Watch: Police Attacked As They Enforce Health Ministry Directives In Meah Shearim

Picture: Israeli Police Spokesman

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Israeli police were attacked Sunday in Meah Shearim when they came to enforce the new regulations known as the “public health directive”. The regulations prohibit gatherings within businesses and some businesses were found to be ignoring the regulations. Local residents responded with a gathering of their own, as tens of residents attacked them with stones and eggs and called them Nazis. Three people were arrested during the event- two for unruly behavior and one for running the business illegally. Police also arrested three suspects who were responsible for the illegal gathering and handed each of them a 5000 NIS fine.


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  1. It’s about time to put up a gate around that whole neighborhood, and just let them fend for themselves. just like Gaza. this is unfortunately the reality and we have no other choice.

  2. This is תחילתו בפשיעה וסופו בפשיעה.
    If these guys get sick they’ll come screaming to America we need funds to heal these guys.
    Under circumstances like this America should not give them a dime.
    Not thinking anything bad about them – it’s just they relied on “whatever” that they won’t get sick they should rely on the same “whatever” will heal them WITHOUT outside help.
    Don’t fall for the ultimate line: it’s a zechus for you Americans to help out us yerushalmis or us Israelis. Not in a פשיעה case.

    • While I am frustrated beyond with the irresponsible behavior and may refuse to support them in the future as before we should not be hateful here. They are no different than the drunk millenials in the bars on the beaches who believed they have some special magic protecting them. It is unfortunate but no need to be mean. I will try to support those who need help in this time regardless of whether I agree with their stupid actions, but when this is over that is when this has to be reckoned with. In any case there are too many back here in NYC and NJ that will need support who I will support first. All around will be a very difficult pesach for many.

  3. The police are anti Jewish. They allow chillul Shabbos. They protect yearly gay parades in the holy city of yerushalayim. The whole caronavirus was sent from Heaven because of these Jew hating police.

    • Sick in the head Heshy. Has all the answers as to why this happened. None of them involve people not taking the dire concerns of medical professionals seriously and instead congregating together and trying to pray this away (while those very minyanim, conducted against medical advice and contrary to halacha, were a major vehicle for the spread of this). For some reason some gay people marching down the street is what brought this on, but not the lack of diligence when it comes to a d’oraisa like pikuach nefesh.

    • It was send to the shomray shabbos and shomray mitzvis because the chilonim are mechalel shabbos and don’t do mitzvis???

      It should of been send to the chilonim exclusively so we all would get the message!!!!

    • Intolerant Talibanistic jerk…you think political freedom is only for us, and not for those we think are wrong or even immoral. You have no appreciation for what democracy means and how precious it is.

      • You guys were cheering when young children were kicked out of Yeshiva because they refused to get vaccinated with dangerous toxins and aborted fetuses. Now the chickens have come home to roost and EVERYBODY has gotten kicked out of Yeshiva.
        By the way, what was the final death count amongst frum Yidden from the deadly measles epidemic that ravaged our communities???

      • Democracy is not a open ticket for immorality . There are certain standard norms whom we can’t give rights when it so immoral. Now no one says to Shame or abuse gays . But that they should take pride in the avero. Do it quietly

    • Heshy, you are in a dream world. I’m sure you have to whom to blame for the Holocaust. When you have a simcha you thankj G-d. It’s G-d that gets the credit for the virus and for people born gay. Right?

    • HEshy faker you don’t believe any of the statements you make except you have created a lot of posting for which VIN should be grateful. Tell the truth you believe all that baloney you posted

  4. Meah shearim is the most religious Jewish community in the world. How dare you modern orthos attack the elite Jews if the world. Police are just looking for trouble. Let them go fight with the Arabs.

  5. We should feel sorry for these poor uneducated yeeden. They know nothing but what their leaders tell them. No phones, no radios, no newspapers,on top of no education.

  6. Heshy, at a time like this, do not demonstrate so clearly that you are a shoteh. I would encircle the whole area and no one, except the deathly ill or dead are allowed to leave. the ill must be left on the street to be picked up by the Nazi police and health workers. the dead should be buried with no mourners allowed.

    anyone wanting to enter is welcome.

    • It is a shame that you were not confronted by Nazi police like I was first police and then SS from 1938 to 1l945 and you would nost post such nonsense. All of you is a shame you never confronted the schutzpolizei

      • Not bad. And I was on the Titanic on April 4th 1910. I remember it very vividly. I was zoche to get onto one of the first life boats and am alive to talk about it. I was coming back from my cousins chassuna.

      • To: Yid- Do not compare the Israeli police force to the SS, or to the Nazis. Those guys are just trying to enforce the law, and go home to their families, uninjured. In fact, from what I’ve seen, the residents of Mea Shearim have been handled with kid gloves.

  7. Ok all your questions are good questions.
    One of you asked why G-d allowed nazis to kill Jews.
    The answer is simple.
    If you study history you will see that most of the European Jews were falling away from the ways of Torah. That included Poland where so many religious girls were going lost. The Holocaust came because of assimilation. In fact you gay defenders in f the open orthodox gang should know that the first nazi storm trooper was a homosexual and headed the brown shirts. Chillul Shabbos was becoming a way of life. Had this continued there would be no Jewish people. This carona virus is here to wake up the Jewish nation. Most effected are secular reform Jews. Not chareidim. See forwards newspaper. Jews who are moser Nefesh to Daven and learn like rabb Chaim stated will NOT get sick. The only thing they have to do is separate six feet. Without Torah there is no Israel like what happened in Europe and the nazis marched in. More to come.

    • You are a shote, apikores and a complete beheimo. My father in 1918 had a ticket to America and sister a’h told him if you travel to americ a you will become a go. America produced ztephen wise, the biggest reform movement and the council of Judaism. Nevertheless America was s[pared Hitler ymsh

  8. To the fellow who asked why there are a few religious Jews getting the virus and why should it instead Not strike only secular Jews? If only non religious Jews would die When lighting up a cigarette on Shabbos, no one would light one up. In order to maintain free will, there has to be the illusion as if everyone is suffering. But in reality the secular Jew suffers most.

  9. Now why did G-d send Caronavirus.
    Many reasons.
    To Iran it’s obvious. They want to nuke Israel.
    To Israel it’s because of gay parades,chillul Shabbos,trying to draft yeshiva boys so they can be corrupted into wearing tattoos and eating pork.
    To China and the rest of the Buddhist areas is because they are idol worshippers. Plus many Israeli secular Jews travel there and become monks.
    To Europe and America because of gay marriage.

  10. It is a shanda when we see ultra orthodox Jews in Eretz Yisrael and in Lakewood and Crown Heights defying the civil authorities, regarding this terrible health crisis. It was only a few months ago, when we saw Chassidim crying out for police protection, following an unprecedented numbers of attacks on their community. Now, those groups are defying lawful directives to disperse. It is outrageous behavior!

  11. Even Moshe Rabbenu wasn’t told why tzaddik v’ra lo and rasha v’tov lo. Any person, from any group, who claims to know why there was a Holocaust is by definition an imbecile. As for corona, Heshy claims it’s because of gay parades, posters in Beit Shemesh claim it’s because women wear pretty shaitels. Maybe it’s because gays wear pretty shaitels!

  12. These comments are very funny. I am enjoying this.
    But this situation is not funny. People are dying and you all are not seeing the importance of not speaking with a hateful tongue. Tomorrow is Yom Kippur Koton behave like mature adults. Fasting and Tefilos tomorrow! Maybe our tefilos can turn this magefa around.


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