DA Investigating Car Dealership Refusing Service To Chasidic Jewish Man Over Virus Claim


    NEW YORK (VINnews) – Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler announced on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, that his Office is conducting an inquiry into an incident where a man was refused service at a Toyota dealership in Goshen, apparently because the man was an Orthodox Jew, and the staff was fearful of contracting the coronavirus from him.

    In a video which was created by the customer who was refused service, and which has been widely disseminated, an employee of the dealership admitted denying the man service because he “is spreading the virus” notwithstanding that other customers were being served at the same time. On the video, the employee did not respond to inquiries by the man who was refused the previously scheduled service appointment, as to why he was being refused service while other customers were being served.

    New York State Civil Rights Law section 40 provides that no business’ proprietor, manger or employee shall directly or indirectly refuse, withhold or deny patronage of a business “on account of race, creed, color or national origin.” Section 41 of that law states that each violation of section 40 is “a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof [the defendant] shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or shall be imprisoned not less than thirty days nor more than ninety days, or both such fine and imprisonment.”

    After becoming aware of the incident, District Attorney Hoovler spoke to the owner of the dealership. The owner stated that the dealership had not instructed their employees to refuse service to members of the Orthodox Jewish community and has since taken remedial action against the employees who were involved in the incident. The dealership acknowledged their obligation to provide service without regard to a customer’s religion.

    “No business can withhold service from any person on account of their race, creed, color or national origin, even during this time of emergency,” said District Attorney Hoovler. “While there may be an understandable fear of contracting the coronavirus, there is never an excuse to violate people’s civil rights due to their race, gender or religion. Every business, essential or not, that does treat people equally is liable for prosecution under New York’s Civil Rights Law. Now, more than ever, New Yorkers should treat each other equally and with respect and, most importantly, follow the law.”

    A criminal charge is merely an allegation that a defendant has committed a violation of the criminal law, and it is not evidence of guilt. All defendants are presumed innocent and entitled to a fair trial, during which it will be the State’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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    1. I don’t know what those guys were thinking. This was blatant discrimination. Even if it was true what the guy said, servicing the vehicle didn’t entail coming to the customer.

      • If you have zero self-esteem and like to be abused, bring your vehicle to Plaza Toyota on Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn. Clearly the worst customer service in the world.

      • Dov Ber- I bought a brand new car a few months ago, from a dealer. Recently, I was unable to access the electronic control on the dashboard, which informs me of the remaining useful percentage of motor oil. The latter control supplements a manual reading of how much oil is actually in the crankcase. When I called the service department of the dealership, and explained the problem, I was told that there “would be a diagnostic fee of approximately $125.00, plus a possibility of other charges”. When I told him that control was under warranty, the scam artist told me that “wear and tear was not covered, and it was possible a squirrel could have gotten under my car, and chewed up the wires”. To make a long story short, I went to my own mechanic, who is a mentch. He was able to access the remaining oil percentage control, and didn’t charge me one penny! I’ve not been back to that dealership since I bought my car, and I guarantee that I won’t ever go back there. As I stated, if they don’t get you at the point of sale (i.e. with useless extended warranties, and other junk which is not needed), they try to rip you off with the servicing.

    2. The public mindset is extremely herdish––much influenced by medical propaganda. When nervousness and fear reach these proportions, it’s to be better understood that we have to do something to help prop back up vaccination free-choice in Albany and in other overly pharmaceutical-industry friendly state capitols. We might understand, as a courtesy, that some people typically make themselves victims and suggest that others are disease-spreaders. However, overly-zealous vaccine policy encourages bullying like this––in fact it creates the psychological perceived need by the ‘herd’ of the masses that inoculations and wearing masks are the most essential answers. Yes, if another appears truly distressed or nervous, do stay away. Sue them as well though if you feel that’s a good choice, but don’t allow them to convince you that you are a contagion and a threat to the world if you are different or unvaccinated when social-distancing is not being invoked by an overall majority. Maintain your own freedom of choice in medical matters, and especially for young children who are under your care and need sane guidance. We need vaccination free-choice to stop the bullying! The medical industry has gone commercial, and is overly-influencing many level-headed people in its tyranny.

    3. Nothing will happen to the guy as the DA will have to prove that his motives were anti semitic. All he has to say is that the guys cheeks were flushed and he looked sick. 7 day paid leave of absence and hes back at work.

    4. @ Speaking from experience
      I do not go to a service center for esteem, I go for car repair. Sadly, Plaza fails at that as well. If they find your ca it is a plus, I am familiar with a story where they literally lost someone’s car for a month. When NYPD got involved they found it with a dead battery, in their lot but covered with snow. The battery they found was older than the car, someone switched it.


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