Wondering what to dress your girls for Pesach?Fourth Edition has a solution!


Mushky Tiefenbrun (nee Caytak) grew up in Ottawa and remembers the struggle to find Tznius clothing. She would go to the mall countless times, yet usually returned home disappointed and empty-handed. Mushky knew that the Mitzvah of Tznius should not be a dreaded one, and as she grew older, she was determined to change that for the many Tznius wearing girls out there. They would not encounter the same challenging scenarios in the mall that she did!

Years later, when Mushky moved to Florida with her husband and children, Hashgacha Protis brought her to meet her new neighbor – Mushkie Spalter (nee Dunin). It only took a couple of minutes for both Mushky and Mushky to realize that they both desired to create the ideal line of modest, affordable, and fashionable clothing line for children.


For two years, Mushky and Mushkie researched factories and fabrics, cuts and clothing lines, as their dining room tables become buried under mounds of patterns and samples. And then slowly, little by little, piece by piece, something extraordinary occurred…’Fourth Edition’ clothing line was born!


Fourth Edition was created by two busy Moms in between carpools and shopping, Simchas and babies …and it is a most unique and unlikely clothing line for children.


Unique and Unlikely? Why so?


Its affordability. Their low prices, make outfitting your children affordable and allows you to do it with dignity (Both Mushkys’ come from large families and have put affordability as their top priority).


Its Tznius. There is no need to bring the outfits to tailors or seamstresses. The necklines and knee lengths are just the right size.

It’s inclusive sizing. These dresses are perfect for a large variety of body types. We know personally how hard it can be to shop for a child who is not the typical build. Our dresses are cut in a way that is comfortable for a wide range of girls to wear.


Our style. We are always researching and designing the newest, cutest, chicest styles out there!


We invite you to check out the clothing line for yourself . You will see how the two Mushkys’  dreams and aspirations have become a reality!

Fourtheditionshop.com. @fourthedition.shop

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    • Shame on you, people are dyeing including some pillars of our community and your mind is on “gorgeous clothing”, if we learn anything from this crises is that we can get by with less


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