk of infecting others.

    • This has to be the dumbest comment I’ve seen here. Go after the reform? For what? They are doing what they’re supposed to do. And you probably think they’re all goyim anyway. The “going after” this yeshiva has nothing to do with being them being Jews but rather the fact they are engaging in insanely reckless behavior that endangers others. Jews and non Jew alike. I only wish I had gotten my two boys out of Lakewood sooner based on what I’m seeing going on there.

  1. This is the Mesivta that threw out 50 boys for going to the funeral of the Skulener Rebbe. The boys and their parents are likely fearful that he won’t allow the boys back if they leave. Something needs to be done about this “Rosh Yeshiva”. Don’t care how good his school is.

    • It’s a free country. Every Parent and bachur can choose were they want to learn. No one is forcing anyone to attend this Yeshiva or any other Yeshiva for that matter. It’s the same thing with attending a particular College. There is freedom of choice. If YOU don’t like this place, DON’T SEND YOUR KIDS THERE!!! Do you want to silence everyone you disagree with?

      • what do you do if your kids go to this school. and everyone follows the teachers..
        and 10% do not. What if you are afraid your kids will get kicked out if you do not listen.
        It might be some parents feel trapped and send their kids out of pressure.
        What message is this school giving to parents and children. dont listen to scientific authorities and laws?

      • FALSE – These “buchirim” deny Din Torah from the Gedolim Ha’Dor who have stated quite clearly that all JEWS (are these people Jews, they don’t behave that way?) should, for the safety of family and community and each other, STAY HOME.
        It is NOT their choice!!!
        Liars and thieves! The GIVA is palpable!

      • Freedom goes both ways and we have the freedom to be healthy.
        Your freedom doesn’t give you the right to have a large group mingling and then go home at night and rapidly transfer this virus to others.

  2. You took that clip while in your car?
    110 people will die today from vehicle accidents!
    Is life so meaningless to you that you drive around eventhough 110 people will die from it?

    What are they teaching the boys about obeying dina demalcusa dina?
    Do they choose whatdinim they want to obey?
    Maybe that is why there enough residents in Otisville for a Daf Yomi

  4. Actually a smart great plan!! They decided to quarantine themselves together. They don’t leave the premises (they takes walks in front of building) and their all in it together. The Rosh Yeshivah felt its better for their health and everyone else if they sell quarantine. The rest of the bochurim in Lakewood are hanging out with other bochurim and going to stores and shops.
    And btw their all there by their own will and choice.

    What are they teaching the boys about obeying dina demalcusa dina?
    Do they choose what dinim they want to obey?
    Maybe that is why there enough residents in Otisville for a Daf Yomi

  6. The Yeshivah has the right to continue to operate and for bochurim to continue to learn there. The rest of us have the right to lock them inside so no one can come out until the pandemic is over.

  7. I knew this was going to happen! I knew that in no way a Lakewood yeshiva is going to close… I really have no clue to to why they think they are exempt to what the governor says.

  8. Pesach is very close, please don”t tell me tell me they are self quarantined if they leave the mesivta for Pesach and go commit murder.
    While someone made a choice to select this Mesivta for their kids, the Rosh Yeshiva is still responsible and might be brought up on charges for running this operation.

  9. What are you mosrim afraid of? You are following orders, right? You’ve locked yourself in your homes, right??? You are practicing what you are preaching, right??? So YOU and your loved ones including the elderly ARE SAFE. SO WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CARE IF OTHERS WANT TO KILL THEMSELVES?! Elah meiy, you’re jealous. They can go out and I can’t. So basically, you are all a bunch of sanctimonious selfish pigs. You are a bunch of rich spoiled brats who are ticked off that your Pesach plans have been cancelled and you can’t lay on the beach in the Bahamas. TOO BAD! Get over it!

    • Rabbonim paskened that this is pikuach nefesh and people gathering in groups have a din rodef. There is a chiyuv to report them. What halacha do you follow. Maybe we can split the Jewish community after this, between those that follow halacha and those that suspend their daas and listen to whatever the man with the hat says.

      • There is no chiyuv to report them. The din is you MUST kill a rodef. So by you NOT going out and murdering those evil sinners, YOU are just as guilty! Why are YOU not following halacha? You are an enabler by not killing them. YOU are causing more deaths! For someone like you who is so concerned about halacha, why are you such a coward?

        • The halacha is you must do what ever you can do to stop the rodef.
          The halacha is you are not allowed to kill a rodef unless that is the only way to stop them.

          So the answer to your question is a phone works just as well as a bullet.

    • I’m sorry but this isn’t about Yeshivas nor is it about race, color or religion, it’s about Human Life. It’s about realizing that the actions of one can repercussion to many. See it’s not about following orders or being controlled or even Freedom at this moment it’s about cherishing GODS creation HUMANITY!! Even if you don’t care if you get exposed & contaminated with the virus…. You should care, at least out of respect for others..,for GODS CREATION, because you will then be SPREADING the Virus. I work in a Medical Facility and it’s heartbreaking to know that a fellow colleague whom I worked with for about 10 yrs is in the Intensive Care Unit battling for his PRECIOUS LIFE at this very moment. Saddest part is he got contaminated caring for his patients, he stood in the front line of this battle, vulnerable and all trying to SAVE LIVES…. while others are Carelessly unconsciously endangering his fellow brothers and sisters, HUMANITY. Ultimately it’s choices we make, but at this moment in time it’s Go time we either United as One or ULTIMATELY we are all Gonna fall.

  10. @ Broken record
    You speak as if your mind is broken. The chain of people getting sick has to be broken. When these bochrim go home they might very well be sick and spread it to parents, grandparents, Shul neighbors, even people near them on line in supermarkets.
    The issue is that they might be KILLING OTHERS. I was young once, you can’t stay young forever.
    My Pesach plans include eating and having the supplies needed for the Seder. That involves last minute shopping, hopefully not in contact with these vermin.
    By the way, your jealousy of those with the funds to do resort Pesach shows. Use all the terms you can, you can’t cover your jealousy.

  11. Let’s be real.
    When a leading rosh yeshiva in Israel Rabbi Meir Mazuz stated this caronavirus is because of gay parades in Israel. Why blame yeshiva boys. Chutzpah. Some of these commentators are infected with Krummer hashkofes. Trust me. When our devil politicians both here and in Israel outlaw the sinful gay behavior then will discuss the remote possibility of Shul closing. Until then we must keep our minyans going. This is a test. Where are the big mouth askunim when it comes to speaking up against euthanasia and abortions and toeiva behavior. Don’t lecture the yeshiva or heimisha velt.

    • Used to be that those suggesting people do aveiros did not get their posts up here. Nowadays, seems like they allow your comments to get past the moderators. Going to shul or gathering in any sort of group such as being in this yeshiva is an issur d’oraisa now.

      • @honest
        There have been many gedolim who have said that minyanim should continue. They have said the same about weddings and yeshivas staying open.
        they did advise that there are exceptions. But for you to pasken that it is an issur d’oraisa. You may very well be wrong.

        • Let’s say we would grant it is a machlokes, since it machlokes in how big a sakanas nifashos this is, we must paskin lichumra and follow those who say this is pikuach nefesh

      • If you can’t take a difference of opinion and you want to squash free speech, start your own website. Until then let’s keep the conversation going.

    • Heshy: Please let the adults speak. You can hock a whole day about gays if you want. Every man in a hat can say whatever he reason he can think of. Makes no difference! People with true Torah values and Straight hashkafa know that this is reckless and wrong from an halachic perspective and from a civil one. Shut your mouth and stop spewing your nonsense.

  12. Being that i’m stuck at home due to this issue, i am reading for the first time the responses to an article. I’m blown over how many of our wonderful yidden that may daven next to us in shul and seem so normal, online they at a minimum show no concept of mentchlichkeit, no concept of common sense, and probably, and i hate to say it have such anti semitic sinas chinam. Im shocked that anyone can defend the yeshiva anymore than I’m shocked any jew can hug the Iranian dictators. Those who spew such hatred, may one day be called in front of bais din shel maaloh as a murderer or as someone who helped or encouraged someones murder. Hashem should be “choinen dass” these poor misdirected yidden.

  13. Heshy, you self identify as Heshy, not Rav Heshy. So who is your Rav? There are many that recognized this is a pekuach Nefoshos issue, all except you and your Rav.
    I am not sure you have the right to put yourself in danger, you DO NOT have the right to put others in danger. Stop splitting hairs about gays. This is a different, unrelated issue.

  14. Someone said that the Reformed movement does not have Yeshivos. But it looks like they do!
    Welcome to Beth Mesivta of Lakewood, Reformed Temple of Lakewood, where they don’t bother to “really” listen to either the law of the land or to Din Torah.
    What did they say? They blame on the fact that a bunch of their boys are gay? Oy!

  15. Heshy, you’re not to blame. You’ve been drinking the “velt’s” KoolAid to overdose.
    Too many cults in the “velt”. I’m a senior and familiar with the “velt”. I’ve never, ever experienced such farkrumpte kartoffel farchumret nonsense. None of my generation of Holocaust survivors ever thought that this extremist “velt” would ever hapoen. Our parents never experienced this “velt” in the alter heim either.

    • So I’m curious. What’s the video all about then? False journalism or fake news based on a few people hanging around the front and side entrances? Please help me clarify, thanks.

  16. In a time when an evil anti Torah government wants to close shuls we must be ready to give up our lives like the three cardinal sins. Ask any orthodox rabbi not a modern one. How do we define enemy governments. A government that wants to force our children to learn shmad through evolution or toeiva through their same gender education is our enemy. Not only here in Americavwhere democRATs hold sway but equally in Israel. For seventy years they have spit on Shabbos and now one spit from above makes them all scramble into hiding. Keep shuls open. Yes space yourselves but keep the minyans going.

  17. When the deadly virus spreads in Lakevood, overwhelming the hospitals, you know who will correctly get blamed. Is this what the ‘heimisha velt’ has come to? Ignoring basic common sense and hygiene? Do they wash hentalas after using the turlet? If so, why?

  18. We can all trust the judgement of Reb Yossel, the yeshiva’s menahel. Sadly, the readers here are not aware how religious he is. At the Pesach Seder he says “Zacher Zecher” L’Mikdash k’Hillel.
    Who here knows anyone that is so religious?

  19. Reb yosel is an unbelievable person though sometimes goes to the extreme
    That being said
    he really feels and believes and loves this in a practical fashion that Torah maygeen umatzla the Torah protects one and is the best shield against any pandemic hence his obstinate stance against The accepted health dept recommendations
    Eluu veluu he’s right and their right but we also have the famous gemora the suton doesn’t differentiate between Tzadik verosha Bshas gezero?
    So it would stand to reason that we should follow the health dept recommendations which is the accepted psak from all the gedolim

  20. Corona Virus kills 4 in a Single NJ Family

    Vincent Fusco died Thursday morning at a hospital in Freehold, reported. His death was confirmed by Roseann Paradiso Fodera, an attorney and relative. Fusco’s mother, Grace Fusco, died Wednesday night, hours after another son, Carmine Fusco, died in Pennsylvania.

    A sister, Rita Fusco-Jackson, died last Friday.

    so they were not part of the yeshiva or yidden in fact….
    so what is the excuse from our own anti semites??

  21. I’m a Christian woman who works in lakewood and I’m just mindboggled or shocked at the way you all speak to each other. On here. Wheres the Brotherhood or children of God…wow just amazing. We should be obeying the laws. This is temporary not forever. Time to be with your family and closer to God just to HELP humanity stop spreading the virus..specia)y after Purim look at all the coming out positive cases now. So sad again I pray everyones well as I pray i dont get contaminated because you felt ABOVE whats being asked for on a temporary basis. This ABOVE everyone else attitude aka plainly prideful aka sin is the reason why people feel act and say such unpleasant things. Dont you get it? Feeling superior? We are all children of God. These posts show real hate and honestly hypocrasy. We need to humble ourselves and stop spreading hate.

  22. I don’t know. As long as they’re staying together, even if chas vsholom they catch something, then what is the problem? They’re young, and it’s over before you know it. As long as the young ones stay together, what is the problem? Think! Of course this means they MUST stay together even over Pesach, until the Mageifo is all over.
    No outsiders are allowed to join. Nobody should be allowed to leave.
    I wish them hatzlocho – and may they be our shluchei tzibur.

    • but, the big concern is that they will not be staying there, they will be going home soon. As far as I know , I have never heard of your yeshiva open on Pesach because of the myriad halochick pitfalls.

  23. I am not a Posek and will publish no opinion as to whether the Yeshiva should close. However, on a more general note, this is one of the reasons that many irreligious and non-jewish communities nearby have fought the expansion of Ultra-orthodox communities from Monsey and Lakewood into their towns. They see frequent examples of frum jews disregarding zoning and other laws, acting holier than thou, and relying on divine intervention to fix things despite risks like metzizah bpeh and the current situation. We may even be right, for example, maybe hashem is proud the yeshiva is open. However, recognize how this looks and dont act suprised and yell “anti-semitism” (as opposed to fear and misunderstandings, when towns balk at frum communities miving in…

    • If the boys stay in yeshiva for the next few weeks then it’s ok. 50 people can legally gather together if they practice social distancing. Those saying that it doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not for 50 people to daven or learn together and that people shouldn’t do it anyway, wouldn’t have an issue celebrating a wedding with 50 people…There are many institutions that are quarantined together, like nursing homes, for example. If these boys have quarantined by staying in yeshiva then they are doing nothing wrong and everything right.

      Please note that it’s a fact that most people will eventually get the virus. Most people will either not have symptoms or mild symptoms. Some people will have severe symptoms. The quarantines only help to prevent everyone getting it at once which will overwhelm the health care system like has happened in Italy which has resulted in mass deaths as people couldn’t get proper care . But long term, quarantines will not help the disease from spreading. So stop calling people “rotziach” and words like that as no one can prevent the spread of the virus, only help out so that it will spread slowly and not overwhelm the health care system.

  24. i love to hear all the noise from the peanut gallery as all the hate comes spewing out from every ba’al lashon and every ba’al machlokes about everything, enjoy this opportunity you got today on this web page. why does so many people love to spread hate, howabout everyone takes two chill pills, because your comments that you post do nothing to stop the spread of coronavirus

  25. So many of you have crooked secular Haskofas. When Rabbi Chaim kenievsky sent messages to the chassidic rebbes 17 years ago to bring out one hundred thousand yidden to protest the first Jerusalem gay parade. They refused. Ten thousand Jews came out. A mix between meah shearim people and Meir kahanes followers. The chief police said that had a hundred thousand protesters come out,there would be no gay parade as they could not guarantee the gays safety. Now 17 years later in the holy yerushslayim the biggest filth marches yearly and increases. Rabbi Meir Mazuz a leading rosh yeshiva declared the caronavirus is because of gay parades in Israel. The old satmar rebbe would never dream to what extremes the impurity has hit Jerusalem. And you bums laugh. Laugh at Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky but now you come crying to him why it’s happening. Of course it’s also chillul Shabbos as we see that the first time in 71 years they are closing everything on Shabbos. Also noteworthy right before carona hit Israel,the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that gay couples in Israel can adopt babies. What did G-d do. He closed the borders. No babies are coming in from Europe or China. And you crooked individuals think your smart. Also shuls have an epidemic talking problem. This must stop. There is a lot to write. Let’s keep the yeshivas open. Just space yourself. We salute the shuls and homes that are running minyans three times a day. I will not give out the names because you bums may harass.

    • Listen up ferd! Nobody is an authority as to why this is happening. Every individual should take their own lessons and improve themselves. Have you searched your soul to see what you have done wrong, or is it only because of somebody else’s actions?

      As an aside, your obsession with gays indicates that you have such tendencies and are trying very hard to suppress it. Take a chill! There is nothing wrong with those feelings and it doesn’t change who you are. You just cannot act on those feelings.. it’s ok.. everybody has taivois one way or the other for things which aren’t allowed. Nothing wrong with that, just don’t act on it.

    • You are a mental retard. Corona isn’t because of gays. YOu are probably secretly gay yourself that’s why you are so scared of them. YOu are like a nazi the way you talk you should be ashamed. God SPITS in your ugly bearded face! The nazis killed yours along with the gays so you are on a level with them. What about that? Why not comment on this? God sent YOUR ancestors to teh gas chambers along with the gays! Clearly he thinks you are NO BETTER. The gays are not making nasty comments about jews but your mouth is making such comments. Rest assured you are much more hateful and disgusting than a gay person in the eyes of god if he even exists with such COCKROACH humans as yourself who walk this planet!

  26. This is ridiculous. We all should be ashamed of ourselves. At a time like this, we need to be uniting together, not fighting, bad mouthing, and shaming. We NEED to stop acting as if we all know me best and learn to respect other people’s decisions. We are living in unprecedented times and we need to believe that people are acting on what they truly believe is da’as Torah. Before we all rise up to judge this yeshiva, we need to ask ourselves what we are doing to fix the current situation? How many of us snuck one last errand in before the stores shut down? How many of us are spending our time kvetching about homeschooling instead of using the time to become closer with our families and grow together? How many of us are running to the grocery for nonessential items? How many of us are taking on extra learning and mitzvos? How many of us are doing a serious cheshbon hanefesh and looking at what needs fixing? We need to stop finding faults in everyone else’s behaviors and decisions and focus on what we as individuals can do to fix the world. I’m not saying I agree with what this Rosh Yeshiva decided to do but I want to believe that he acted with good intentions and his own da’as Torah and maybe I can even find something meaningful in the boys’ mesiras Nefesh, even if i might feel it is misplaced in this case. Will this cause a chilul Hashem? Maybe. Time will tell. But you know what will cause a bigger chilul Hashem? The way everyone here is speaking to and about each other. VIN, please be careful what you post here. You have a responsibility to post news that will unite us, not divide us.

  27. Any one could do what they want put if you live in a country that have laws and the government ask for all school to be close why they cannot fallow the rule by staying open they or stating they above the law wish does not look good for the Jewish community

  28. Hakol keminhag Hamadina
    Everyone should act like his community
    Many places have minyanim on the street.
    Many places use their homes
    And yes there are still many using shuls
    Just drive around Boro park about 8,9,10,11 am and you will see hundreds walking with Tallis and tefillin bags. No one will get hurt davening.
    Especially if they space themselves.
    You know who may be effected.
    Women not dressed a hundred per cent tznius.
    When someone coughs or sneezes and it’s saliva ends up towards floor due to gravity,it can hit a woman’s foot that’s not covered with proper tights. Even this crazy new off the Derech dressing of women wearing leggings leaves them open to getting caronavirus.
    If the saliva hits the uncovered part of the bottom of the feet,she could end up with carona. What will be with her mispocha if she becomes sick. Wake up. Now where this can happen. In grocery,fruit store or doctors office. Please share this important message with your neighbors. Protect yourselves. Cover legs properly as well as arms. Gloves with shirt sleeves won’t be enough. Crown heights has been hit bad and so has Lawrence and parts of midwood. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Are you not taking your medication? Women need to wear tights? Idiot you don’t catch anything through your legs! you want women to cover up so you can control them not b/c they actuallly need to! women should dress any way they want!

  29. You guys have got it ALL wrong.

    These boys were self-quarantined.

    In other words, they agreed between themselves to not go out of the Yeshiva and not even to the Grocery, so they couldn’t catch the Virus from the outside.

    Anyone that goes out into public, or home, or a Grocery etc loses his right to be in the Yeshiva & must go home.

    This is perfectly legal and allows Learning to continue in a SAFE environment.

    I have spoken to people in the Yeshiva and confirmed this.

  30. NO, Leah Z.
    Such irresponsible behavior is something that has to be confronted and stopped. I speak as a retired health professional. It is silly arguing with heshy, who appears to be a teen aged yeshivah boy with no adult sense yet.

  31. The video seems to be shot from a parked vehicle and began from the passenger side. Those distracting from the main problem here should note that. using cell phones while driving is not unheard of sadly, it is not the case here.

  32. @Heshy: I have no idea who you are but I must say that I find you to be, probably, the stupidest person on this site. I really dont give a rats behind what “Rav” Mazuz says. He has been known to say stupid things before. He is NOT a Navi and he has no business acting like one. Especially when there are fools like you who spread the stupid reason in every article related to corona. The satmars in israel are saying thats its because women wear human hair shaitels. The yeshivish are saying its because of talking during davening, and you and Rav Moron are spreading your bullcrap. Nobody knows the reason for this.
    This is an epidemic that Health specialists are much more in the know than Rabbonim. I dont care who is running this Yeshiva, he should be arrested and thrown into a cell. He is endangering the lives of countless human beings and their blood is on his hands.
    So please Heshy, do everyone a favor and shut up. That way people will think you’re smart. When you talk, we all see the truth.

    • Sabra55: thanks for your post. Heshy seems to be dealing with a lot of issues. I already mentioned that it is almost certain he deals with gay tendencies (nothing wrong with that, as long as he doesn’t act out on it) that he’s surprising, and it’s causing him lots of frustration, anger and psychological anguish. It’s for that reason he gravitated to Mazuz’s theory as opposed to all the other theories you mention as to why this virus Came about.

    • All you liberal atheists and agnostics. 4100 hundred years ago the Midrash bereishis chapter 26 tells us G-d brought the flood that destroyed the world because of marriage contracts between men and men and men and animals. Now we see those countries that supported same gender marriage being punished by G-d. You don’t believe it your an apikires a heretic.

  33. Are we as every other citizen required to obey the law and the directives of those in government? Surely this action will only fuel the simmering fires of Antisemitism both in Lakewood and beyond.

  34. Around twenty years ago, around this time of year, my rabbi said that it didn’t matter how scrupulous you were about all the intricacies of Passover. If you cheat on your taxes or beat your wife, you are not a frum Jew.
    I feel the same way about these people. They disgust me.

  35. You all should stop wasting your time here attacking the menahel. He is not reading here any of your garbage remarks. He is at home quarantined and has no computer. So the joke is on you all.

  36. Our community suffers from a serious condition, and one would hope that our cheshbon hanefesh that should be serious in such a time would reveal it. We provide our own definitions of what is the Ratzon Hashem, and then we can rest calmly in His glory. Well, that is not what our Gedolim guided us to do. We are directed to seek the wisdom of the authorities and the professionals on these matters. These Gedolim sought the advice, and they paskened to take drastic measures. I am appalled that anyone considers himself greater than these Gedolim, and takes matters into his own hands. My issue is not specifically with this Rosh Yeshiva. It is with anyone that makes these self determinations, dressing them up in holy cloaks, and then violates countless issurim. One cannot manipulate the label of kedusha and apply it to whatever one wants. It is the Ratzon Hashem that we do not daven with a minyan, that we do not congregate for simchos, that we do not use mikvaos, that we learn alone or via phone/digital technology, etc. We won’t gain much by trying to explain this gezairoh. But we will be doing Hashem’s mitzvah by following the guidance of the Gedolim and Poskim.

  37. The rule is   –  shelo yizak and shelo yoozak   –    every contact is a possible source of infection   – those people who want to go to minyan just don’t get it.   the greatest mekil is the real machmir  -The rule is   –  shelo yizak and shelo yoozak   –    every contact is a possible source of infection   – those people who want to go to minyan just don’t get it.   the greatest mekil is the real machmir  -Yeshev bodod is the greatest shemira  –  and when not possible, Hashem yishmerem.

  38. Is anyone really surprised?
    When a community is raised to believe that whenever Torah and Science disagree, instead of reconciling it, the answer is scientists are Athiests who hate Hashem and are lying to destroy religion. Of course this causes Yidden to have no respect for scientists (& Doctors are scientist).
    When a Yid is told he needs surgery and he goes to his Rebbe NOT to ask for a Bracha, but to ask WHETHER he should have the surgery. Of course this causes Yidden to have no respect for medical experts.
    When Yidden are told all governments throughout history are the same in that they hate Yidden and try to destroy Yiddishkeit. Of course this causes Yidden to feel it’s OK to ignore zoning laws, fudge tax earnings, and play games with welfare. It also causes Yidden to ignore gov’t edicts like no large groups, social distancing, and required isolation.
    When Yidden are told all Goyim have an inherent hatred for Yidden, there’s no reason to act appropriately and Menschlich to them because they will hate us no matter how we act. Of course this causes Yidden not to care how they look to outsiders and is too often used by a small number of Jews to engage in reprehensible behavior.
    This really is a test from H”KBH. Are the Yidden who keep saying it’s OK to ignore the world around us because despite what almost every other Ruv and ALL medical professionals are telling us to do, as long as one Ruv (with zero medical training, but using his “Daas Torah”) says its OK to continue as normal, then we are not allowed to say anything and YWN shouldn’t even be reporting about it.

    • Thank you for your non-judgmental, non-hate filled, wonderful comment. I’m sure it will do wonders to stop the coronoravirus from spreading.

      Also, it’s important to quote sources, so please quote the sources where Yidden are told not to act mentshlich.

      Also, since we indeed don’t respect doctors or dentists we never go to doctors or dentists, nor consult with them.

      And of course, let’s not forgot the god of science that nowadays claims you can be a few genders…everyone needs to always, in all cases follow the pseudo-science god.

    • You are absolutely right – about our attitude to science and government laws. Basically, the Toira oilom ignores them. Not political anarchists, of course but le’mase yes. It is the cause of many of our problems, beyond the corona virus.

    • what kind of stupidity do you write?

      I won’t debate the fact that in a health crisis like this we should at leats listen to frum medical professionals.
      But your haskofos of yddishkiet is almost like reform jews.

      1) Esav sonia es yakov. This is a fact. The goy hates the jew. You people sang the same tune in germany 1920 as well. Goyim do hate us. Now we still have to interact , respect them and try to influence and work with them as much as we can. But there is always an inhernet hate. This is a proven fact
      2) Hashem is the true healer and dr’s are the messengers. The torah says vrapi yrapa. Hashem gives us permssion to go to the dr’s (thats a rashi). If not for that we would not be allowed to enrtust dr’s. Us torah yidden know its hashem in charge. How many times does the dr say we have one year left yet with emuna cancer patients fight and live for years. Of cours eits the reba or rav who guides us bec its hashem who heals.

      Now if you don’t like those two fundamentals get lost and find anotehr religon. This is the jewish torah belief. You want to join the reform movement thats fine. But get out off this site and stop writing kefira you low life.

      • Archy: where is there an Halacha that eisav soneh es Yaakov refers to goyim? Esav hates Yaakov is Halacha, but nowhere does it say that Halacha extends to goy vs yid. Stop posting your nonsense.

        Note: knowing you, I’m sure you’ll turn this into whether or not goyim hate hidden, but I never said anything about that. All I’m saying is there no such Halacha, so stop calling people kofrim.

  39. @Gimpel, as long as there are ignoramuses posting their stupidity and the stupidities of their so called “Gedolim”, we have the right to say something. We all are fighting for our lives and shmucks like Heshy feel the need to spew their garbage ceaselessly. Go to minyan Heshy, please so. When you contract the disease, you’ll change your tune. PUTZ.

    • Sorry to to tell you but most people worldwide will contract this virus. 80% of people will have no symptoms to little symptoms. Some people will have severe symptoms and unfortunately for a few, the disease will be fatal, as all viruses that spread are to some extent fatal.

      Quarantines are only for slowing the transfer rate of the coronavirus so that hospitals will not be overwhelmed and whoever needs can get proper medical care which can save lives.

  40. You are absolutely right – about our attitude to science and government laws. Basically, the Toira oilom ignores them. Not political anarchists, of course but le’mase yes. It is the cause of many of our problems, beyond the corona virus.

  41. A few weeks ago, before the pandemic, the New Jersey State Police were commenting on how well behaved the frum community was at the stadium, where thousands of Jews gathered, to commemorate the completion of the Daf Yomi. They remarked how orderly and well behaved everyone was. Unfortunately, the kudos which we received then, amount to gornish now, since the Lakewood Yeshivah is flouting the directives of the Governor’s office, as well as the state health commissioner. Therefore, if I was Governor Murphy, I would send in the NJ State Police to that Lakewood Yeshivah, and forcefully close it down, until further notice.

    • Why? LEGALLY under 50 people can gather together. Furthermore, they can choose to self-quarantine together, there’s no law that prevents that. Furthermore, the virus has very likely already spread to most people a week ago. Many people are experiencing mild symptoms such as headaches, most notably sinus headaches which is indicates that one has caught the virus.

  42. The bottom line is:
    The Gedolim of the USA, Rav Dovid Feinstein, Rav Feivel Cohen, Rav Dovid Cohen, all paskened NOT TO DAVEN IN SHUL, OR IN BACKYARDS, ETC.
    What gives this Rosh HaYeshiva the reight to go AGAINST DAAS TORAH ?
    Does he think he is Hoilier then them?
    Rav Shternbuch, Rav Asher Weiss, Rav Chaim, all said to close.
    I guess he is smarter and holier then they are.
    I guess he did not listen to Rav Uren riech, either.

    • Ur a walking chillul Hashem!! Everyone has there own das Torah and that’s who they shud listen to. U don’t come up to the toe nails of these gedolim and u don’t know there cheshbonos. U have no Makom to curse out a gadol!! U shud probably call up this Rosh Yeshiva and ask him for mechilah for what u said for the sake of u and all ur kids. Gedolim r our Malachim and u shud talk and treat them ALL like that’s!!!

      • Sure you can be as frum and chosid shotah as much as you want. But when you come around and possibly can infect others unknowingly, you are nothing more than a rotzeach!!!!

        • Our das Torah has gotten us threw over 2000 years of tzoras ect… u sitting there on ur couch eating popcorn all day isn’t smarter then gedolim with a mesorah!!! Talking about gedolim in that way is sad a pathetic and shows ur lack of Emunah and Kivi hatorah!!

  43. * Edit: Many people are experiencing mild symptoms such as headaches, most notably sinus headaches which is indicates that one MAY have caught the virus.

      • I never had any allergies and yet I had chills, weakness and headaches as did many others who are not related to me and I had no contact with, they also never had allergies and they all had similar symptoms.

        So nice try from you.

        I even had a friend whose entire family down to their little kids didn’t go out and didn’t come into contact with others including extended family, and still one of the members (meanwhile only one) came out with the symptoms.

        Therefore, it is MO OWN opinion that most people already have the virus. People can agree and disagree with my opinion, they are not proven facts.

        So yes, coronavirus does spread extremely quickly and easily and therefore IMO has already spread. But I think and am hoping, as I want to stay optimistic, that the vast majority of people will safely get over the virus or not have symptoms at all.

        That being said, I encourage everyone to stay quarantined as much as possible to to follow orders. Just let’s not be overtaken by panic and hysteria.

    • Let this serve as a statement that should end this conversation. Let me begin by stating that I am a non-Jewish, educated woman. Turn away now if you don’t believe what I am about to say carries substance due to that very simple fact. If you’re still here, then listen carefully. Going against mandatory orders from our state leaders, which derives from advice handed over by national and international experts, is disgraceful. Any excuse, due to religion, to the contrary is simply ridiculous. Wigs, talking during prayers, leggings, did not cause this. By anyone ignoring a simple (and one more time for the people in the back, temporary!!!) rule is childish. You are endangering lives, period. Your own community’s and innocent people outside of yours. If you disagree, then be ashamed. I pray for us all, including those who have commented here. Pay attention to the facts we have been graciously given, respect them and stop blame shifting. It’s only pure stupidity.

      • Excuse me?! Where have I said that you should flaunt any laws?!! Point to where in ant of my comments I have said that one may or should go against mandatory orders. I have never said that so stop twisting my words. I am however, allowed to have my own OPINION. That is legal for me even though I’m Jewish and even though you don’t like my opinion! IMO, the coronavirus has already spread and most people already have it! I hear of more and more people having similar symptoms, chills with no fever weakness and strong headaches. It’s my opinion that it has already spread. If you don’t like my opinion, too bad.

      • You are 1000% correct. But in Judaism we do believe in a god and therefore things happen for a reason. We obviously don’t know the reason but we do try to work on some of our Judaic flaws in times of crisis to try to show god that we are awake to some of our misdoings.

  44. All of u guys who are sitting here screaming about Dinay dimalchosa dina did u ever make an illegal turn? Did u ever not wear a seat belt? Did u ever drive over the speed limit? Did u ever cheat on ur taxes? If u did u did u should shut ur mouth because ur a fraud and u Just call out other people for it when it doesn’t effect !!!

    • @ TrustDasTorah
      I am against illegal and thoughtful driving. In most cases the driver looks around and is able to do the illegal driving maneuver without danger to others. This virus can hurt others, and can spread within a family to an older or otherwise not well person.
      I hope that sooner or later you grow up and speak and type like an adult, your English is stuck at the 10th grad level. Your use of u and ur might be appropriate for texting because their used to be a limit on letters per text. It is annoying reading as a post.

      • @donny (you forgot the e in grade, mr grammar) you literally proved his point, the reason why we should be careful about this virus is because it’s dangerous and Sakanas nefashos. His point was don’t come and be mr frum and lecture us all about dinay dimalchusa dina when you yourself don’t keep to it!!!

  45. Such a chillul Hashem that u guys post such a story!! The same way all u dinay dimalchusa Dina liberals sit here screaming about the right for ppl to make there own choices it’s no difrent here, parents have the right to decide if they want to keep there kids in Yeshiva or not!!

  46. Let’s be real.
    The democRATic government are hateful of religious Jews. They are basically liberal nazis. Here is why. They have created a rebellion against G-d in the highest order. They legalized abortions and murder of the elderly under the fancy name of euthanasia. They raised the fear of caronavirus in order to destroy Trump. We religious Jews here in Brooklyn know the truth. You have more chance to win a lottery ticket than catching caronavirus. They have corrupted an entire generation of young people by teaching evolution as real science. They have corrupted an entire generation of young mixed up kids who either want to be transgender,homos or transvastites. And then you have pot becoming legal and banning plastic bags and straws. DemocRATic nazis. No we will not close down our shuls. In fact I just got a beautiful mincha in Flatbush on the street. We will continue in all areas of real Jews to Daven with minyanim. In fact I just got a call about several outdoor carlbach minyonim to take place in Boro park and Flatbush. It’s the apologetic cowards who want to look good in the eyes of the nations who oppose our behavior as authentic Jews. Those that have to die will die anyway despite hiding in their farkrumta haskofas. And now here is an amazing revelation. In 1911 there was the famous triangle factory fire where a 146 girls were burnt. Ninety per cent were Jewish. This was the 25 th day of Adar parshas vayakhel. Guess what. Tomorrow is 25 th day of Adar and parshas vayakhel. It is important to stand up against these liberals who are looking to destroy Judaism and make minyanim in back yards. Each block should organize minyanim and shuls on each block should sneak out the Sefer Toras though the back so we can hear leining where it states that does that are mechalel Shabbos will die. Don’t think that the high death rate in Israel on Friday nights is an accident. More to come.

  47. Some self appointed machers are trying to convince religious Jews not to make minyanim on the streets. They are democRATic operatives who want to destroy yiddshkeit. Yesterday they tried to run over some yidden davening mincha at Landaus Shul. Today again they tried getting into a confrontation with the people davening. Police will arrest anyone who tries to attack or harass people davening. Let’s go out and show our emunah. Just like Rabbi Akivah went out to learn and teach Torah in the streets despite the Roman rulers threatening death. Be a Little Rabbi Akiva.

    • I agree mostly with what you are saying. You are right. But Minyanim should comply with mandatory orders of less than 50 people gathered together. These people screaming against Minyanim don’t scream against people going shopping…

      I don’t agree with you that most peoe won’t get the virus. The majority of people worldwide will catch the virus and IMO it had already spread to most people in NY. But most people get mild symptoms or no symptoms.

  48. You ugly frommies are as HATEFUL and INTOLERANT as the terrorists! You are on the same level as them as a result! They kill but you want to kill and the way you speak it sounds like you would if you had the chance! May god punish you all for your intolerance and ugly behaviour towards other jews who you look down on! Trust me you are NO better! The nazis sent us all to death not differentiating between those who pretend to be orthodox or those are admit they are average jews!

  49. the parents of these kids are responsible for letting this known nutcase be responsible for their spiritual and physical needs! as i witnessed him screaming at the lakewood firefighters for trying to curb his lag baomer fire calling them racists in front of the students, another time he fought with a police officer on the ground on clifton ave, throwing out kids for the big avarieah like going to the levayah of the tzadik hador( as roshei yeshivos called him the tzadik hador) it should be an embarrassment to send your precious kids there who they are learning from this guy everything wrong about listening to dina demalchusa & basic common sense which he does not have,smarter than the biggest gedolim & docters! the police are in front of his yeshiva not letting anyone leave for 2_3 weeks,since he did not listen to them once again to send the boys home with some made up excuse! this is the first time for me posting anything on line! this person has to be stopped & all of you parents do send him anymore of your kids!

    • You are welcome to send your kids to whichever yeshiva you want. Lashon hara (more like rechilos is a pretty bad aveyra also) But don’t talk down on gedolim because there are thousands of stories of people who did and went threw major tzaros afterwards as a result of how they spoke. You should listen to your das Torah and live life the way they tell is correct and shut your mouth after that!!

  50. The whole thing isn’t true it’s closed the dormitory is opened for out of town boys and that’s all that’s still left about 20 boys. This is a fact there’s a police car in front all day so the whole thing is a lie

  51. If you were responsible for an area and one distinctive group in that area consistently ignored and flouted all normative medical advice and gov’t health regulations, would someone suggesting you expel or kill them really sound so absurd?

    • BillyW, you so disgusting there are no words. You are just as a vermin as the the frothing anti-Semite murderers who murdered Jews. I don’t know if you are Jewish or not, but I do know that God has a special place in hell for people like you.

      Under 50 people is legally allowed to be gathered together. You have decided that they are flaunting orders when there could just as well be 35 or even 49 boys there.

      VIN is this comment calling for expulsion or murder ok with you?! I can see such a comment the The Daily Stormer Neo-Nazi newspaper.

      And yet when I post about frum women on Instagram and that we lose Hashem’s protection if we are not b’tznius, my post having absolutely no suggested violence of any kind, that post doesn’t go through? What kind of priorities do you have? Talking about expulsion and murder is ok but asking women to be b’tznius so that we can warrant Hashem’s protection is not?

  52. I was not talking about today or calling for their death. I was referring to years ago when there was no such thing as human rights or respect for life. A time when if you were stronger and the country next door had something you wanted than you went in and took it. You killed the men, took the women and children as slaves, and looted their property. That time wasn’t long ago. A time when there was no safety net and if your crops failed you starved to death while the rich got fat. During that era, if one distinct group ignored and flouted all health laws meant to keep the rich, powerful upper-class safe, why wouldn’t expulsion or killing be a legitimate option?

  53. I don’t believe this. This piece was posted on March 19. It’s now the 22nd. Are they still open? If not take down this post and joinstopthespread. NO more hate.

  54. this is not loshon hora,this is stopping a roidef who treys to use the lame excuse of shoimer mitzvah loiy yeda dava ra,which is pure am haratzus,another reason not to send your kids there,this does not apply on yemins cheshben, the fact about the police cars is not a lie it is the truth ,call the dept & find out yourself, everything i witnessed is the truth ,stay away from him!

    • Again you are welcome to send your kids to whichever yeshiva you want. Don’t tell others what decisions they should make. And watch how you talk about a gadol because it will come back to bite you!!

  55. @ Heshy
    You are one busy person with all that you are posting. Have you or any of your friends considered helping some older people get their food shopping done? It is people like you that help spread the sickness and make elderly rightfully fearful of going out. As far as I have heard the answer is NO.
    You only imagine yourself to be so important that people are calling you with the latest reports.
    Grow up.
    Get a job.

  56. Um in Israel perhaps where the self-proclaimed “righteous” ones throw stones at those who do not do exactly as they do on shabbat! That’s not violent? It’s just like intolerance of terrorists!

  57. It is at times like this that it becomes obvious who are the Orthodox Jews who are true yirei Hashem and who are the Orthodox that are in it for the ride and thrill.

  58. What’s going on here?!!!!
    “Idiot” “moron” “shoite” “reform” “pedophile.“ And many more irrelevant and gratuitous insults.
    Here is a general rule; usually the more invective the argument- the weaker your point.
    THE MORE YOU ADVOCATE YIDDISHKEIT -the better your middos need to be.

  59. @RespectThoseThatAreGreaterThenYou:
    I wll quote you: “don’t talk down on gedolim”. What makes this person a Gadol? In your eyes any man with a beard who opens a yeshiva is a Gadol. Well, let me enlighten you. This man is endangering the lives of others. He has ignored all the experts. For doing what he is doing, not only is he not a Gadol, he is not even a mentch. He has zero derech eretz towards others. And therefore, he is undeserving of any respect.

    • I don’t recall that saying he’s a gadol because he has a big beard. you sound more like an insecure 10th grader that doesn’t like his Rosh Yeshiva . He is chashuv because he dedicated his life to learning Torah not sitting on his couch eating popcorn, commenting on rechilus stories on VIN

  60. In this yeshiva the bochurim and r.y. think they are holier then thau and untouchable because they don’t have a secular Dept.
    They supposedly *learn* non stop with no secular studies.

    • They do a lot more *learning* then you ever did. And they don’t think their holier then thau, they just don’t live and think like you do. So all you open minded liberals should act open minded and respect people that don’t want to live open minded because that’s what being open minded means!!

  61. Please StopTheHate! It’s terrible what goes on here! The Lushon Hara! Do u all realize it’s assur to believe Lushon Hara?!?!

    VIN #StopThe Hate from spreading and it will be a zechis for Hashem to stop the virus from spreading.


  62. Rabbi Yosef Burstein’s yeshiva should be stripped of all state and or federal grants or assistance if it receives any and be removed from non-profit privileges.

    • Why are all the open minded people suddenly so closed minded. Why can’t they respect other people’s decisions? I’m feeling a huuuuuuuge double standard here!!

  63. Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, in a letter to his congregation writes: I have heard in the name of the Sar H’Torah HaRav HaGaon Ha’godol HaRavChaim Kanievsky shlit”a that this phenomenon that every person is separated from his friend can be found in the Torah regarding the metzora, as it says “He shall dwell alone, outside the camp is his dwelling”. Rashi explains that since his loshon horah separated between a husband and wife and between a man and his friend, so too is he separated. It therefore seems that Hakodosh Boruch Hu is demanding that we improve ourselves both regarding loshon horah and regarding improper interpersonal relationships which result in hatred and division, and that everyone should be trustworthy and forgiving in money matters and other issues.

  64. The bottom line is there are many reasons that this Coronavirus is happening and may destroy New York and California as well as Europe due to gay marriage which unfortunately was spearheaded by secular Jews. This fact was stated by Biden in where he said if not for the Jews there would be no gay marriage. Google it and see. Now all of you modern orthos can snicker and laugh it off but this is spreading like wildfire. This is going to go through June so there won’t be no gay parade as well as an Israeli parade as they allow gay groups to march along with yeshivas like SAR which saw 27 cases of Caronavirus.

  65. You’re a simple comedian. What on earth does homosexuality have to do with Covid-19? Read an article, a book, watch the news; something (just do it inside for everyone’s sakes). Get an education and stop embarrassing yourself. Or keep on keeping on; you’re a show on display for all to laugh at.


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