Lakewood Resident Issued Summons For Hosting Pop-Up Wedding With More Than 50 People

Last Updated: 10:20pm

LAKEWOOD (VINnews) — A resident of Lakewood, NJ was issued a summons for hosting a pop-up wedding that saw more than 50 people in attendance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gatherings of 50 people or more were banned last week by Governor Phil Murphy in an attempt to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The 49-year-old homeowner was charged with maintaining a nuisance for hosting the wedding at a home on Spruce Street.

“The Lakewood Police is asking that its citizens be responsible and obey the directives set forth by the State of New Jersey for the safety and health of all. Those that choose not to will be subject to criminal prosecution,” police said in a statement.

According to Lakewood police, they have already responded to around 17 different calls for violations of the social distancing rules laid out by New Jersey officials.

PLEASE NOTE: It has been incorrectly reported by several mainstream news outlets that the individual in question was taken into custody. These reports are ultimately false, as in reality the man was only issued a summons.

On Saturday, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order directing most New Jersey residents to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The state announced that the total number of COVID-19 cases rose to 1,327 overnight, with 16 deaths. That’s up from 890 cases and 11 deaths on Friday.

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  1. @Vosizneis not sure where you get your news from but this never happened nobody was ever arrested. Yes a lakewood resident on spruce st. Made a wedding as a chessed for people the police did come down and tried shutting it down but the event had less then 50 people which was allowed in the state of Nj

  2. Articles like this take away any credibility from VIN. This is not the time to create fake news articles with false headlines.

    Is there an editor that fact checks?

    • He is a rabbi. Watch how you talk about him because there are millions of stories of people who talked down on gedolim and went threw plenty of tzaros after as a result of there talk!!

      • You refer to him as a gadol?? He’s the one ignoring the real gedolim to close the Yeshiva and dorms! He’s putting innocent lives in danger. There’s nothing to worry about how I talk about him

        • That’s not for you to say. Your job is to listen to your das Torah and follow there lead not to criticize people that are a lot greater then you especially when you don’t know there cheshbonos

          • I also respect those that follow the rules of grammar. To not do so shows a lack of knowledge. Alternatively, post in a language you are better equipped in, if there is one.
            Twice you wrote there when the implication was possessive, the proper word is their.

          • @donny Thanks mora! When you are finished spell checking the internet maybe you should crack open a musar Sefer and learn something about Emunas chachamim!!

  3. Hold on. He still had the wedding in his house, he was just not arrested. How is it rechilus to say the truth?
    Putting the entire jewish community at risk is being a rodeif, he still did that.

    What is wrong with you people?
    The satan convinces people that aveiros are mitzvos.

    • I wonder how you would talk if your son or daughter was supposed to get married and then it abruptly got canceled and someone offered out there backyard to you so your kid can get married?!?!

      • I’ts happened to 3 of my friends already. THey are getting married with a minyan and postponing the celebration. That’s a Kiddush Hashem. Having these big gatherings and keeping schools open is, IMHO, a chilul Hashem. May HaKodesh Boruch Hu have mercy on Am Yisrael and the entire Olam.

  4. Whoever comes back with pictures from their wedding, showing all their guests at backyard weddings, they are idiots.

    Your entire lives will be a mitzvah haba biaveira.

    • It is you who is the am haaretz here. Just because you’re an old bitter single still living with your Parents, that doesn’t give you an advantage to spew your ignoramus. Go back to your dirty sites.

      • Im Married, 2 kids. Yeshivishe. Frum, shomer torah and mitzvos.

        They should get married, with a minyan, not 50 people.

        You, as calling me a older single bitter person, are full of bitterness.
        If it were my kids, I would keep them away from outside people, just like i am doing currently.
        Pikuach nefesh beats all. That is the only concern.

  5. One needs to ask a. Shaila to r chaim.kanievski or r sternbruch how and if to make a wedding bshaas mgafa. It can also include mgaros unos olam even on 50 people.

    • A brain transplant would be more appropriate than issuing a summons. Either ignorant to the true catastrophe that’s on the horizon or too dumb to take appropriate steps to avoid it. I hope the grandparents were not there! People in their 70s and 80s are hyper high risk for dying if they contract this virus. Hoping for a quick yeshua for us all.

      • Fake news. All elderly people are locked up safe in their homes. People got married in the Warsaw ghetto when at any second they could of been shot to death. The future of Klal Yisroel must continue. Apparently a dunce like you knows better.

  6. @ 7Days
    I write to you as an elderly person. This is not comparable to the ghetto situation. My wife and I are facing Pesach with limited food. There are many things we would like to buy, such as eggs, tissues, Charoses ingredients. The number of people in the stores that are contagious is a major concern, The more sick people around the higher the risk. HOW DARE YOU SAY THE ELDERLY ARE LOCKED UP SAFE?
    By the way, I have seen that many yeshivahs and girl’s schools have shut down. Are any of these young people doing any chesed to help old people shop? I have not heard of this yet, they are all on the websites showing their lack of grammar and sense.

  7. You need to go to supermarkets that are not packed. In Boro park on 18 ave Landaus is nice and spacy. I had no problem today. You need to stagger your time. If you go 3 am you probably won’t have a line in Goldbergs. It’s just about juggling the hours.

  8. I happened to be at the wedding. It was for my sister in law. Her mom passed away , her father due to health issues had to stay home and she was so thankful to the wonderful home owner who does not even know us opened their back yard and gave the young couple such happiness We had security and kept it to 44 ppl. Well under your law of 50.mi kamacha yisroel


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