WATCH: Hasidic Jew Kicked Out Of Toyota Service Center, Told “You Are Spreading The Virus”


ORANGE COUNTY (VINnews) — A Hasidic man who had an appointment at a Toyota Service Center in Orange County on Monday morning, was asked to leave without getting service.

When he confronted them, pointing to the fact that he had an appointment, and they were clearly servicing other customers, he was told “because you are spreading the virus.”

The Toyota center has been identified as Johnstons Toyota in New Hampton, NY.

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

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  1. I’ve listened to the audio, I couldn’t hear the guy refusing service since HE spreads the Virus, I only heard him saying IT’s BECAUSE OF THE VIRUS, though still not justified

  2. It is a federal crime, under the Public Accomodations Act (Civil Rights Law of 1964), to deny service to a customer because of their race, color creed, or national origin. A complaint should be filed with the U.S. Attorney’s office, which services Orange County.

      • Hey, Udi, you have no definitive proof that the man who was refused service for his Toyota, was infected with Covid-19; until you have such proof, why don’t you stuff your asinine remarks!

      • It’s not a crime, federal, state, or local, in this case. No law was violated. The customer was seeking service at an legally open, operating public accommodation. The only violation of law was denial of service based on discrimination against a religious group. That doesn’t excuse any flagrant contempt for directives by secular authorities by any individuals of any group but the incident in question is literally discrimination based on a prejudice

      • Sorry Udi, but there is no LAW that you are not allowed out of your house. If there were, then the service center shouldn’t be open either. The LAW is that you’re allowed to leave unless you need to be in quarantine. Until you can prove that the customer needed to be in quarantine, you got nothing.

        I’m happy for this chossid though, I think the Eibershter is just helping him out giving him a great opportunity to make a pile of money off of a discrimination lawsuit. I hope the money he sucks out of those jew-haters covers his losses with enough room to buy himself a new car too.

    • I don’t blame them a bit. Anyone who has seen the Hasidic community disregarding what is accepted as the best course of action to limit the death caused by COVID19 would be crazy not to refuse to be around members of that community. I’m a frum guy and I have huge problems with the Jews who refuse to follow the rules everyone else is following to save lives. The only bigger chilul hashem than not following these rules is getting upset and complaining when someone doesn’t want to risk their life being around the rule flaunters.

      • When you get sick in the hospital and need the Chasidisha bikur cholim to come feed you or when you get a flat tire in middle of night on the way to the country don’t go asking the chasidim for help you anti Semite!!!

      • Thanks Mr Boruch Dovid.
        You can be as frum as you want and have whatever problems you want, but there is no obligation to heed these rules. The torah tells us ushmartem meod lnafshoseichem. This is a din in the individual to choose how he wants to protect himself. Regarding preventing oneself from getting sick, a yid is not mechuyav to listen to a doctor. He only has to listen to medical advice and comply with medical advice in the case where he is already sick, which is within the geder of “vrapo yirapei,” a different mitzvah. Or we learn it from v’chai bahem. Either way, only if one is already sick must he follow medical advice. Regarding preventing illness, the Torah allows each person to do as he pleases, so long as he is not putting HIMSELF (not others, that’s a different din) in IMMEDIATE danger. (And even regarding others, this whole talk of a din of rodef is absurd. A rodef has to be directly and knowlingly mazik. This is a chashash at most). If he is not placing himself in immediate danger, he is not going against the Torah, even if he is going against YOUR FEELINGS. He is not mechuyav to live his life according to your feelings.

        And he is not breaking any law here either. The law does not require anyone and everyone not to leave home, so if he is fine or if he already got over it and is 3 days past symptoms then it’s perfectly fine, according to dina dmalchusa to go get your car fixed. What is not ok, according to dina dmalchusa, is to refuse service to someone for their religious affiliation. Dos heist lawsuit. If they were so worried, they would shut the whole place down, but they obviously aren’t. Well, I hope it was worth it, it’s gonna cost them a whole lot of money now.

    • It is not wrong to be proactive protecting yourself from infection. If the chasid was from Kiras Yoel, I too would refuse to deal with him or get into his car.

      • When you get a flat tiredness the highway in middle of the night with all your kids in the car and the chassidasha guy stops to help you I want you to refuse his help also you anti Semite!!

    • One of my principals once told me, don’t be a שונאי ישראל because we have enough already.

      Looks like you could learn from that.

      People are trying to improve themselves by not speaking about things that they shouldn’t be speaking. Join the club!

        • Why can’t goyim do the same?? The way people are talking on here defending the mechanics actions, is despicable and evil. As far as the chossid knew he did not have the Corona virus, so why should he get a different treatment than all the others that went to service their vehicles. Talk about anti-Semitism. No shortage of those Mamzeirim on VIN that will jump at any chance to throw their own brothers and sisters under the bus. And that’s maybe exactly why we have this terrible illness on our hands. Your souls also need a refuah Sheleima as well!!

  3. No antisemitism here. Duh. If you weren’t dancing in the streets holding hands at a wedding, Thank your brothers who look just like you who did so.
    It’s called a Chillul HaShem.
    Now you wonder why people ask you to leave?
    LOL. JK NOT Laughing.

      • People in Walmart or Target are respecting the social distancing rules and they’re definitely not holding hands and dancing.
        Learn to respect rules and stop bullying people with the “antisemite” word.

    • Still Discrimination. You have proof he danced on the street holding hands? Are you saying all Jews look alike and do the same things? Blatant Discrimination. Your ignorance is appalling trying to justify this. For all you know that person they are servicing right ahead of him has sneezed the living daylights out 5 seconds before he pulled in to the service lane. This is blatant discrimination.

    • NO to all the comments
      Yes, I have seen and I am aware of Minyanim etc.
      NO, to assume one Jew is like all the rest and is spreading the virus is a bias issue.
      The place should be closed down forever.

    • And college students (among others) hang out and party in large groups, as example “Spring break” (they were called out on it by high ranking public officials). So can you show us when the latter were denied service?

      • I am glad that you comparing the chassidim/frumme to the spring break crowd. Its an admission they are not better. Hate Israel, spread the virus etc. What next? We will except gay marriages? Why not. The Spring breakers do it too.

  4. After the post of a yeshivah in Lakewood spreading the virus by vos IZ neias is it a wonder ?
    You give fodder for all the antisemites with your social media posts showing What appears as FRUM Jews spreading the virus .
    I’m sure you heard that if there is one ventilator and Jew and gentile are in need the gentile has precedence because the Jews are shown on social media as bringing it upon themselves

    You would do the same if you would see another minority group publicly disregarding and disrespecting the government and Healthcare community, in public. If you where not one of those, release blame THEM for the repercussions. And dont call it antisemitism.

  6. Kol Yisroel areivim Zeh lezeh. We will always be blamed as a group if some of us act inappropriately. If we are in the news for still going to minyan and weddings after it was banned, this will be the outcome. You need to face reality, and come to grips with the fact that our actions will have repercussions on the rest of us.

  7. To all of you claiming that jews were the only group that didn’t practice proper guidelines, thank you for following the guidelines as it’s apparent that you have self quarantined and not gone out. If you would have gone out to other neighborhoods in NYC and NJ you would realize that there are much larger numbers of people from other communities that totally are disregarding guidelines, in fact some neighborhoods other than some stores being closed or restricted you would not be able to tell anything is going on.
    Considering the amount of social interaction that normally goes on in our community especially during such a busy season and although it can and should be better it’s amazing how much we were able to stop all of it and as a community we have isolated better than the general populace.

  8. We jews are are own enemy to those that blame this guy who said he was dancing or went to shul that service center should be deluged with calls although I wouldn’t go get my car serviced at this time

  9. First its a Dem Hoax. Then its just a cold. Now Jews are carriers. What next? When there’s misinformation from Dr. Trump at the start, then more conspiracies fill the void. Feh

    • Feh, yourself. Maybe spend some time helping others, and follow the rules, rather than thinking that you’re above all of them, and that the only thing you need to do is denounce Trump again and again. We get it – you don’t believe in Hashem, you believe in a god of good (maybe) and a god of evil, with Trump in the latter position.

  10. You are a bunch of self hating Jews,
    Those pictures that Governor Como showed of Social Density in NYC during Shabes, how many Chasidik people did you see in those pictures?
    why are they not denied service at Johnston’s Toyota

  11. Feel bad for the service station. I am sure he needs the business, we all need to make a living at these hard times. With all the news outlets reporting that the Chareidi population are not listening to safe procedures, why should he put himself in danger? Weddings, schools, masses of people on the street are all over the internet, who can blame him? The bad practices of some have given the frum community a horrible reputation among the world. Last year the religious Jews brought the measles, now “they” are spreading Corona.
    Boroch- the people who are still making minyanim and congregating in Yeshiva’s should be taken to court

    • To: JackR- Why should you feel sorry for the Toyota service station? Those dealership repair shops rip their clientele off every day of the week. If they don’t get you when you buy a car, they will try to make up for it, when it is brought in for servicing.

      • The Toyota service station workers need Parnasah just like the rest of us. No one in this economy wants to give up a paying customer. If he did, he must have been really nervous about getting sick. Not every Yid is a Tzaddik and not every goy is an anti-Semite

        • ” If he did, he must have been really nervous about getting sick.” Did you see him wearing a mask? And if you look at his hands close up they haven”t been washed in a while. The lenghts people go to to condone anti semitism is amazing. And what do they gain from it? Is it some Bernie Sanders like embarrassment of your judaism that gives them the need to show the world that they also look down on those “unclean hasidic jews?”

  12. So according to you commentators we should not allow gays into our businesses for they spread AIDS and other diseases. Will you all scream homophobic.
    This guy should start a major lawsuit.

    • I’m not defending the comments. They are clearly despicable. I didn’t dream to see the day when frum jews will defend Nazi like behaviors towards a fellow Jew! But your comment, like all of your other ones are plain insane. Gays don’t come into stores and shtup strangers. The only reason you are fixated on gays is that you yourself are gay. Don’t worry Heshy, there is nothing wrong with being gay. The issue is only acting gay.. you are still a wonderful person regardless. Embrace who you are and you will feel much better with yourself. You will be far more more productive..

  13. It is incredible how many self hating Jews there are on this site. One esteemed commentator, when referring to the Chassidim, actually wrote “screw them”. Such hateful comments give further ammunition to the goyim to go out and attack Chassidim, and other frum Jews. There was an incident on Avenue L and East 7th St, the other day, when an anti-semite tried to run some Jews over near a Shul. If he didn’t like the way they were congregating, he could have filed a complaint. I don’t like the way certain elements of our society play their loud boom box rap music, on their car radios in the summer, either. However, I don’t try to run them over for doing so.

      • Hey, 20/20, somehow you are implying because it was a Jewish guy who tried to run over some Jews outside the Shul on Avenue L and E. 7th St., that it was “kosher”, as long as it was not a gentile! I remember another incident involving two Jews, which occurred about seven years ago near Maimonides Hospital. An 83 year old violent Russian Jew, decided to illegally park his car, adjacent to a home owned by a Physician, who had to have access to leave his home, because of emergencies. When a Jewish resident of that area, who was 99 years old and a survivor of the Holocaust, politely asked the Russian to move his car, he was violently attacked. The Russian broke the nose of the 99 year old. Although the Russian was charged with, and convicted of felonious assault, I don’t think that he spent one day in jail. He was defiant, showed no remorse, and even threatened the elderly survivor, after he was arrested. The point that I’m trying to make is that violent acts by Jews against other Jews, should be condemned in the same manner, as they are when they are committed by gentiles against our people.

  14. I don’t understand VIN post a video fro Dr.Zelenko saying that all hasidic jews has the virus and now u claiming this dealership is a Antisemite? You spreading Antisemitism with Dr.Zelenko videos and they are antisemitic ok it’s amazing we the jews making claims and we have issues with others taking our claims seriously.

  15. I don’t think anyone should be discriminated against – but we should ask ourselves – “Did I back away from any Asian people when we first heard that the coronavirus came form China?”

  16. It’s a big mistake to make generalizations. I’m a frum Jew and I haven’t left my home for over 5 days now. I’m still allowed under current restrictions to go grocery shopping, and yes I’m missing few things but for now I’m doing with out. Big deal. That doesn’t mean all the reform Jews are locked up. You just can’t tell them apart from general population.

  17. Here we go once again dismissing reprehensible behavior by Jews by screaming Antisemitism!
    There are hundreds of reports and thousands of comments all over Frum sites and on FB how Chasidim totally ignored all warnings, regulations and gov’t laws regarding closing things and social distancing. We hear how the number of cases in their communities have skyrocketed. But of course it’s not because of the that. It’s because of “Antisemitism” And we wonder why people hate Jews? Not only do Jews not have to follow the laws but Jews can also hide behind “Antisemitism” to spread the disease to others. Pathetic! Keep wondering why more and more Jews are saying how they themselves are becoming Antisemites.

  18. True story: I have a goyisha coworker who both her and her boy friend had fever this week. They both hoped on a flight and went to Florida over the weekend.

  19. Apparently, Johnstons would rather not have the business. All concerned people in Orange and Rockland counties should remember this after the virus passes and take their business elsewhere where they can get service regardless of race, religion or creed.

  20. i can’t blame the worker at Toyota for thinking that way about jews but to come out say it and deny service is a different level altogether
    and if a federal case isn’t made the least is the community should remember this after this is all over and not purchase, lease patronize this establishment stay away if they don’t appreciate your business now don’t give it to them at all!!
    and VIN news showing unbecoming behavior from our community doesn’t help matters in improving our standing in the eyes of others and defiantly contributes to us being looked at negatively
    at a time when we need to be introspective and better ourselves showing the wrong behavior on a public forum should be shunned and shameful..

  21. All this talk about not giving business to Johnstons Toyota is meaningless. Most people lease and the leasing agent goes where he gets the best deal.
    The person involved should make a Federal complaint. They should also be outed by the NYS Governor and the never there Attorney General, a women who is never there for Jews.

  22. you can blame certain news sites like YWN for spreading videos and flyers, especially the ones that are false click-bait, directly causing this problem

  23. Yes. Let’s have Jewish news sites that don’t report news. They can only report what looks good for Jews. VIN should limit stories to “Moshie said Tehillim with Extra Kavanah” and “R. (name withheld for Tsnius) helped her Mommy set the table for Shabbos.”
    When your in an army and wearing the uniform the enemy has the right to kill you. You can’t say because it’s the soldier down the road shooting at you, and not me, you can’t hurt me.
    When your part of the Army of Hashem (not the Chabad one) and are wearing the uniform, expect people to treat you as a group.
    If a large part of your group are ignoring the health regulations, expect to be treated as one who is also ignoring the regulations.
    As to why others that aren’t following the rules aren’t being discriminated against, it’s because they aren’t wearing the identifying uniform.

    • I don’t know if you’re aware but the “chabad army of hashem” is the same army that most frum Jews are in regardless of whether they have anything to do with chabad or not. You might be in a different division of the army but it’s still the same army. The only reason why you maybe would think that the “Chabad army of hashem” is separate is because they focus on kids under bar/bat mitzvah (tinokos shel bais rabon) but the adults are also part of the same army

      On a related note: a reform rabbi in los Angeles once asked simcha Wasserman why he’s friends with chabad if they’re his competition.
      “we’re not competition we’re just different divisions in the same army”
      “if that’s the case, what division of the army am I ?”
      “The deserters”

  24. Just a suggestion – having viewed the responses on numerous stories relating to the virus and community compliance or lack thereof – I humbly request the moderator to suspend ALL responses for the duration. The mischaracterizations, ad hominem attacks, and virulent self-hatred projected at others, paints a societal picture that that does not reflect the true nobility of the vast majority of our people. If we truly wish to get past this plague, we must cleanse our own home first. How appropriate as we prepare for Pesach!

  25. Are people refusing to service the Irish because of media reports of packed bars on st. patricks day? Are college aged kids being discriminated against? I haven’t seen one report on either of those while those stories were reported on far more than what was happening in our community. Not to mention gov Cuomo talking about the lack of social distancing all over Manhattan. Chris from Johnstons toyota wasn”t wearing a mask even though he was coming in contact with people the entire day and obviously wasn’t doing this out of an abundance of caution. He would love to deny service to jews every day and today he happened to have an excuse. Textbook anti semitism.

  26. Have any neturei karta members returning from annual pilgrimages to iran been caught with coronavirus? I suspect that iran was the source of much of this disease in this community.

  27. Toyota spends million of dollars on advertising if they are caught violating civil rights of minorities, religious Jews may boycott Toyota unless Johnson Toyota loses their franchise. If it’s true both US Attorney General and the NY State Attorney General should get involved. The parent company is the one to sue if they are looking for money.

  28. The guy was rude. He should have spoken nicely to the customer and said I am sorry but we are not taking any more car services as of this time and the other customers have been asked to leave also. I am NOT standing for this type of behaviour from anyone. I will boycott that company and bash all the staff up. NO ONE aand I mean No One stops a Jewish person from doing anything legal. I will take down that company now. I’m very annoyed.

  29. Question:

    If it is Antisemitism to react as this dealership did, out of a fear of contamination born from public reports of the Chareidishe community’s well documented irresponsibility in scorning distancing protocols…and the community’s exploding infection rate…

    …then why is it not racism to fear Black teenagers walking down a City street at night?

    One way or the other, both are born out of not totally unreasonable fears.

    • Because it is not illegal to cross the street under any circumstances (except for jaywalking). It is illegal to deny service to a customer based on race, religion or creed.

  30. To all those silly idiots commenting.. I live in kj and we are Bh all fine. there is the least cases here Bh with no death so far. To those who wouldn’t enter the car because it’s someone from kj you should think what you say cuz you might be the carriers one day and we will not wanna be next to you. Our schools, stores and everything are closed and everyone is really cautious. So better think before you talk, don’t talk what you think and of course what you don’t.


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