Prominent NY Rosh Yeshiva Cites Lavish Weddings, Pilgrimages to Kivrei Tzadikim and Other Materialistic Excesses as Lessons of Coronavirus Pandemic


NEW YORK (VINnews/Sandy Eller) – A prominent rosh yeshiva minced no words in a worldwide teleconference on the coronavirus outbreak, slamming the Jewish community for its misplaced priorities in both the financial and spiritual realms.

Both Rabbi Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, rosh yeshiva of Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, and Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Meor Yitzchok in Monsey offered words of inspiration and introspection during a Sunday night call in program arranged by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation.

In his over an hour long address, Rabbi Wachsman spoke emotionally about the highly contagious virus that has brought the world to its knees, noting tearfully that in addition to taking lives it has shuttered shuls and yeshivos across the globe.

Drawing on the words of Chazal, Rabbi Wachsman observed that that unfathomable and frightening reality is prophetic, warning us that we need to search our souls and find the divine message that is being sent our way as we spend our days in solitude.
Click here to hear Rabbi Wachsman’s full remarks.

Turning to the Chumash, Rabbi Wachsman noted that there were three instances of plagues that swept through the Jewish nation. The first took place when the golden calf was constructed in the desert, the masses dancing frivolously around the metallic idol. The second plague occurred during the time of Korach, brought on by malicious attacks on Jewish leadership, unwarranted hatred and divisiveness, with the final incidence was a direct result of promiscuity.

The parallels to today’s world are unmistakable, said Rabbi Wachsman, taking aim squarely at the conspicuous consumption that is everywhere in our communities that has spread through our lives, much like a contagious virus.

Rabbi Wachsman said that he has seen lives destroyed by materialistic pursuits, with parents spending seven years to pay off the cost of a single wedding. The marriages that have taken place this week, with all of the frills and extras stripped away, should be examples for us of what a true Jewish wedding should look like.

“What are we getting for our money?” asked Rabbi Wachsman. “Just misery, a life of slavery. How can a sane nation, an am chochom allow such a thing to happen to us?”

Rabbi Wachsman had equally strong words for the many luxury products advertised in our Jewish publications as well as “ridiculous vorts that nobody wants to attend,” “meaningless vachtnachts,” lavish kiddushim and trips to Europe to visit holy sites, an industry he described as excessive and “an embarrassment.”

“How many millions, hundreds of millions must we pour into the hands of the children of our murderers?” queried Rabbi Wachsman. “How can we travel to tzadikim when we can owe thousands of dollars in schar limud or. chovos? The tzadik doesn’t want us. The tzadik doesn’t need us then. He wants us to live al pi Torah.”

Coming out strongly on another front, Rabbi Wachsman described lashon hara, particularly when spread electronically, as yet another infection going viral in our community and spoke about the destructive effects of conflicts that create terrible rifts within the Jewish community.

He called on listeners to use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to formulate a new understanding of life and truth, both on the personal and communal levels.

“We don’t know where this is going to end,” said Rabbi Wachsman. “We’re hoping that this is going to end with Moshiach, but if it doesn’t end with Moshiach, chalila, what are we going to do, how are we going to back? We must never go back to abnormal. We must never, ever go back to the whole abnormality, this senseless, totally out of control existence.”

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  1. Why doesn’t he mention the slave wives and parents who are forced into supporting kollel husbands ? It’s against Jewish tradition on the universal scale that it has become .

        • It is called mefarness and most heilige marriages are not valid because sitting and “learning”, torah while then wife works, has children and prepares ism treife vi chaser but accepted , the entire yesdhive velt is ganeive and sheker

        • The slave wife would rather be that than ann Azus panim like you.hagar would rather be a slave by avraham than a princess by her father .they would rather do hard work than to be married to an ignoramus

        • You are right that a husband needs to support his wife but the comment was stupid because this speech showed connections from former pandemics seen in Jewish history causes and things we still do wrong so therefore makes sense to have been the cause while this fool is complaining why he didn’t blame it on another randomly wrong thing that some of us do! For that price he could’ve just said that the cause was that we do Aveiros!

    • No one is forced in to anything. Most of the Eishas Chayils who’s husband’s are learning are thrilled and extremely proud that their husband’s are keeping the world going with their learning and are happy to do anything to support them. Don’t feel bad for them… Clearly they are happier in life than you.

      I am not learning full time as I am not strong enough to do that (I wish I was). My wife is a stay at home mom, but she would gladly go back to work if I had the strength to learn all day.

      If you are happy for others, you will will have a happy life yourself.

      • Anon the girls are brainwashed , which is akin to forcing . There is also tremendous societal pressure to support learning husbands . They wake up to the nightmare of exhaustion when it’s too late to go back ,

      • You know who keeps the world going amoretz erliche Yidden who work , daven , keep shabbes and earn a living not those who sit on the fat tuches and make a hadran. Baloney they are thrilled they have no choice

      • who’s = belongs to who or who is
        whose = their
        husband’s = belongs to husband
        husbands = more than one husband

        You write like a small child, and you apparently have a small child. This is a shanda.

    • Judith, women and yes, girls, have brains. No one is a slave. Lots of girls marry working boys. They decide for themselves. If you don’t like the decisions they make, tough.

        • @judith. Your asking everyone to be open minded with their opinions on fancy chasunahs. So why don’t you be open minded towards ladies who want to support there husbands who are learning in kollel. I’m sensing a big double standard!! Get your life in order lady!!

          • I’m just saying the rabbi and the system are out of tradition by teaching that girls need to support husbands . Rabbi Akivas wife did so on her own . No one taught her to do that .

    • Bec wives need to work anyhow . I work and my wife’s income is needed anyhow . Somehow me leaving Kollel did not help . In fact it made life harder in many ways . My wife misses the kollel days

    • No slavery in the USA Judith. The answer is Nosim Datom Kalos. The Talmud says: Women are not too smart. No women POTUS in USA history. Hillary was by far the most qualified to try. 57% of White woman voted for Trump even after admitting to touch woman at the…against their will. Trust our Sages. Nosim Datom Kalos.

    • Your a jealous and self hating Jew. These Kollel wives will be basking in the highest places in gan Aden for there sacrifice (which they want to do because they knew what they were getting into when they got married) while you are burning somewhere else for the all the aveiras you did on your Florida vacation that you needed 3 times a year (which is the reason your husband needed to work and not learn because he needed to support all your vacations)

    • @judith
      Your a jealous and self hating Jew. These Kollel wives will be basking in the highest places in gan Aden for there sacrifice (which they want to do because they knew what they were getting into when they got married) while you are burning somewhere else for the all the aveiras you did on your Florida vacation that you needed 3 times a year (which is the reason your husband needed to work and not learn because he needed to support all your vacations)

    • Unfortunately this has become the norm. And that is a result of the fact that young ladies are taught that marrying a supposed “learner” is kodesh kedoshim.

      Torah “learning” is a late 20th century industry. My late mother a frum Holocaust survivor would always say the modern Rabbis (post WWII) were liars and ganuvim.

      My late mother hid out from the Nazis in a field for 3 years living in a bunker thanks to the generosity of Polish Goyim. She never once ate trief. She was a truly righteous women.

      Today we have con artists pretending to be Rabbis. They are schnorrers who use their influence to destroy well meaning people.

      They deny young men the opportunity to be educated in the secular world.

      The result being that these young men cannot provide for their families. Not every young man is destined to be a Torah “learner”.

      The only ones who can change this outrage are the young women who will refuse to be meshadech with these supposed “learners”.

      The young ladies must insist that a young bocher must have a profession or a parnasa before he is to be considered marriage material. This is the only way this nonsense will stop.

      • Hey Avrum, “They deny young men the opportunity to be educated in the secular world”. I was just curious, if they (the Rabbis) are the ones denying it, who are the ones providing it?

    • The Kollel concept only works if it works. If she sees after a few years its not working for her she can demand her husband goes to work and he can learn on his days off on sundays. If he refuses she can claim her ketubah. Kollel should only be for those families who are wealthy and can supplement the income. The problem begins when young people are programmed into accepting unreasonable terms for living. Better to earn an honest living and give than to take from the community. I wish everyone the best whatever their circumstances.

  2. Uh, no. The deadly C-Virus is caused by a novel mutation of a VIRUS that was first identified in the 1920’s. Blaming the victims is medieval and sounds like when xtian evangelical Jerry Falwell blamed Teletubbies kid show for AIDS. Or when Jews were blamed for the Black Death. Time for OTD yet?

    • This is very much out of character for me. I have never left a comment on any website or social platform before.
      I beg of each and every one of you ! Please !!!! Stop posting negative comments on the internet. Regardless of the way you feel about what a rabbi said, whether he’s correct or incorrect, missing the point or not, it doesnt give you a license to speak LASHON HARA on a platform that can be accessed by the entire world !! The commonly accepted gadol hador told us all that we must try to be careful not to speak negative about one another. The sin is tenfold when being spoken about a talmud chacham! Why would you take that risk !!?!?! Please ! I beg of you. JUST STOP! you are not benefiting anyone by posting your hate for the world to see. Again, this is true regardless of your opinion or mine..
      All you are doing is furthering the coming of moshiach and hurting us all. We are in the midst of a terrible plague. If you think you are doing the world a service by “exposing a fraud” please be aware that this is equally forbidden and is just as severe a sin!
      Please, for your own sake!! And for ours, search inside your soul and ask yourself if what you want to post is going to help bring the final redemption or postpone it.
      Please!! And thank you,
      Metzapeh L’yeshua

      • I don’t agree with this concept of a commonly accepted gadol hador. Please stop with that nonsense as people not using their brains here caused them to engage in reckless behavior. Plenty of Rabbonim paskened that this is an issue of pikuach nefesh before this commonly accepted gadol came around to understanding the situation (where does he stand now on keeping open the chedar’s in violation of a serious d’oraisa). I think in halacha, you have to consider whether you pick someone who understands what is going on. He may be a very holy man, but keep things in perspective. Sadly, it is taking people suffering and dying to learn this.

      • “Commonly excepted Gadol Hador” Please explain what “Gadol Hador means. I finished Shas Bavli, Yerusalmi, Sulchan Aruch and not once was this Gadol Hador world mentioned. Is it Litvish minhag, Chassidih, YU? Reform? Conservative? Satmar? Neturei Karte, Lubavits? Meshiachist? Elokist? Zionist? Jews for J.? At the same time please tell us what “Commonly” means to you? YOUR family? Y O U R block? YOUR School? YYOOUUR Friend. Your entire post is so much GAYVEH. Only You know. Maybe you are just new to Judaism and dont understand that whoever is the Gadol in Satmar is not excepted in 99% of Yiden. Same in YU or Lutvaks. Maybe Chabad is @ 4% of Yiden (Since 90% of them are not frum)

        • Anonymous Isn’t that part of the problem? Let’s stop living as only we exist. There are different opinions out there. If you disagree don’t follow, but why do you have to get online and say it? Same for every commentator out there, why don’t we just read what the the Rabbonim say? The. We can agree or disagree and move on ( we should be listening to our Rabbonim, but at the very least don’t discuss it publicly.

    • Do you believe that Hashem runs the world, or not? If you do, then yes, you look for spiritual lessons that you can take from what’s going on. That’s not blaming; that’s trying to deal with root causes, while also working on things on a physical level. If you don’t believe in that, then find some other site to comment on.

  3. Rabbi Wachsman, I will tell you why this is happening!! You throw out and dont accept our boys into your Yeshiva so the Eiberster says I dont need your Yeshivas and closed everyone down. Dont blame everyone else! First look at yourself!!

        • B”H
          I don’t know who this “Jack” is but he is clearly trying to make Yidden fight with one another. Please don’t accept his trolling. Is is true that we need to fix ourselves on all sides. Yeshivas, Kollel, Partys etc etc. This should be a constructive talk and one that ultimately causes everyone to reflect on where we can be better yidden. But the nastiness and guilt free attitude from many must stop. We must all do better. Plague or not.

    • Esther F, we both know why your son was expelled from his Yeshiva and it was an extremely disgusting and immoral thing he did. There is a reason why no other Yeshiva accepted him. Don’t be so bitter and try to make sure your other boys don’t follow their older brother.

    • Well said! There is no house without a corpse, thanks to the “roshei yeshiva” who have destroyed the generation! In fact, there are already several Corona victims amongst them! Perhaps, G-d has heard our cries, and counted our tears…. Rabbi Wachsman, you are an embarrassment.

        • Really? How should one handle it? Was there anyone to talk to when he was destroying a teenage boy? Some people live for the public, and therefore will only change their evil ways through the pressure when the public knows of their misdeeds.

          • @clown show (gadol Hadar….what a joke) part of being a Jew is to have kavod hatorah. And kavod for Torah includes having kavod for Torah scholars. You and ina are a walking chillul Hashem. Hashem would probably rather you just not be part of Klal Yisrael you sickos!! There is gonna be a very hot place up there for both of you for the way you guys talk about gedolim

          • I would say that like any conflict, you handle it directly and politely. You go speak to him, or you write him a heartfelt letter. Find a mediator. If you have a grievance that can be handled by a bais din, summon him rather than anonymously shame him online.

          • The Torah has guidelines. “Do not hate your friend in your heart, rebuke your friend, do not bear upon him sin.” There are right and wrongs in the world as dictated by the Torah. Public shaming is assur. Lashon hara is assur. Holding a grudge is assur. Taking revenge is assur. Speaking directly to a person is advised.

    • unfortunately yes! this is part of the tzara. everyone should look at themselves and correct themselves and then the redemption will come. always easy to see others faults. we are all faulty!

    • @Esther f. You sound like a mad mom (I’m glad your not mine). Your kids didn’t get accepted because they probably didn’t belong there. You sound like the reason why your kids didn’t get accepted!!! Nebach nebach nebach

    • I agree 1,000% How aren’t you embarrassed and give such a speech I think it’s the biggest Chutzpah if you where you are the problem of these crises for not expecting boys in your Yeshivah!
      I tried sending my son in your Yeshivah and by the way he is married BH now for 10 years and still in Kollel but wasn’t good enough for you so you should be ashamed of yourself for giving such speeches

  4. I recall Rabbi Wachsman’s own wedding in England – lavish beyond description with a Concorde flight for his friends – and much more! Those in glass houses should not be the ones throwing stones. Let him apologize for his past excesses first!

    • First of all Rav Wachsmans in-laws were able to afford such a wedding. Second, we’re all human and no one wants to be the first to do anything. There are people already trying to make affordable weddings, yet not many are jumping on the bandwagon. Then every few years new things come up. Two examples; the vach nacht started becoming a mini bar mitzva. Second, in some circles not only do you have to pay a year’s rent for the new couple you have to buy a car and pay the payments too. Sometimes we need a shocker like this to help us put our priorities straight.
      To Esther F I probably agree with you I have a number of children whose only fault was they weren’t 90+ students. They floundered from one bais mesivta to another and either dropped out or stuck it out with a very bad after taste. Yet, I wouldn’t put the blame on any particular mesivta. A mesivta like Rav Wachsmans can get over a hundred applications for their 9th grade. I put the blame on the yeshiva ketanas. If you open a yeshiva then it’s your responsibility to make your own mesivta and even bais medrish. Not to dump the weaker students at their most vulnerable age. If you can’t commit to such a program then don’t start a yeshiva. Personally, I look at what’s going on as a 2020 version of the churban bais hamikdosh and gezaras shmad. Hashem please send us the geula Shelaima

    • And, here I am thinking, Rabbi Wachsman, when you do away with your child’s wedding, we will all have someone to follow. Don’t suppose he is ready to step up, but very good to lecture the rest of us. The world really has gone mad!

      • Rav Wachsman’s childrens’ wedding were not fancy at all. His bar mitzvahs and shabbos sheva brochos were in his house. The kiddush in shul just had sheet cake. No cholent, kugel or even herring.

        Also, this is a very misleading title. He clearly said those who know don’t say and those who say, don’t know. He did speak about things we should do to improve.

      • So a poor person overdoing it and going broke to not get embarrassed because this is expected, but the rich are patur because they can afford it.

        This attitude might have something to do with our problem

      • It does not matter that no one went broke! Unfortunately, our generation want very much to look like those who have! Let him be the example! Let a person who has, step up to the plate, and be the first to do without. That will be a great kiddush Hashem. Maybe even stop this pandemic. How dare they point a finger at us, instead of looking to themselves to solve the countless issues of the day.

        • It does matter no one went broke.. Hashem gave the Ajser the money. He is entitled to a bigger House, Car and YES Chasenes if he wishes. If you dont have it dont make a BIG Chasseneh end of the story. Dont fly in private planes, dont build a huge house in monsey. Cleveland, St Louis, Houston, Waterbury,Ct. No Miami etc have beautiful frumm growing communities with homes around 100.000 move there instead of telling us ASIRIM what to do. If somethyng like this happens look at yourself not others. Just open up any musar sefer.

      • Don’t matter that nobody went broke and that he somehow managed to marry one of the richest girls on the planet. Let him be the first to do away with his child’s wedding. Then, others will follow. Everybody wants to live like the rich. When the rich will do things differently, everyone else will follow.

        • Why does everyone try to copy the Rich in Big Weddings? I never met a poor or middle class family who builds multi-million $ Homes or giving 100.000 to Tzedokeh. Why only Chasenes????? any ideas? Maybe because we follow the GOYIM? They save for years for a Wedding. (Some Yiden too)

  5. I don’t think he said that’s what caused it, rather what we need to learn from it. Big difference, please correct the article. He was spot on and spoke really well!

  6. The real reason is not about expensive weddings etc, people need to use their own brains. Anyway financial ruin is the real punishment.
    The real reason: yeshivas and BY’s choosing “who will live and who will die“ by selecting the “best” to fulfill their own egos!

    • @bklynMom so Bill deblasio tried making a law that there has to be more kids of color in the top end schools (where the kids average 99s one there regents) and all the people with a half a brain realized that it makes no sense because all the kids of color will fall behind because they aren’t smart enough so it will end up hurting them. It’s no difrent here by a top end Yeshiva not excepting A dumb kid they’re doing a toiva to the dumb kid because he would fall threw the cracks if he can’t handle the learning there.

        • @bklnmom but BH there are thousands of different yeshivas to choose from so therefore doesn’t common sense dictate that every Yeshiva should be little picky and only take the bachurim that fit their system bc the the bachur like your son will find another Yeshiva. So in essence they’re helping your son out because now he’s in a better place to succeed. So instead of criticizing this r”y maybe say thank you to him

    • This is a very delicate, painful, and I’m afraid largely biased topic. There’s another side to this debate. Many teenagers today unfortunately are spoiled, disrespectful, and can’t be held in a school setting. Many kids have learning or behavioral issues while the parents do not take responsibility to provide them the help or guidance they need. Many parents just lack firmness and steadfastness required to succeed with kids. The people running schools and yeshivos cannot and should not substitute the parents. If one is not mechanech his own children, how dare he blames others for not sacrificing themselves for his children??? This is not meant to discount the egotism shown by some roshei yeshivos. It’s meant to have the blamers rethink themselves, and take responsibility for their part.

  7. Rabbi talk about accepting boys into yeshivas. Very easy to talk about problems pertaining to other people. You are the Rosh Yeshiva please accept anyone that wants to learn hashems torah.

    • @elephant so Bill deblasio tried making a law that there has to be more kids of color in the top end schools (where the kids average 99s one there regents) and all the people with a half a brain realized that it makes no sense because all the kids of color will fall behind because they aren’t smart enough so it will end up hurting them. It’s no difrent here by a top end Yeshiva not excepting A dumb kid they’re doing a toiva to the dumb kid because he would fall threw the cracks if he can’t handle the learning there

  8. “Why doesn’t he mention the slave wives and parents who are forced into supporting kollel husbands ? It’s against Jewish tradition on the universal scale that it has become .”
    Avraham Aveinu worked, Yitzchak Aveinu worked Yaakov Aveinu worked.All of Yaakov Aveinu ‘s sons worked,Moshe Rabenue worked ,Dovid Hamalach worked.

        • Show you a source Pirke Avoth and there Reb Yochanan h’sandler. Today at least go to medical if you have the brains or became any gainful employed person instead of schlepping from everybody and make your wife earn a parnossa, give birth to children and of course good meals for the heiigen man. Ever read the word mefarnes and do you know what it means

        • Show you a source Pirke Avoth and there Reb Yochanan h’sandler. Today at least go to medical if you have the brains or became any gainful employed person instead of schlepping from everybody and make your wife earn a parnossa, give birth to children and of course good meals for the heiigen man. Ever read the word mefarnes and do you know what it means

        • Show you a source Pirke Avoth and there Reb Yochanan h’sandler. Today at least go to medical if you have the brains or became any gainful employed person instead of schlepping from everybody and make your wife earn a parnossa, give birth to children and of course good meals for the heiigen man. Ever read the word mefarnes and do you know what it means

    • I remember when I was once saying gematrios, and someone, a gadol shebiamaratzim mamash, claimed there is no such thing as gematrios, when the gemara itself, and rashi himself, just to mention a few, bring down gematrios.

      Nowadays, only an am haaretz knows everything in kol hatorah kula. A talmid chacham does not, apparently.
      The gemara clearly says that Moshe rabeinu lived off everyone else, they would give him maaser.

      Avraham avinu was blessed by Hashem tobe successful in business, but the businesses ran themselves.

      Regarding the rambam, he himself says that anyone can accept the yoke of torah, and remove all other burdens, like sheveit Levi, who didn’t work.

      Ever hear of trumos and maaser? hashem himself said to support those who are learning Torah

      • Gimatriaus was only used in Gemara and Rashi as helpful tips for memory. It was never used to “uncover” relationships between pesukim and events. That kind of gimatriaus was invented the last 300 years and made popular by a certain segment of Jews…

        The rambam you quote speaks of total dedication to Torah.. not like the typical Kollel guy. Moshe rabeinu would be a good example.

        And btw.. stop with gimatriaus. It’s nonsense.

        • It goes back long before that. You have, for example, in Baal Haturim gimatriaos about the length of time that the first and second Beis Hamikdash stood (ושכן ת”י and ושני ת”כ), and about the year of the Churban Bayis Rishon. You have a Rashi where ערב בקר is used for gematria purposes, to add to a figure in Daniel. Before you dismiss things as “nonsense,” do a little more learning.

          • There is an old tradition that says the reason we call it “Baal haturim” And not it’s own name is because since gimatriaus are nonsense we should know who wrote it and have respect. He only wrote it for novelty and to bring people a smile when they learn.

    • @issey R Chaim learns. His father (the steipler)learnt.his father in law r elayashiv learnt. We all know the story about the shmaitza and his parents wanting to send him to be shoemaker. If your not holding by learning you don’t have to learn just don’t criticize those who are holding by it!!

  9. Any attempt at giving reasons is playing G-D.
    We have no clue why G-d does things. Each person individually can take this opportunity to do soul searching and improve themselves, that is always a good thing to do. We have no clue why this happened, and there is no point in trying to figure it out. a

    • Fed up with the Rabbis who decided that this latest tragedy is time for them to push their platform as the reason it happened and what you need to do to fix it. Plenty of other Rabbis who agree they don’t know why it happened and limit themselves to giving some suggestions what you can do now to make life more meaningful (not demanding that you be mekabel A, B, or C). None of them are Neviim to know exactly what God wants from us here.

  10. I think he has some point. Personally, I think the maigaifa came about to force yidden to literally step back into their homes and make a cheshbon hanefesh on how they could improve themselves going forward. We’ve become too involved with the outside world’s gashmius and this may be Hashem’s way to force a time out for soul searching and introspection.

    • Teshuva. For one thing, sitting here quarantined here in my house I feel like metzorah so I started learning shemiras halashon. I see shuls and yeshivos shuttered Perhaps I have to have more kovod for the shul, daven slower, with more kavana. As Rabbi Wachsman said Kara na. Hashem is calling everyone has to hear the message that Hashem is sending to each one personally.

  11. Hey OTHER JACK. Why Don’t you comment, using a different name instead of hijacking someone with the same name that’s been actively commenting on the VIN FOR WAY LONGER THAN YOU’VE BEEN.

  12. The title is so blatantly false. I was in fact just listening to his speech when I scrolled down vosizneias to see ‘the lastest’. Nowhere in his speech did he say or even imply what the title on this story suggests. Rabbi Wachsman was emphasizing the importance of us looking at our actions and our deeds at such a difficult and challenging time. And how we need to make real changes in our lifestyles. And yes he rightly brought up lavish weddings and the way some of these pilgrimages to Kivrei Tzadikim are run. But he in no way suggested that these are the reasons for this global epidemic.

  13. Technology – Well it helped quite a few realize before some others got around to it that this was something to take seriously and avoid crowds such as in shul.

    Saying this is because of this or that, ignores the serious lack in a d’oraisa of safeguarding one’s life that occurred here. Would have been nice for him to address the outright violation of such a d’oraisa (as opposed to sheitels, davening, learning, lavish events, etc). It is like it kind of shows that too many are frum by rote and lacking otherwise. I get it, the other issues are important in general, but to tell people that when this is over they should commit to A, B, or C because that is what this is showing is a hard pill for me to swallow now.

      • I never said my phone was unfiltered nor did I say I was proud of it. I simply pointed out that it helped me and others get info that helped inform our actions. Whereas rabbonim here were clueless to the facts.

        As to why we have this, it is because on Purim people made light of this and crowded together at mesibas and parties causing this to spread.

        Shabbos after that, people packed into shuls close together and there were kiddushim and tishes that causes this to spread.

        People made chasunahs with many people (frankly by then even a minyan was too much due to the community spread of this) that contributed to the spread.

        People were oisek in minyan causing further community spread.

        People are shopping like usual causing this to spread.

        Unfortunately it is well established in Judaism you cannot rely on a miracle to save you. You do have an obligation to understand the facts of a situation.

        It is not like the info was not available. On Sunday, R’ Schachter from YU paskened this was an issue of Pikuach Nefesh, on Tuesday R’ Dovid Cohen, finally on Wednesday did the Moetzes of Aguda pasken this way as well. While they were all late to the game, each day, contributed to this being worse. It should have been apparent to anyone with a brain that our community with its extensive social mixing was more prone to this spreading faster and we needed to act accordingly.

        But yeah, blame it on smartphones. I guess the Rabbi who did not understand facts so many of us understood, now knows better as to why this happened.

    • If you pasken to violate a d’oraisa then you are a koifer b’ikkur l’halacha. Need I provide you a copy of the psak halacha of the Moetzes (the one before they finally realized how serious this is… and we are dealing with a major d’oraisa).

      Get off your high horse.

      Maybe you want to explain what happened with our leaders.

          • suddenly very makpid on d’oraisas!! I think it’s safe to say a unfiltered smartphone probably would fall under a d’oraisa of a spiritual vneshmartem mioid and a nuvel bereshus hatorah!! At least those but there is probably more

  14. I’ve heard this metzorah locked up = lashon harah stuff for over a week and it doesn’t get smarter every time I hear it.

    The gemara gives 7 reasons for tzoraas including murder and giluy arayus. If the orthodox Jewish community was not guilty on those 2 I could hear other ones.
    We helped pass gay marriage (the legislators the orthodox vote helped put in, in ny and md was the margin of victory the left needed to pass these items. The orthodox community helped pass abortion in ny (one vote) and assisted suicide (1 vote)

    The reason I think some of the rabbis are mentioning lashon harah is they don’t want any criticism and are responsible for murder and giluy arayus mentioned above. Plus things like covering up molestation kicking kids out of yeshivas and the like. We did all the above avaryas and more (drug money and stolen money for yeshivas, stealing another tzoras punishment) for 60 years for the mosdos, almost every single major evarya we communally did was for the mosdos, now we have no mosdos, no shuls, no yeshivas etc.

  15. The only thing we’ve learnt from Corona is that the Emperor has no clothes. No-one listens to Gedolim. The Oilom does what it wants and justifies it by claiming a Gadol supports their position.
    If a Gadol disagrees with you than it’s “The letter is fake” “He wasn’t asked the question correctly” ” He didn’t know all the facts” “He retracted in a letter no-ones allowed to see”
    The lack of leadership, lack of Rabbinic Achdus, and dismal decision making is sadly the lesson we’ll take away from this.

    • You make some excellent points, however, if every yochid followed HIS own Rav, like I do, there is no confusion. He said she said I said you said they said alle zuckt, all smoke and distraction. When I have a shaila I don’t run to a gadol in Eretz Yisroel or any other Country. I go to the same Rav that I’ve been going to for over 25+ years, where I’ve been davening. The problem lies with people who have no Rav and every Teffila they daven somewhere else. No commitment no nothing nebach. I’ve seen people debating where they should make their sons Bar Mitzvah. How absurd. If you are normal and responsible, you have one Shul and one Rav where you’ve been davening all these years. All the things you’ve mentioned apply only to such nebach cases who have no Rav and have no makom kavua.
      As an aside, when people abandon their Rav and Kehilla and move to Lakewood, are just as guilty. What message are they sending their own children? If we can move to Lakewood with no Rav let’s abandon Brooklyn. In this way we have no obligation to anyone and we no longer have to answer to anyone. What a lack of yiras shomayim.

      • I had to disagree with the Rav I usually ask questions of when it came to COVID-19 as he was clearly wrong. Did I lack yiras shomayim by making an effort to understand what was coming? Or perhaps some rabbonim have to explain what happened here and why they pretty much all got it wrong. Not like someone will have a loss of money here, rather we are talking about people dying for no reason other than going about their lives as normal (mesibas, shul, weddings, school) because the rabbonim said it was fine.

  16. If my ‘cousins’ gave me a few million I too would put it in the bank and go play poor (maybe by stating a Yehivah and collecting from each and all)..

  17. Wachsman; you are part of the problem. you have sme serious and unresolved Motzi Shem Ra dating from your teen years. Either be Mechazek or shut your vitriolic mouth. I refer to an incident when you were in Mir Yerushalayim.

    • Shimon herman….. if you can post your message in public with your face on it then I believe this is the root of the problems .that they have still have Brazen dogs like you walking the streets

    • Simon herman ….. the primary issue is that we as a people have such Brazen dogs like you spewing such filth in such a precarious time no different than dasan v aviram . I sure hope your family sees what you wrote in public and your neighbors will see this because it has your face on your message shame will always chase you. That is even if there is any truth to what you wrote but you had the gall to write it may shame always chase you

    • Talmidai chachomim also have flaws. We’ll never have anyone to respect if we carry the ‘I knew Reb Yankel when he was Jack’ chip on our shoulder. If one searches one can find people with ‘tainos’ against every rav and every rosh yeshiva, even the ones the establishment labeled as tzadikim and gedolim, even against Rav Moshe Feinstein, Rav Aharon Kotler, Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky, Rav Soloveitchik, Rav Hutner, Satmar Ruv, Lubavitch Rebbe Rav This and Admor That.

      One person writes a history book of a gadol and another person says it is just his-story. One person knows a rosh yeshiva was all ‘leshaim shomayim’ and another knows he is all for himself.

      Truth is, some are out only for themselves, most are out mostly for themselves and a few on the two fringes are all for themselves or all for the boss.

      Good is not the opposite of Perfect.

    • Hey you aren’t so cool just because you called him “Wachsman”. And go learn hilchos lashon hara. Even if he actually did something wrong then, it doesn’t sanction an Issur D’oraysah on your part.

  18. IMHO this Holy Rabbi item of contention should be addressed when everything if good and well
    i feel it insensitive and improper to use these challenging times we are in for IMHO pet peevs

  19. There will be no Bas Kol advising as to why this happened. The days of Neviim have long since passed. Yet any maimon, clearly believes that there is a reason. The reason need not be singular to the nation as a whole. It may be a case of ” if the shoe fits”. Each person needs to look internally.
    It is the job of Rabbonim to try and improve the masses with a message of teshuva. It will not always be comfortable. The mere fact that an individual can think of a “better” reason for the plague, does not make the first reason wrong. Our faults are not mutually exclusive. Additionally, if we will not accept heartfelt divrei mussar from anyone that is short of pristine perfection, then we will not ever accept divrei mussar. The naysayers dismissed the words of Yirmiya and Yeshaya as well. If for some reason you do not like the messenger, you can still focus on the message.

  20. Give me break, Rabbi W wedding was the ultimate in excess and the was after his father in law lost tons of money, his kids wedding are high end affairs and he take trips to kevorim, look inward before you criticize
    others. BTW his yeshiva dinners are pretty glitzy,
    Everyone need to look what we can improve on, the rosh yeshivas should talk about the lack of yeshivas acceptance, cost of tuition and throwing out boys out of yeshivas.

  21. Yes, they excepted it acceptionally, except they didnt.

    Nevuah is supposed to return to klal yisrael, by the way, so yet another example of am aratzim opening their mouths and showing their gadolbatorahness.

    Shehakol nihiyeh bidvaro. Al tikrei like this ela, haseichel niheyeh bidiburo.

  22. i really cant believe some of the commentators here
    the pyre bizayon hatorah
    bizayon of a rav and a moreh haroah in clall yisroel
    call hamevazeh talmid chochom ein trufah lmakosoi
    you are playing with fire
    he is right in what he says
    we have created a sick world
    and hopefully very soon when this is over we wont go back to the nonsense way we live

    • What about all that were playing with fire when we were begging people to not listen to Rabbonim that were not taking coronoavirus seriously. I wanted Purim Mesiba’s shut down, but no one listened. I did not go to shul the shabbos after purim or keep my kids in school. The danger here was clear to anyone who made some effort to get the facts. Yet, rabbonim were saying that keeping schools open and going to shul was the solution, and ignored what doctors were pleading that this exactly was causing the virus to spread more.

      When the rabbonim here can address the serious lack of leadership then maybe you suggest what you say. And it better not be a heads I win and tails you lose explanation (i.e. if we did what was proper in response to this epidemic sooner you would say, see the Rabbi’s are smarter, and now that they did not, you will say it must be decreed min hashamayim… does not explain how all of us who understood what this is, which there was plenty of data available, understood exactly what needed to be done to slow the spread and prevent the upcoming surge in demand for ventilators).

  23. I don’t believe that Rabbi Wachsman was claiming that any of the issues mentioned are the know cause of this plague; he just meant to say that his lock down gives us a chance to learn where our priorities should be.

    All of us automatically ascribe the cause of the epidemic to whatever our own pet beefs are.
    You don’t like kollel wives working? Aha! That’s the cause! You think loshon hora is our worst thing? Aha! That’s the cause! Are you into the importance of “Asher Yotzar”? Aha! That’s the cause! Is bitul torah terrible? Aha! That’s the cause! etc. etc.

  24. One thing cannot be denied: with this novel coronavirus the entire world changed “in the blink of an eye.”
    If feeling clue-less about what HKB”H wants AND what He does not want, why not take the hint from Rabbi Wachsman to turn to our Holy Torah b’yad Mosheh? (We find plenty of kvetching there, too.)
    Ma’asei avot siman bonim, Chazal say. Likewise, it might be said, ma’asei HKB”H siman bonim.
    And so we should take care.
    Best to “think twice before you speak” and ”do not attack the messenger,” as the sayings warn.
    Boruch Sheym kavod malchuto l’olam vo’ed.

  25. I’m believe the main cause is based on reading all the negative responses nothing changed in the last two thousand years The Prudent thing is if you have something smart to say just keep your mouth shut.

  26. I look thru all the comments and I understand that there is zero Achdus one Jew 2 Deios. Look up why the Curban happened
    No one can tell why this Virus is around and no one should sermonize as if he spoke to HaShem and was told a specific reason
    So yes of course we should look into ourselves and improve and certainly not insult one another and yes we should pray

  27. If there are 15 million yiddin in the world today there are 15 million reasons Gd sent this pandemic, 15 million lessons to be learned, 15 million lives in need of improvement in avodas haborai.

    Each one of us is responsible to perform a cheshbon hanephesh, to identify how they are responsible for the outbreak, how they can improve their avodas haborai.

    It seems to me most of us are making cheshbonos and finding ways to improve. The problem now is too many people are doing cheshbon hanephesh for yenem, pointing out how yenem brought this magaiphah on us, how yenem needs to improve.

    This crises has made me very self-centered. I see now it is all about me, Me, ME. I have made a long list of things I’ve done and things I should have done and will work on all of them.

  28. There are more than enough ways in which the self-described frum community falls short in terms of living life with a sincerely frum hashkafa. We don’t need any Gadol to cherry pick cards from a deck (or two) of fault cards. All that is accomplished when one Gadol discusses some faults and other Gedolim discuss other faults that should be examined during the coronavirus outbreak is to add not having proper respect for “Daas Torah” to the list of our collective faults.

  29. There are serious koifrim commenting here. Chazal tell us ain puronus bah loilum elah bshvil Yisroel. I’m sure some of you think that’s medieval. Probably techiyas hamaisim is also medieval. Maybe you should use this time to introspect about your belief In foundational Jewish concepts such as hashgachas Hashem, schar veonesh, emunah in divrei chazal and techiyas Medieval??

  30. False leaders blame the people at a time like this!!! These rabbits sell Torah and G-d for their own profit and then chastise the Hamon Am for how we live. Seriously??? Never has their been a period in all of history where Jews were forced to spend so much of our disposable income on Judiasm. Yet we do it. Not only have we not tried to limit the “expenses” of Judasim, we have increased more and more: more learning, more shuls, more yeshivas, more Jewish education for every Jew, more programs for adult ballei teshuvah. And who do you think pays for it all? It’s certainly not either of the fools quoted in that article. And by the way, when those rabbits make simchas how many people do they invite? Who pays for that???? Oh yes, they pay for it with the Torah they sell for their own profit and gain. We need leaders who will see the good in the people. We need leaders who tell the truth and lead. Ignore these rabbits. Let them eat carrots and sleep on their own filth.

    • Can you imagine any Gadol finding fault with his people at this time?! A Gadol is someone who storms the heavens for his people and the whole world! This is all that is what is expected from a Gadol!

      • Why are giving mussar to the klal and davening for them with all one’s koach mutually exclusive? They go hand in hand in a leader who cares for his people.

        • Their Mussar is WRONG! That’s the problem. Giving correct Mussar is needed. Giving the WRONG mussar is foul, filthy and disgusting. Also, even if the message was correct (which it is NOT) the timing is WRONG! Defend me and people like me, don’t defend the rabbits.

          • Sounds like the Rabbi hit a raw nerve for some people. Mussar is not always nice to hear but would a doctor be doing his job is he only prescribed sweet tasting medicine?

            Just ignore whatever doesn’t apply to you. Maybe he knows there are people who need to hear these rebukes? Why assume it was addressed to you?

            I heard many years ago from one of my rabbeim – A rov who is run out of every town probably isn’t much of a mentch and a rov who is never run out of any town probably isn’t much of a rov.

            I’ve never heard of this man screaming out with mussar for everyone so I give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he had good cause to say these things.

    • Avi…… too bad youre unhappy with yourself.on whom do you want to blame your failures ??? The rabbis ??וסלחת לעווננו כי רב הוא its the ravs fault….. let me tell you my dear friend you will never be happy you will never have success and you will never have good relationships and he’s sure you will never be happy success and happiness will always elude you if you are going to blame everybody but yourself


  31. 110 comments before me and I’m shocked at some of the comments. Imagine if a fire broke out in your house and instead of calling the fire department you and your wife argue who caused the fire. Your child G-D can’t breathe you need Hatzala asap. but you and your wife bicker over some petty issue. People we have a conflagration in front of us. Every sane person sees that what we are living through never happened in the history of mankind and we bicker and argue over stupidity. Go argue about his wedding, about his yeshiva. Attack the messenger. Is this what we should be arguing about when people, young and old are suffering and dying as we type this. There is a famous line We have met the enemy and it is us. At this time we should feel that Hashem is talking to us personally. Take a minute to see where YOU can improve. Say one perek of tehilim learn one line in shimiras halshon. Try to be kinder when you post something even if your anonymous. Be mekabel to treat our shul with more respect. Something, anything. May we be zoche to greet mosiach quickly.

  32. Last winter when people were stuck in the massive snow storm (where people traveled 11 hours from lake wood to monsey and so-forth) a very humble Rov (not going to mention his name so as not to side track the topic) said we live in a time when we think we can predict an control everything with the amazing technology to make our lives as comfortable as possible

    The Rov said lets break it down to what transpired the weathermen predicted snow starting noon time and changing over to rain by 1:30 pm so they left the mighty snow removal equipment in the depot thinking that what little accumulation there will be will melt from the rain before the rush hour the change over happens much later then was forecast accumilating a couple of inches on the ground people panicked left work early and the mighty snow removal equipment was useless since it could not move around to clear the snow
    The Rov said before the holocaust people were changing with the times hasham sent a few signals you need to realize that i am the boss otherwise i will teach you a very painful lesson sure enough people ignored the signals hasham bought the hole coast and the rest is history
    The rav was crying and begging lets take this mild inconvenience and learn from it if not who knows what type of pain we will be forced to endure so we adimit that we are powerless

    we did heed his warning we have this horrible virus that has disrupted our lives and caused lots of pain

    We need to yell to hasham only you are in control we can only do “teshuva” “tefila” “uzdka”

  33. It seems we’ve corrupted what “Daas Torah” means. Here’s an example of true “Daas Torah” written thousands of years ago by a Gadol named Yeshaya. Imagine the Rabbonim of today speaking like this. How far we’ve fallen!

    “Listen to Hashem, you leaders of Sodom. Listen to the law of our God, people of Gomorrah!”

    “What makes you think I want all your sacrifices?”, says Hashem. “I am stuffed from your burnt offerings and sacrifices of rams and the fat of cattle. I get no pleasure from the blood of bulls, lambs and goats. When you come to worship me, who asked you to parade through my courts with all your ceremony? Stop bringing me your meaningless gifts; the incense of your offerings disgusts me!

    “Your celebrations of Rosh Chodesh and Shabbos and your fast days, are all sinful and false. I want no more of your pious meetings! I hate your new moon celebrations and your annual festivals. They are a burden to me. I cannot stand them! When you raise your hands in prayer, I will not look. Though you might offer many prayers, I will not listen, because your hands are covered with the blood of innocents!

    “Wash yourselves and become clean! Get your sins out of my sight. Give up your evil ways; learn to do good. Seek justice! Help the oppressed and vulnerable! Defend the cause of orphans! Fight for the rights of widows!” – (1:10-17)

  34. Jihad, ah yid and qazxc:

    There was never a generation in Jewish history that had to spend so much money on basic Jewish necessities. There was never a generation in Jewish history where parents had to pay tuition for every child (boy and girl) to receive a full Torah education. There was never a generation in Jewish history where we had to pay significantly more money for almost every product we buy to have a hechsher (even tin foil and plastic ware). Yes, some people spend much more than they should making simchas. But that is literally a drop in the bucket compared to what they spend to (a) pay tuition for all of their children (even if they’re receiving discounts); (b) shop in overpriced Kosher supermarkets where virtually every product is more expensive because it “needs” a hechsher (our grandparents were probably much frumer than us and they somehow managed to survive without hechsheirim on their lettuce); (c) live in religious neighborhoods (my house is 40% more expensive then what a similar house 2 miles away would cost simply because my house in the Jewish part of town). I can go on and on, but I think everyone gets the point. We spend exponentially more on kedusha than we do on some of our extravagances. It’s ridiculous to think that Hashem would ignore the overwhelming good we do with our collective resources and instead punish us for the relatively small amounts that are wasted on unnecessary extravagances. We support more shuls, yeshivas, gemachs, orphanages, charities, kollels, learning institutions, hospitals and other good causes than in all prior years of existence combined. Do you really believe that Hashem would ignore the overwhelming good that we do with our money and punish the whole world because we foolishly spend and mismanage some of our left over money (after already doing so much good with the rest of it?) Seriously?

    And why do you think that people are materialistic? Obviously, it has a lot to do with our surroundings. The internet and social media have brought every possible foreign influence into our homes. That is not an excuse, it’s a fact. Personally, I believe we are doing extraordinarily well under the circumstances. The Malachim who ate with Avraham Avinu in perfect kedusha couldn’t ascend back to Heaven for a long time because of the yerida they experienced in eating a single meal (albeit in tahara and kedusha with Avraham Avinu). I challenge them to come to our generation and spend a day with even the simplest Jew. We need leaders who understand this and who understand how to see the good in every person. We need leaders who demand that the beis din shel maalah hear and see the good in every single one of us. If a parent left his child home alone for 1 hour the parent would return home to find the house in total disarray. We have been exiled from our Father’s table for thousands of years. While the house is certainly in disarray, it is in REMARKABLY AMAZING CONDITION UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. That is the only message we should be hearing from our leaders now and in the near future.

    To the people who are sick and to their loved ones: it is NOT your fault. You are NOT being punished. We cannot speak for Hashem. All we can do is say that there are people and organizations dedicated to actually helping, B’GASHMIUS, in your time of need. Don’t pay any attention to the fools who kick you while you are down. They are extreme sinners who will have to pay a very heavy price.

    To the Rabbis quoted in this article: Perhaps the people are overly materialistic because they follow your lead. Do you attend the simchas of the simple Jews with the same dedication as you show to the gvirim? Do your shuls show the same honor to the simple Jews as they do to the rich ones? Do you spend as much time with the simple Jews as you do with the rich ones? Or do you rationalize your materialism by saying that since you are responsible for providing funding for so many Jewish causes you “have to do what you have to do”? YOUR TIME AS LEADERS IS COMING TO AN END. MAKE TESHUVA BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN ENORMOUS DEBT TO REPAY. MAY HASHEM HAVE MERCY ON YOU.

      • Ina and avi
        Time to grow up and stop finding fault in the rabbi like they have what to do with your failures. be happy for other people then you’ll be happy for yourself and then you won’t have to spout such stupid nonsense

    • Hopefully the Rabbi’s words get thru to the people who need to hear it and other people hear the messages that need to hear from other Rabbonim.

      There are many challenges in our lives as shomrai Torah umitzvos and there are needless hardships thrown in our paths. Addressing the ones the Rabbi chose to address does not negate the inherent seriousness of other issues nor does the existence of other issues diminish the validity of the points he raised.

      Different people have different challanges and need different types of chizuk. Some need a simple reminder to avoid speaking during davening while others need an arm around the shoulder with the reminder and some people don’t need to be reminded but fail in other ways and each of them needs a different approach to inspire them.

      One size fits all doesn’t work in ruchnius any better than it does in gashmius. If his mussar doesn’t do anything for me it wasn’t meant for me. That doesn’t mean he has nothing of value to add to someone else’s life.

    • @avi Never thought someone can sound sooooo stupid for so long, but you pulled it off!!! There were a couple smart things in there but those were just there so you shouldn’t sound like such a mad man!! Shame on you for trashing our gedolim like that. You don’t come up to their toenails in anything to do with judiasm. Watch how you talk about them because Hashem will get you back for it. You don’t mess with a kings prized children. You are a walking chillul Hashem !!!!

      • LearnSomethingBeforeYouOpenYourMouth: Thank you. The fact that you didn’t address any of my points and instead personally attacked me speaks volumes. Again, thank you.

  35. VIN I thought you were a kosher site! How can you allow such filth to be written without any censorship. It’s high time that our “kosher” websites get a Rav Hamachshir for them. By allowing such a forum where people can trash gedolim and write the most vicious words against eachother, YOU ARE A מסייע לדבר עבירה!!
    To those who think they know Rabbi Wachsman: I davened in his shul and have been very close to him for over 25 years. I’ve never seen a man more genuine, sincere, or simple. He lives by what he teaches. His own shul follows his own ideas of simplicity (no herring, kugel or cholent by a Kiddush). He has no other agenda besides bringing us closer to Hashem. About his accepting boys into yeshiva: Rabbi Wachsman is famous for his position that yeshios are not for baalei kishron or the talented but for anyone who wants to learn. If someone wasn’t accepted, I can guarantee you it had nothing to do with his level of kishron. Regarding COVID 19: he didn’t claim to know the reason for it. He just pointed out to a bad pattern that has developed and that needs to be changed.

    • @BlownAway Thank you for that. You probably never thought you would have to defend such a genuine gadol but in this crazy world with sooo many sour people, that’s what we have come to!! Nebach on is that our breatherin can talk like that!!

  36. When we left mitzraim 80% did not merit to leave with us, 80% how can that be!?

    Looking above at the horrible comments, it’s now easy to understand, because 80%, at least 80%, are so against Torah and Halacha and the ways of our earlier righteous generations.

    Everyone stop commenting on everyone else, especially Rabbi’s and work on yourselves.

    How are these hateful lashon hara filled posts even allowed according to Halacha???

    VIN please shut down the comments sections already, enough is enough.

  37. We Jews have learned well.
    Nazi Germany-Hitler knows what he’s doing. How dare you have a different opinion, use critical thinking, or voice any dissent? Your literally playing with ending up in a fire!

    Judaism 2020-The Rabbis know what their doing. How dare you have a different opinion, use critical thinking, or voice any dissent? Your literally “Playing with fire!” (Whatever that means)

  38. We are a people looking for leadership. Always seeking leadership. Instead, there is a coffin in almost every house. We all had hopes and expectations for our children, the next generation in Klal Yisrael. These leaders have failed us in a big way. They have failed us in too many ways. Once again, the job of a leader is to storm the heavens for our people. Not to find fault in such a terrible, terrible time. Quite frankly, I cannot help but notice how many talmidei chachomim are on the list of corona victims. We the people who are suffering, will no longer be silent! Why is that hard to understand. We are not speaking because we don’t want rabbonim and gadolim. We do very much. But these have failed us, and we will no longer be silent!

  39. Leave it up to the Eruv Rav to chime in. I wonder how VIN and other “new” sites that cater to the frum community will react going forward. will they allow the comments of every yokel to be posted? every leitzanus against a Rav? Against Halacha? Against everything normal?

    I guess time will tell.

  40. Shame on ALL OF YOU. Stop the bickering, name calling. Disgusting..
    Yidden, wake up.
    In time of tzoras on klal yisroel all over the world, we should be more tolerant, daven for your friend, neighbor, family member and just BEHAVE like Ydden!!

  41. On the sdelines from Eretz HaKodesh its amusing to see you all quarrel while preaching opposite.

    You’re wasting your lives in a false Noah’s Ark no matter how much you shake it and become expertise in the motions.

    It may be too late

  42. Ina, way to go! You should have been around during the churban habayis then you could’ve screamed at Yirmiyahu the same thing. “How dear you find faults in us. How dare you give us mussar and try to help us change.? If you see bad happening just storm the gates of heaven. But we, we can just continue on our merry way and continue to act as we please. After all we’re the victims so no one can call us out!” In our religion, leaders aren’t just those with long white beards who cry for us, bless us and concoct magical potions of segulahs. They must also follow the rest of the Torah including, “Rebuke your fellow man”. The gemarh says that Tzadikim who don’t protest at their generations faults are punished along with the sinners, as they take partial responsibility for not correcting the misguided. Once you go as far as to chose what your favorite Rabbi ought to do or not do, you might as well choose a god of your liking as well.

    • Davening for Ina:

      We don’t have nevi’im in our generation. We don’t see open miracles in our generation. In fact, we haven’t for thousands of years already. How can you compare our generations? The people who lived in the times of the neve’im perhaps should have known better given what they saw with their own eyes. We, on the other hand, have been orphaned for thousands of years. A parent who scolds a child who does not and cannot know any better is not an effective parent. A parent who scolds a child in the moment that a child is suffering is not an effective parent. Wait until the storm passes and then help the child reflect. If a child, chas v’shalom, touches a hot stove and gets burned an effective parent would soothe and help the child and only later scold him/her for his/her carelessness. An ineffective parent would scold the child while it was still burning. An even more ineffective child would scold the child FOR THE WRONG REASON while the child was still burning.

      • @avi so you want him to get up there and say “Klal Yisrael your doing a great job, keep it up”. The only reason why you and your co partner ina are upset at the ruv is because your a coward and can’t take mussar for your and our (were all also like that) wrongdoings because your scared to change!!

    • he’s is still not protesting our sins generations, if all he says is that we are spending to much on weddings.

      best case scenario that would not make the top 100 list of avayros

  43. to Avi: Would Hashem punish us for anything we did wrong? How can He ignore all our good? Aren’t we more good than bad? Let’s not try any introspection. Let us ignore our rabbanim. How dare they find faults or lay blame on us. We did nothing wrong to deserve this. Let us shout, “Hashem we are innocent!!!” Let us continue to live the way we please. Afterall the world today has much bigger nisyonos than ever, so we’re excused. And also let us not do some research before we blast a rabbi. Let’s not first check if he lives by his own words. NO NO Let’s assume he’s rotten.

    • Refuah Shelaima:



      • @avi coward coward coward!! Your scared to change so you focus on all the little stupid things!! Grow up and accept the mussar and CHANGE!! This isn’t a college session where we debate!! This is judiasm and we listen to our great ones not question them!! Asey licha Rav. Why does it say that in Avos?? So you should listen to them and question them!!

  44. I challenge all those with bitter comments: Did you actually listen to the speech or you just read the excerpts? If you actually listened I don’t think it’s possible to have such a negative response. Unless there’s some internal damage!

    • Very valid point. I did not actually listen and, instead, relied on the reporting. I acknowledge that I should’ve listened myself before simply accepting the reporting. If the actual words spoken were different than what was reported, I publicly apologize for my mistake.

  45. He screamed and cried at the Internet Asifa about giving 11 year olds a BlackBerry to play with. About the people ignoring the health rules and still making Minyanim…deafening silence!

    • @billyW I do not recall him having a PhD in health. I don’t think he’s a doctor. I wouldn’t really expect him to tell us about the dangers of going to Shul. He does have a PhD in judiasm and therefor he’s going to preach to us on something he’s an expert in!!

  46. One of the many jobs of a true leader is to give sugar coated Mussar.We saw this by Yaakov Avenu ,and Moshe Rabeinu.The ONLY TIME that YAAKOV AVENU and MOSHE REBEINU gave direct Mussar was when they were on death bed.

  47. @issey you want sugar coated mussar so that you shouldn’t feel guilty about yourself!! COWARD!!! Open up a mesilas yeshurim and learn what mussar is before you talk!! I would assume he probably knows a little bit more about mussar then you but it could be I’m wrong on that. Let me know please

    • I say you sound more like a sissy.must have sugar coated mussar. have a glass chin ?? some people haven’t grown up since their school days that if the principal or the teacher said some rebuke to them they’re still angry at the principal or the teacher 30 years later and blaming their failures on the rebbe on the principal time to grow up sissy boy

    • @issey I love how you come with your 2nd grade Chumash knowledge. Different circumstances call for different things. If you would open up a mussar Sefer maybe you would know something. Ps Yacov Avenu and Moshe rabbeinu didn’t talk Lashon hara, never were oiver bittul torah, never were oiver on any arias aveiras. So just take it slow before you compare us to them. Again different circumstances call for different things. Trust out gedolim because they are our Yacov and Moshe!!!

  48. @ ThinkBefore YouTalk
    I go to a Medical Doctor for medical advice. the Rabbi does not have a medical degree so I do not expect medical advice. I DO expect not to allow action that is known to cause harm. Did he stop Minyanim from happening? If not there is a concern.

    • @donny That’s your local ruvs job to do. Don’t think he has to get up there during a mass mussar shmooze and tell you not to Daven with a minyan. And it could be he thought everyone already knew that

  49. TO ;TryToEducateYourselfBeforeYouTalk, Who are YOU to decide who are OUR Gedolim? Based on your writing here, is it clear that a true GODOL would NOT want to have anything to do with you , before you do complete Tashuva. For your own good ,please get off the internet now, and start your Tashuva,Hatzlacha.

    • @issey before I get off the web please do me a favor and don’t smoke pot about an hour before you comment on vin because what you said has had nothing to do with the conversation and to be honest didn’t really make any sense!!

  50. Just throwing this out there, if we’re already speaking about lavish spending.
    Were all the hundred of thousands of dollars spent on all the Siyumi Shas really worth it?
    Yes, it was a huge Kiddush Hashem, But not exactly והצנע לכת עם אלקיך.

  51. My local Rav did so.
    Yes, I do expect any Rav, especially one with such a number of listeners to say it again and again. It is evident that not everybody got the message.

    • @donny so that’s what your takeaway from an amazing shmooze was (that you probably didn’t even listen to)!?!? That 10 years ago he bashed kids with blackberrys but now he didn’t bash minyunim. Cmon you can swim deeper then that, don’t be so shallow and negative!!

  52. The Gemara say that since the Churban Bayis,, the only “Shaar” that is always open is “Shaar Dim’os” — the gate of tears. Well, I cried when I listened to Rabbi Wachman, and I assume that this is the most important thin, to help bring the Yeshua….

  53. On April 11, 1945 I liberate4d or befreit in Buchenwald. The Yiddishe soldiers in their armored cars or tanks called out Yidden ir sent befeit. Had I asked the kashes which posted here I would have thrown everything away. Instead I was lucky I met a Belzer chusid a rav who accepted me and I wanted to sing kolmekadesh like my father and raised shomer shabes children. I saw the sperre in the lodz Ghetto. The ignorance and stiupidities posted here are mindbogglimg. practice e ahavas Yisroel to any yid whether a shomer shabbes or not

  54. It is all right if you wish to call me names. I can handle it. The truth is, there is another pandemic that has been raging for quite some time. It is the pandemic of our children running about. We are losing our children and the pain is unimaginable. This pandemic has invaded more good homes than you can imagine, and might very possibly be coming to yours soon, may G-d protect you from this ever happening. Many of us know the root of this problem lies with our yeshivas. I hope you never get to experience this very real pandemic.

    • @ina parenting 101 CHINUCH STARTS AT HOME!!! You sound like a coward because instead of excepting the blame you throw it onto the Yeshiva’s. But at least your consistent threw out all your posts and always throw the blame on others and never except it yourself. GROW UP!!!

  55. It is interesting just for curiosity to read all these posting . The virus involves immunology a field which is not full understood e.g. rheumatoid arthritis and MS. Nevertheless this brilliant president has made numeerou statement which are false and ridiculous. Then there these chachamimim on this website who btring up issues which have no bearing at all. How come that this country was saved from hitler although father coughlin, the dulleses and Lindbergh would have welcome him. You ignoramuses believe that Trump is the savior unfortunately he is a rich goy and very experienced in bed issues but not medical issues

  56. @ A Yid
    This is not the time for politics. None of the Presidents behave like a well mannered Jew in their private life.
    Yes, trump is not trained in the medical sciences, no President ever was. We expect that the USA have other people in charge of all this. Why was the CDC asleep, what have they done in the last 220 years? Why is someone like Fauci still there at such an age. Why did Obama keep him past age 72? There must be other, younger, more qualified people. Fauci made it big with his unnecessary vaccine which replaced a vaccine already on the market. That is his qualification.
    Trump came in to clean out the rot in DC, there is just so much rot there. You also should remember that as the Chinese were unleashing Covid19 on a trusting world Trump was again being attacked non stop by people like you.

  57. I remember the Rolls Royce R Wachmann was driven in to his London wedding at the fanciest hotel in the UK. The butlers and Champaign, people flown in from around the world by Concorde. It was the hottest ticket of the year. Lords billionaires and Roshai Yeshivah.


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