Trump Hopes Country Will Be Reopened By Easter Amid Outbreak

    President Donald Trump talks with host Bill Hemmer during a Fox News virtual town hall with members of the coronavirus task force, in the Rose Garden at the White House, Tuesday, March 24, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

    WASHINGTON (AP) — With lives and the economy hanging in the balance, President Donald Trump said Tuesday he is hoping the country will be reopened by Easter, as he weighs how to refine nationwide social-distancing guidelines to put some workers back on the job amid the coronavirus outbreak.

    As many public health officials call for stricter, not looser restrictions on public interactions, Trump said he was already looking toward easing the advisories that have sidelined workers, shuttered schools and led to a widespread economic slowdown.

    “I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” he said during a Fox News virtual town hall.

    Health experts have made clear that unless Americans continue to dramatically limit social interaction — staying home from work and isolating themselves — the number of infections will overwhelm the health care system, as it has in parts of Italy, leading to many more deaths. While the worst outbreaks are concentrated in certain parts of the country, such as New York, experts warn that the highly infectious disease is certain to spread.

    The U.S. is now more than a week into an unprecedented 15-day effort to encourage all Americans to drastically scale back their public activities.

    “I gave it two weeks,” Trump said during the virtual town hall from the Rose Garden. He argued that tens of thousands of Americans die from the seasonal flu or in automobile accidents and “we don’t turn the country off.”

    “We’ll assess at that time and we’ll give it some more time if we need a little more time, but we need to open this country up,” he added. “We have to go back to work, much sooner than people thought.”

    The reassessment comes as the White House is encouraging lawmakers on Capitol Hill to pass a roughly $2 trillion stimulus package to ease the financial pain for Americans and hard-hit industries.

    Appearing before the president at the virtual town hall, Vice President Mike Pence said Trump has asked for recommendations from the White House coronavirus task force for how he can send people back to work while minimizing the public health risk. He said Trump wants to find a way “to open America back up.”

    Trump’s enthusiasm for getting people back to work comes as he takes stock of the political toll the outbreak is taking. It sets up a potential conflict with medical professionals, including many within his government, who have called for more social restrictions to slow the spread of the virus, not fewer.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases and a member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, told WMAL on Tuesday that Trump has always heeded his recommendations.

    “The president has listened to what I have said and to what the other people on the task force have said, when I have made recommendations he has taken them. He’s never countered or overridden me, the idea of just pitting one against the other is just not helpful,” Fauci said.

    Larry Kudlow, Trump’s top economic adviser, told reporters Tuesday that “public health includes economic health.”

    “That’s the key point. And it’s not either-or. It’s not either-or, and that’s why we’re taking a fresh look at it,” he said.

    Earlier Tuesday, Trump took to Twitter.

    “Our people want to return to work,” the president tweeted. “They will practice Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be watched over protectively & lovingly. We can do two things together. THE CURE CANNOT BE WORSE (by far) THAN THE PROBLEM!”

    During a private conference call with roughly 30 conservative leaders on Tuesday, Pence reinforced Trump’s eagerness to lift coronavirus-related work and travel restrictions “in a matter of weeks, not months.”

    Pence said there would be no formal decisions made until the current 15-day period of social distancing was complete when pressed on a specific timeline for lifting restrictions, according to a conference call participant who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share details of the private discussion.

    Pence told the group that accommodations would need to be made for the highest-risk populations if and when restrictions begin to be lifted.

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    1. Yes thank you we need to balance people’s self worth and slef being, their mental health too.

      There are repercussions to this shut down. You can’t just lock everyone in jail for 10 weeks.

      To all you nay sayers. Let me ask you the question this way at what point would you say the lock down reached its limits? Lets say we keep on waiting and yet the numbers don’t go down? Let say we aare all good boys and stay locked up but more people are still getting it? How long should we stay like this? Till it slows down? Lets say that takes a year? Should we stay locked up for a year? Ten years? At one point would you guys say Ok there needs to be a balance? Is there never a point?

      • I just heard a interesting discussion on NPR’s Take Away that’s substantially about you, Archy.

        Some people tracked and correlated (i) Trump’s three evolving positions on the virus (first dismissing its significance, then being a “Wartime President” leading us in battle to overcome the pandemic he knew was coming, and finally deciding the economy was the bigger risk, calling for us to go back to normal “raring to go” by April 12th)…with (ii) opinion polls of his supporters.

        The results unambiguously show the cult of personality that he has cultivated, as whichever way he flips or flops…his supporters, like you Archy, flip or flop with him.

        While the phenomenon vis a vis Trump and you Know Nothings is not new, it is now much more dangerous than ever before.

        • I listen to all of npr lies and fake news. Biggest lie is when they say they are not beholden to advertisers , then a min later “ npr sponsor TiA creef etc…

          Yes they love analyzing trump and his base .

          Let me repeat again this is not about trump . My opinion is based on what I need to do what’s best for my family and sainty . Pesach is the years highlight and I need to feel some of that. I know it’s serious. I know it’s scary when you see many of our own passing away . but so is locking everyone up in prison for Pesach . And I think with correct social distancing we can somewhat expiernce Pesach with min harm .

            • Yes with kids on a 3 day yom tov who are acquainted to bungalow like social settings It’s indeed a prison and I won’t put my kids thru this . It’s bad enough schoools are shut . You yack like a selfish guy who never had kids .

            • Archy who spends all day posting pro Trump narishkeit probably has a very poor relationship with his kids. He should enjoy spending time with them. The years go by so quickly,they’ll be gone and he will; regret that he didn’t bother to spend time with them.
              I do feel sorry for Archy’s wife spending 14 datys with him.

      • Bill Gates just said 6-10 weeks minimum. Your home is what you are going to make out of it. A shul. A cheder. A playing place. etc. Look at some of the pictures. Many love it. Quality time spent. My son called to tell me that many of his friends would love to make this type of Chasenes. More fun. Less money. You can stay in Kolel longer or buy a house etc.

    2. Hey Educated Archy, you predicted that by now we wouldn’t even remember the coronavirus. You said we should treat it like an ordinary flu and ignore it; just go about our business as usual. Can you tell us why all these people are dying?
      And the worst of it is, you not even ashamed to keep opining.

      • we ll try to stay postive and upbeat. There was no point in worrying when we couldn’t do anything.

        By the way I predicted by end of april and not 3/24. Thats probably also a bit too optimistc phineas. But key point is lets precit it will be good. (“tricht gut es vet zein gut”) You can’t beat the malech hmoves anyhow

        • You truly are a bit of an idiot Archy…you may oh so loyally think Trump is right, but it is clear that the overwhelming consensus of medical authorities and government leaders do not. Not only do they believe that the casualty rate will rise greatly…they believe, like in Hong Kong, premature relaxation of the coronavirus restrictions will backfire on the economy too.

          But hey, I’m no expert on this…I just closely follow news developments. Trump is no expert either, but just like he knows more about Afghanistan than do the Generals, he doesn’t need no experts about the coronavirus either…

          …maybe he should call you, Archy, right? After all, you know when all this will be over, right Archy? You know it all.

          • So what do you say is the limit ? One year , ten years ? Is there any time limit where you’d say ok we can’t keep families with kids locked up like this ?

            Say it never gets better ? Chas vasholom ?

            Please answer that question

            • That’s not my lane, Archy, nor is it yours. It matters not a wit what “limit” I think makes sense.

              What I do know is that the consensus of medical information we all are receiving is that however long this period needs to be it will be far shorter shorter if we all abide by the mandated restrictions…China’s experience seems to bare this out…and that the period will be measured in some few months.

        • ABC is correct. If it goes away by April as you predicted its all over and we all go back to business and you are a hero. The Smartest of us (and the entire State of Israel including Mosad and all parties even the frumme) If not please don’t post. Just looking very stupid. Clearly no basic understanding.

        • YEEEES. Tracht Gut. 8 am – 9 am Davening 9-10 Breakfast with the Family. 10-11 Kids Play time in any room (Even bedrooms ok) 11-12 Quality time with wife. 12-1 Learn Chumish Rashi with the Boys 1-2 Lunch with Family etc 3 Seudas a Day. Yom Tov for 10+ weeks YUMMMM.

    3. Yoni please just answer the question,

      Let’s say medical experts say we need to stay hunkered down like this for a year ? Shall we still defer to the experts ? Is there ever a breaking point ?

      You assume the “ period” will be far shorter if we abide by the rules. Well if I flirt at the edges via a slight socialization with safety and never fully listen the period is even shorter . But that’s just a side point

      • Well, it’s quite apparent that you don’t listen to any of the real experts, Unedumacated Farchy. You, and your eminent hero, only listen to the little drummer boy in your head.

      • If a Rav gives one a p’sach Halacha he doesn’t like, he still “defers” to the Rav…if he doesnt do that, it’s chutzpah at best.

        If medical authorities tell us that we need to isolate ourselves in order to overcome a plague, we “defer” to them. Our Rebbeim are making it clear that in these authorities ARE Halachic authority in this matter…ask your Rav, he’ll verify that if he’s associated with any of the major four Rabbinical organizations. if we don’t defer to them its irresponsible, downright stupid, and even criminally reckless as we would be threatening others.

        • Medical professionals need to err on the side of caution. And at times we need to flirt the lines when it’s needed .
          Re our rabbinim many are still pro minyan just they are scared of the anti minyan crew. I know rabbinim who quietly made minyanim . And if you are ok with following a rav then it’s settled . I expect a few more of it Pesach

          • You need to read the “Joint Statement” issued last Sunday by the OU, Agudath Israel, the RCA, Young Israel, The VAAD of Lakewood, and The Rabbinical Alliance of America…as well those issued by Vaads in communities from New Jersey to Baltimore. Whoever you are talking about are outlier rebels each of whom could be classified as a rodef.

            Stop fighting this Archy…it’s been declared a sakanas nefashos in the Joint Statement…and we are instructed not to hold any minyanim. in very large red font, in all caps, the Joint Statement says:


    4. Archy who spends all day posting pro Trump narishkeit probably has a very poor relationship with his kids. He should enjoy spending time with them. The years go by so quickly,they’ll be gone and he will; regret that he didn’t bother to spend time with them.
      I do feel sorry for Archy’s wife spending 14 datys with him.


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