Daven Maariv With a Minyan Now!


    by Rabbi Yair Hoffman (a joint VINNEWS and 5TJT.com project)

    Many of us are painfully missing the fact that we should not be davening with a minyan anymore.  So here is, perhaps, an innovative way of doing it

    Rav Aharon haKohen, the son-in-law of the Chofetz Chaim wrote a sefer called, “Avodas HaKorbanos.”  The Chofetz Chaim himself had requested him to write it.  In his preface to the sefer, the Chofetz Chaim cites the Gemorah in Menachos 110a and in Bava Metziah 114b that learning the halachos of the Korbanos is likened to having actually brought them.

    In these difficult times of the Coronavirus Pandemic, our Gedolim have told us not to have minyanim.  Based upon the above – perhaps learning two halachos a day about each Tefillah and the halachos of Tefillah b’tzibbur should make it count as if we have davened b’minyan.  The goal is to have two halachos posted daily about the topic for each of the three daily Tefilos.  Please check back with us for each tefilah time.

    Things You Can and Can’t Do Before Maariv

    1. It is permitted to say Shalom Aleichem before Maariv (Mincha too).  The prohibition is only before Shacharis.

    2. There is a debate among Poskim as to whether one is permitted to leave prior to davening Maariv. The Mishna Brurah forbids it (89:19).  The GRaZ permits it.

    3. It is forbidden to go to sleep within 30 minutes of Tzais HaCochavim (MB 235:17).  According to Rav Moshe Feinstein, there is an exception if he is travelling in a car (Igros Moshe OC V 37:11), because he will certainly wake up when he arrives at his destination.

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