Over 4,000 Around the World Join Stop The Spread Campaign as Zechus Against Coronavirus


With the shuls and yeshivos around the world now shuttered, and the precious Tefillos and Torah of Klal Yisroel sent into quarantine with the rest of the population, the need for Rachmei Shamayim is more critical than ever.

We all look to our leaders for guidance and answers, and are doing our Hishtadlus to try to stem the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus. Ultimately, though, we must look inside ourselves to find ways to show that we have gotten the message from Hashem, and try to make changes to go along with our Davening as we beseech Heaven for a Yeshua.

Over 4,000 Yidden around the globe have accepted to help stop the spread of hurtful comments about others that get spread around the world before they go “viral” and wreak havoc on individual, families and whole communities. By joining the Stop The Spread campaign to not text, forward or post negative messages about people for 14 days they are taking a simple, but concrete, step in the right direction to positive change.

They have joined this movement as a Zechus to protect all of Klal Yisroel from any physical or financial harm from the Coronavirus, and to show Hashem that they understand the devastating potential that one small germ or comment can make when left unchecked, and sent into society.

Joining is simple by visiting www.stopthespread.com or texting “stopspread” to 474747. Daily reminders are sent out and no information is kept for use beyond the scope of this campaign.

Please join now so we can get all of Klal Yisroel together as one, and in this Zechus be able to return to our Batei Midrashim and Batei Keneisiyos in a true showing of Kavod Shamayim and bring the final Geula Shalaim Bekarov.

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