Gemach: Reduce Your Credit Card Interest Rates with This Gemach’s Services


A gemach in the Tri State Area is offering individuals, families and business  with credit card debt the option to significantly reduce their interest rate, for a fraction of the normal fees, or even free for certain approved cases. This service is especially valuable in light of the Corona Virus’ economic impact on families. If you’ve been struggling with making large monthly payments against crushing debt, this gemach could help.

Gemach Chasdei Yosef, in loving memory of Maran Chacham Ovadia Yosef, prides itself on its honesty and transparency and has many rabbinical endorsements and success stories – references are available upon request.

A typical service begins with a client speaking to a finical officer and a short application is taken on the phone. Then, a dedicated staff person reviews their case and suggest a plan of action. The plan often includes a strategy to become debt-free within 5 years, with huge interest savings along the way.

For example, a client with an Citi bank card that has $25,000 on it, who gets a reduced interest rate of 0% APR instead of the 25% they were currently paying, would save $5,000 a year. Someone with $50,000 in debt would save $50,000 by reducing their interest rate and paying their debt down in five years instead of 10 or even 20 years.

Many clients are provided the service completely free, and everyone is guaranteed a discount of at least 50% off the typical cost of the service. The gemach also offers free guidance on financial planning, budgeting, and bankruptcy advice.

The Torah refers to interest as “Neshech”, a bite. Gemach Chasdei Yosef can help reduce or even eliminate the “bite” of your interest rates. Reduced interest and a debt free life is within reach. Contact the gemach today to begin your application and transform your financial situation.

Get started by emailing, or WhatsApp or call 1-917-426-8726

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    • I had some contact with someone there. He sounded very ehrlich and I signed on. Hopefully I will now have 5 years to pay off my credit card debt on some of my cards, at between 0 and 6% aprrox depending. Can’t beat that. Time will tell if everything works out. I’m kind of desparate so I have nothing to lose so to speak.

  1. Hey,I wen for it as well, he has allot of Rabbinical references and clients as well I called and got a great report
    As well checked it on all my social media seems ***** 5 star all coming back good.


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