Dow Surges 2,000 Points, Its Biggest-ever Point Gain, As Congress Moves Closer To Passing Coronavirus Aid Package

    This photo provided by the New York Stock Exchange shows the unoccupied NYSE trading floor, closed temporarily for the first time in 228 years as a result of coronavirus concerns, Tuesday March 24, 2020. (Kearney Ferguson/NYSE via AP)

    NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks surged on Wall Street Tuesday, sending the Dow up more than 2,100 points, biggest-ever point gain, as Congress nears a deal to inject $2 trillion into the economy to mitigate damage from the coronavirus outbreak.

    The Dow’s gain of 11.4% was its largest percentage increase since 1933. Treasury yields rose in an encouraging sign that demand for low-risk assets was easing.

    The market has seen other big rebounds recently, only for them to wash out immediately. Investors say they need to see the number of new infections peak before markets can find a bottom.

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    1. Thank you President Trump! Only under a Trump administration did the Stock Market set a record with the biggest gain in history! Obama never even came close. Sleepy Joe Biden is finished. He can choose Ellen Degenerate as his running mate. Nothing will help him now. Gone history toast finito.

    2. if the DemocRATS would only let him pass the TRUE CORONA VIRUS BILL without any additional paragraphs that have NOTHING to do with the virus then the economy would get back to where it was four weeks ago.

    3. On Breitbart:
      Soros funding Democrat ads vs. Trump because of Corona in 2020 election in battleground states.
      To our great shame, a renegade Jew Coup mamzer and vile cretin.

    4. Every once in a while, these corporations mail out proxies to the shareholders telling them that they are looking out for their interests, and should be reelected to the various boards of those corporations. Hence, they urge the stockholders to vote for them, and promise the shareholders the moon. In reality, they are only looking out for their own kishkas. At times, some of them engage in unethical and questionable behavior. For example, they will engage in a reverse stock split, and devalue the stock, without informing the shareholders. Also, they will, without notice, reduce the amount of dividends of a stock, while enhancing their own portfolios with stock options. In other words, they are only looking out for themselves, and could care less about the little guy.


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