Prominent Kiryas Joel Doctor Claims To Have New Solution For Treating COVID-19


ORANGE COUNTY (VINnews) — Dr Zev Zelenko MD, a prominent doctor who has treated hundreds of Kiryas Joel patients for COVID-19, recently made a video addressed to President Trump.

In the video, Dr Zelenko claims to have a groundbreaking solution on how to curb the virus.

Watch the video below for the details.

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  1. Kol Hakavod.. Nobody listen to the deranged Trump haters, chas v’shalom. Let’s give this doctor’s rx a chance. Trump haters want dead people, rachmana litzlan. Give it a chance.

  2. Enough of Dr. Fauci who’s very pessimistic. Trump should fire him ASAP for the health of the country. He had his chance. He’s become a pompous windbag

  3. Why is everyone listening to Dr. Fauci when he’s so pessimistic? He must go. Whatever he’s blabbing isn’t working.The worst thing to do is slobber over KoolAide when suddenly a stranger becomes the 1st word.

  4. Hate to rain on everybody’s parade but this is off-the-shelf canned medicine you’re getting. I realize you’re thinking this guy is the next Isaac Newton, but there isnt’ anything novel about what he’s saying.

  5. A doctor can prescribe any drug he wants based on his/her beliefs. However, no reputable agency can recommend a drug without rigorous testing that demonstrates efficacy. It may end up working, but it cannot be given approval for a particular indication without completion of proper studies. While it’s ok to hope for the best, please keep taking all necessary precautions. As a side note, China has been testing this drug for weeks, and you better believe they would be using on it everybody if it was the magical silver bullet that Trump, and apparently commenters here, so firmly believe.

    • You’re a fool. We are in middle of a crisis and emergency. We need go this thing under control this Dr saying he’s have positive results.
      Don’t be a fool.

      • This isn’t about whether his regimen works or not. This is about the fact that his “positive results” are not a valid scientific study. Sure, you want to try it, go ahead. I hope it helps. In fact, I agree that the vast majority who take it won’t get really sick or die… but that’s true regardless of whether you take it or not. If he really wants to help his patients and the world, he should create or enroll them in actual clinical trials. The field of medicine has not been advanced by anecdotal stories.

      • What is foolish about correctly pointing out that the FDA will not recommend the use of a drug unless it has been clinically tested, inasmuch as a Doctor can legally prescribe a drug in an off-labeled manner?

    • Well we don’t have time for that typical rigorous red tape kind of testing. The govt is too
      Slow . We Need something quicker and less formal.

      We also don’t need something fancy that’s produced by dime pharmaceutical and charges 100k a dose . If it’s an off the shelf thing then go for it . Who cares . And no one is touting this as some miracle drug although It has physically helped some

      • Educated Archy March 14, 2020 10:18 pm at 10:18 pm
        Yes it’s just a classic flu outbreak. Maybe not a hoax but mass hysteria yes. By end of April it will all be gone. Cuomo is engaged in fear mongering. Ny is a large state and I am sure at least two people die every winter month from flus.

        Educated Archy March 13, 2020 4:29 pm at 4:29 pm
        I will come back and by the summer this will all be over

        Educated Archy March 13, 2020 8:14 am at 8:14 am
        It will pass. There are enough kits and everything you need if you won’t panic

        Educated Archy March 12, 2020 10:20 am at 10:20 am
        Time to buy stock. By the summer this will all be gone.
        This is a world gone mad.

        Educated Archy March 10, 2020 7:00 pm at 7:00 pm
        You have this dream that corona will do in Trump. You said this about impeachment collusion and stormy. And you were wrong all 3 times. Guess what by the time the summer comes corona will be by bye and you will be the laughing stock . I still say come back to me by end of April.

        Educated Archy March 5, 2020 7:37 am at 7:37 am
        Mass paranoia. More die from car accidents. Relax for most people it’s a common flu. Maybe someone old or sick should take extra caution. But for the rest of us relax. By April may time this will all be over

        Educated Archy March 4, 2020 6:25 pm at 6:25 pm
        By the summer this wall al be laughable. Once the weather gets warmer all you hyper nut jobs will clam down. Its bad flu that will pass. Now relax. More people die form car crashes every day.

          • A few words change everything. What a tool you are! Don’t like when you’re called out for your noxious droning? Who’s the bored one here? Not the one who posts obsessively here?

      • There is literally no red tape. Any doctor is free to prescribe this. Not sure what people are complaining about. You want to force agencies and doctors to claim it helps without evidence? The percantage of people who get complications from covid19 is already relatively low. This means the you need a very huge number of confirmed covid19+ people who take this cocktail and not get complications to show there is an ounce of benefit. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but we can’t ignore reality.

  6. Thank you so now all the nay sayers that say trump is crazy and we need to listen to medical professionals. Well here you hand it , a Medical professional

    • Wow, now dumb archy is telling us to listen to medical professionals. Next he will be telling us global warming is a concern.

      In any case, this Doctor is not the FDA, which is the agency that oversees whether medicines are proved to be effective and safe (you should generally listen to the FDA regarding what medicines are safe and work over what one doctor thinks). History has shown that without proper trials many have made mistakes as to what works. Further, we have to understand how this doctor is testing anyone? He said last week he is in self-quarantine and is dealing with patients online. Without a clear look at what he is dealing with here really can’t take much out from this.

      Finally, he is not the first to tell about these treatments. Also, the availability of these treatments are limited so not like you can just give them out.

      Bottom line in medicine (for the educated among us, not the dummies), you can always hope for the best, but don’t jump ahead of yourselves.

      • Hey buddy we don’t have time to wait around till slow government agencies test everything. We need to cut this red tape nonsense. Govt Is ineffective with this.
        You may not trust this dr but we have eyewitnesses that actually got better from it . Are the videos of this sick people lying.

        Lastly you say it’s not drs rather it’s the govt that makes the decision . Well then ok. Last week drs were saying no shul but then cdc and many states allowed gatherings up to
        50 people if spread out . Nice to know if I went to shul and just listened to the govt I did nothing wrong

        The key point is you can yell all you want , we have eyewitnesses that say it helped them

        • You have eyewitness that it helped?!! Nah! You have eyewitness that somebody with the infection took it and that person got better. No eyewitness that it helped because it could be the person got better like 99% of people do. Also it could be the mashed potatoes he ate for lunch made him better.

          • Those people (more than one) were almost unresponsive in the morning and by later that day they were much better. What kind fo stupidty are you preaching? The next time you take tylenol , I’ll say your fever wasn’t redcued bec of it?

          • What a tool!! Do you have any capacity to think critically? Tylenol has been “tested” and proven. It is clearly understood how it works. Do you not realize how people roll their eyes when you open your mouth in Shul?

  7. The Israelis, Stanford U., the Koreans the French all recommend this now. It’s not only anecdotal, Medical studies are being done. Fauci is a political Hillary supporter. Within two weeks you will see an approved drug regimen, if not in the US, then in France, Israel, Japan. NY and CA will still be on lockdown because their governors want the power. Meantime, stay distant to be healthy. But when the drug regimen is announced, the country can get back to work.

  8. He’s a doctor what do we have to lose by listening to him? I would say this perhaps and hopefully ll the cases he saw were the ones that got a mild form of the virus. Personally, I had a fever almost 101 Thursday night and then Friday afternoon. But it was very strange I didn’t feel like I did when I had the flu. I felt perfectly fine except that I started to get a bad headache and I started coughing during that time period so I took my fever. Shabbos b”h I felt fine. Hashem should us help find the cure

    • Be well. Reports out there suggest this thing can spend a week in a mild phase before it really hits. Not trying to scare you, but be prepared for a rough patch.

  9. Dr. Zelenko has already been debunked.

    “Video that warns of rampant spread of coronavirus in Kiryas Joel debunked by officials
    “A social media video purporting that Kiryas Joel incurred a massive outbreak of coronavirus cases was forcibly debunked by the Orange County health commissioner, who called it “unsubstantiated and irresponsible.”
    “The positive cases were announced in a widely circulated Facebook video by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a family doctor with offices in Monroe and Monsey, who said tests had come back positive for nine of his 14 patients from Kiryas Joel. He projected that a high percentage of residents ultimately would become ill.
    “Zelenko did not return calls for comment on Thursday.
    “Dr. Irina Gelman, the Orange County health commissioner, said on Thursday that it was “highly irresponsible” for Zelenko to try to extrapolate the results of 14 tests to apply to the entire village population.“

  10. Dr. Zlenco, I just want to let you know that the president dont watch your WhatsApp status in stop posting silly bs….
    In btw it was only 9 positive cases in your office in how you say 20,000 ???

    • Yep, they warned about coronavirus and the GOP and the President called it a hoax. I guess having a circus lead us through a crisis makes sense…? Trump was in denial about this and that likely contributed to our lack of preparedness of this (or right, the GOP was busy downplaying this so they can dump their stocks while high… as to the democrats who dumped stocks, well they were warning us about this so kind of different situation).

      • Stupid dumb conspiracy theories . I think everyone expected some slow down even if just contained to China. Trump doesn’t think so deep to play it down so senator burr can sell stocks . That’s just restarted and wacky. Your own Alex Jones nonsense

        • Educated Archy February 27, 2020 7:37 am at 7:37 am
          All you fear mongerers should come back to me in the summer and tell me if you even remember the corona virus. Of course it’s all a nutty scare. Yes it’s a classic flu spread . Sick and elderly people face that threat every winter when flu is dangerous for them. It’s always been seasonal and moves on. We need to take precautions but relax.
          Meanwhile I plan on investing in cheap stocks today.

          Educated Archy February 24, 2020 2:24 pm at 2:24 pm
          HUH? This occurred overseas? This virus is not USA related and the sell off isn’t due to a lack of USA treatment.

          You are a typical fake newster and lair. Just like you lie about your atheism. A jew can’t be an atheist.

          • what a broed soul. You need to get a life. Yoni

            Now lets talk about lying. You are the fatest lair and cheater on here. So shut your mouth and get lost. Till you stick to one screen name yoni you have no valdlity.

            Folks don’t fall for this lair

            Phineas= honest=shlomo= OBL=Liam= all his other lying names

          • Multiple screen names isn’t lying. Suck it up. Some people here like to build different personas under different names for various reasons.

          • Wrong Shlomo multiple screen names is a form of lying and cowardness.

            do you know why you use different screen. Names to depict different personalities? Because you want people to think your opinions are Of the majority . You want them to see that you are not just one opinion . You want us to think we are outnumbered and the minority . It’s a deceptive way to shut the other guy up by bullying and outshooting .

            Yes that’s lying and coward ness . Thanks for admiting your shtick Phineas Yonasonw

  11. It’s pretty obvious from this unsolicited video that this Dr. Zlenco is looking to get some publicity out of this. So whatever he says should be taken with a grain of salt. For someone who is a rodef covid (19), the kavod will flee from him.

  12. KIRYAS JOEL – A social media video purporting that Kiryas Joel would incur a massive outbreak of coronavirus cases was forcibly debunked by the Orange County health commissioner, who called it “unsubstantiated and irresponsible.”

    Orange County had 68 confirmed case of COVID-19 as of Thursday morning. County officials have not disclosed the communities in which patients who have tested positive live. Kiryas Joel Administrator Gedalye Szegedin said he was told of about 14 confirmed cases in the Hasidic village during a conference call with health officials Thursday afternoon.

  13. This doctor has already been debunked with respect to the Coronavirus.
    See Lohud:
    “KIRYAS JOEL – A social media video purporting that Kiryas Joel would incur a massive outbreak of coronavirus cases was forcibly debunked by the Orange County health commissioner, who called it “unsubstantiated and irresponsible…
    The positive cases were announced in a widely circulated Facebook video by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a family doctor with offices in Monroe and Monsey, who said tests had come back positive for nine of his 14 patients from Kiryas Joel. He projected that a high percentage of residents ultimately would become ill.
    Zelenko did not return calls for comment on Thursday.”

  14. This Dr. Zelenko could give his “patients” Winkies and he’ll probably replicate the sane same unreliable results. Unedumacated Farchy and his parade of Trumpeters would blindly eat it up.

    • you fool we have eyewitnesses in hospital beds who posited videos saying they took it and it helped . Are they liars too?

      Now you stop lying and look at the facts on the ground. Yes spamming via multiple screen names is immature coward ness and lying. You have no credibility till you stick to one name . Got it mr honest liar ?

      • No it’s not a lie. It’s tipshus! They also ate mashed potatoes served for lunch in the hospital. So which one made them feel better, the mashed potatoes or the untested medication?

      • Only Phineas:

        Educated Archy March 14, 2020 10:18 pm at 10:18 pm
        Yes it’s just a classic flu outbreak. Maybe not a hoax but mass hysteria yes. By end of April it will all be gone. Cuomo is engaged in fear mongering. Ny is a large state and I am sure at least two people die every winter month from flus.

  15. After testing 14 individuals of whom 9 tested positive the doctor extrapolated that more than 50% of the community is positive. He offered no evidence other than the testing of 14 people to substantiate his wild assumptions. He has said he has treated hundreds of patients with these meds and seen good results. If only nine tested positive, how on earth is he prescribing meds for hundreds of patients. If you take a healthy person and give him meds and they don’t come down with Coronavirus, that’s “good results”?!!!
    Sounds like mal-practice to me.
    His claims of “good results” are not clinical trials. His conclusions are unacceptable according to scientific standards.

    • Ask the victims if they’re not open to this drug. Desperate times need desperate measures. People go to Canada and even Germany to be treated by non-FDA approved drugs ( referring to other illnesses).
      There is science and good doctors in other countries too.
      Fauci has no experience with Corona despite being a knowledgable doctor. We cannot allow a Fauci to dictate and close his mind to other treatments. Otherwise, he’s no different than those who poo poo science in general.. Fauci needs to go as of yesterday.Thinking out of the box is what doctors have to do now.

    • Lol. That’s not what’s happening in Korea. They are using the onion remedy circulating on what’s app, and some people are using the lemon water remedy circulating on Twitter. We should all ask Archy what age group should try what. Lmfao.

  16. Honest,
    While you outright lie about POTUS calling it a hoax, you conveniently ignore the Demons impeachment hoaxers’ utter silence as the virus approached. Demons and Rinos sleeping with China along with Wall St. Donations$$$$ , you understand.

  17. Diane Feinstein, the phoney Plotzy Ford letter leaker, knew about about Corona and cleaned up on stocks worth millions. This is the DevilCrat garbage who’s destroying our economy. This ……bag knew everything , yet kept her swine snout shut.

  18. Don’t allow the negativity and doomstalk from deranged Trump haters get us down
    Let’s be mispallel and have confidence in Hashem and do the hishtadlus to keep healthy.
    In every aspect of life, politics, economics, the Trump haters are spreading their hateful virus which is worse than Corona..

  19. Let’s stop the blame game already. Nobody saw the speed of how it spread all over planet Earth. Including the WHO who soft pedaled it from the start. We need unity.

  20. It is assur to listen or watch the mainstream media . As millions of decent Americans know, they are using this global tragedy to drive panic and anti-President Trump hysteria nonstop 24/7. Believers in G-D of all faiths, know that panic is frowned upon during any crisis. We who believe , have an extra duty to calm our families and friends, even as we take serious precautions and do not assemble in groups. But panic? Never. .
    The hysteria drivers are basically assaulting, abusing and destroying people and morale. Shut the Satan out of our lives. Serious, ?? Yes. Agenda blabbling ?? Absolutely not.

  21. In times of crisis like this, using a previoulsy FDA approved drug, albeit for another indication, is a no brainer to me. Vos ken shatten? many drugs are prescribed for different illnesses than what they were originally approved for but the fda puts them through another 2-3 year review. Now is not the time to do this. And as we know from the flu, the earlier treated the lighter the symptoms and deaths. Teva sent 6 million free doses. If one tests positive and is in the hgih risk category, immediately give it and watch for results. Yes, anectodal eviidince in this case is wararnted.
    “Honest” sounds like a TDS patient who can use some medicine too.

    • using a previoulsy FDA approved drug, albeit for another indication, is a no brainer to me.

      It’s actually more than that. This drug has been around for decades and used for malaria. So we know the risks and downsides very well, not like something just invented. That does not mean it helps coronavirus, but it does mean we know and can control the downsides pretty well.

  22. In Crown heights we have 100’s of cases I know this not bc 100’s were tested (they are telling people that there’s is no point in getting tested) but Bc I know of a lot of people family and friends that are sick in bed with all the symptoms.

    I trust this Doctor who is well known is KJ and saw hundreds of patients even though he only has 9 positive tests. Remember they take 3 days to get back and there is a shortage of them.

  23. Orange County Medical Health Dept debunked this quack. Go to their website. Does every quack that comes along smelling of schmaltz herring become credible to the schleppers in the kollel? If the new drug has bad side effects will you run to sue the quack doktor?

  24. 1) Has he discussed this with NYS health officials?
    2) He should have directed this to Dr. Fauci.
    3) If this gets to Trump he will turn it off as soon as he hears the mention of equipment and supply shortages
    4) If he gets past that he will not take seriously a physician who looks like a Hassid

  25. This medication is not ‘Trump-approved’. The president has no authority to approve off-label use of CQ/HCQ.

    Even so, I applaud those medical practitioners who are willing to educate themselves and provide this medication to their patients on a trial basis with full disclosure.

  26. u r a fake phony fraud. last week u said that nine out of fourteen tests in kj came back positive and based on that 60 % of kj would be infected. then u said a remedy was in the making . NOW UR TELLING US TO RELAX ?????? .THE REBBA IS INFECTED. DO U HEAR ME. r we supposed to be stupid and beleive u.

  27. SEE TODAYS WALL STREET JOURNL this mix of meds is being trialed TODAY in many ny hospitals
    lets give it a week and see . if you have a better idea speak up
    ps the gov ok it last nt


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