Rabbi Sternbuch: Don’t Go To Shul If You Are Even A Little Weak


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the wake of a spate of cases of coronavirus in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, the head of the Eda Charedis’s Beis Din and a resident of the neighborhood, issued directives regarding the topic of praying with a minyan.

Rabbi Sternbuch said that at present there is no obligation to pray with a minyan due to the danger of infection, and added that a person who does not feel well but still leaves the house will be held accountable for his behavior.

He stressed that “even if a person feels a little weakness, he is strictly prohibited from leaving his house or going to shul and one who violates this is endangering the public and by his going to shul is also stealing.”

After consulting with Rabbi Sternbuch, the gabbaim of the central shul in Har Nof, “Imrei Shefer” decided to close its doors starting Tuesday.



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    • It,s because the media is not reporting the numbers of orthodox jews who rl died

      Dozens of orthodox jews already died from corona, and some other media outlets even censored the information from articles like the obituary for mr beigelson

  1. Why doe R Sternbuch advise not to attend shul if one feels even slightly unwell?? why doesn’t he simply say: DO NOT attend?? why are people more stringent about davvening with a minyan and less so on Pikuach Nefesh? Where are the rabonim and gedolim? why aren’t they simply putting a blank issur??


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