Jews Make Up 5% Of Coronavirus Deaths In UK. They Are Just 0.3% Of The Population.

    Kaye Knighton, 86, receives a visit from his daughter-law Darla Knighton, left, and Debbie Atkins, right, at the Creekside Senior Living Tuesday, March 24, 2020, in Bountiful, Utah. Window visits help seniors connect to families despite coronavirus restrictions. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

    LONDON (JTA) — Nearly 5% of all coronavirus-related deaths in the United Kingdom are of Jewish people, who make up just 0.3% of the country’s population, The Jewish News of London reported.

    According to the paper’s report Thursday, at least 22 Jewish families have lost loved ones to the disease, which has killed 465 people in the United Kingdom. The U.K. has about 66 million residents and 250,000 Jews.

    Jewish community leaders in Antwerp, Belgium, last week predicted a significantly higher infection rate of 85% in their congregation than the 50-70% rate that scientists expect to find in the general population. The leaders cited the large social circles and interaction of the Jewish community.

    Among the hardest-hit congregations in the United Kingdom has been the Spanish and Portuguese Sephardi Community, which is based in northern London. It has lost four members in recent days, one of its rabbis told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Wednesday.

    A man in his 70s who died was connected to the Edgware and Hendon Reform synagogue through his funeral, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

    At least two rabbis of died of the disease: Yehuda Yaakov Refson, a senior rabbi in Leeds, was 73 when he died Sunday, and Zeev Willy Stern, a Holocaust survivor, was 86 when he died over the weekend.

    Frieda Feldman, 97, died in London on Friday, the same day that she was diagnosed as having the virus, according to the Bhol news site.

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    1. Well who would think that extensive social mixing at Purim and then after that at Shul might make us more susceptible to this spreading? I realized this, as well as others, before Purim. Was no mystery. Question I have is why some others did not realize this at all. Not like there were no voices being raised warning about this that were simply ignored or shouted down for being smarter than the rabbonim.

    2. Sad, but I wonder what percentage of the deaths are of Londoners, as location may play a role here as well. I’d assume Jews are more than .3 percent of the London population, and generally speaking large, densely populated cities are hit harder.

    3. You have a loud obnoxious mouth and fail to see the community strong need to socially interact . Everything is a simple button by you.

      Now time and place is not your thing either . At this time of tragedy stop being a smarty pants

      • Jews have no need to socially interact. We follow the Torah and Rabonim. STAY HOME. The Epicenter of Judaism always been the home NOT THE Synagogues or KOLEL. A JEWIS MOME. There is not a single word in the TORAH about Shuls or Synagogues. Stop spreading Apikurses.

      • The only one out of the ones who passed away that I knew was Mr W. Stern, & he was NOT reform, quite the contrary, he was a Erliche yid, supported numerous organisations & chasidus, not to mention the local Golders Green schools, you should’ve seen a Devenen of his, we can all learn from him, he’ll be sadly missed,

      • Heshy, are you really that stupid or are you being deliberately obtuse? Yehuda Yaakov Refson a”h, was a Chabad rabbi. Rabbi Ze’ev Willy Stern a”h was Orthodox and a Holocaust survivor.

      • And only Reform Jews went to the gas chambers, right?

        By the way, you may want to start playing planning a trip to Willie Stern’s kever as soon as travel is safe again.

    4. I wonder what triumphinwhitehouse has to say now.

      (He previously stated: “I am guessing 10 OLD, SICK people will die just like they would die from the flu, common cold, pneumonia or anything else as they have a bad immune system.”)

    5. Hey mr honest And all drs

      I can tell you right now that once Pesach comes thousands of us will defy all your drs yelling about minyan.
      We refuse to stay locked up in our houses after 3 weeks. It’s the highlight of the year and we won’t give it up. We will pour into the streets to hear duchaning. No don’t start hacking about hlacha . It’s deeper than that . It’s a self worth and what we live for .

      I’d advise you and your ilk to think of a safe way to approach this bec a total lock down ain’t happening . You can tell all the yelling drs on vin that we won’t stay locked up. I’d suggest you follow Israel’s lead . They allow safe social distant outdoor minyanim . We all agree Israel moves smarter and quicker to contain it . They know what they are doing . If it’s good for them it’s good for us .

      Once again we will be joining minyanim . It’s not a question . Now think about how to do it smart or shut up

      • I’m with you brother. By the time Pesach arrives it will already be way passed the 2 week quarantine period, which technically started before Purim. If someone has it NOW, as we comment, by Pesach he will be immune and won’t be able to give it over to someone else. There is no question that there will be minyanim all over the place regardless of whether the bobble head experts allow it or not. The police/ local government can never stop the masses. I just hope DeBlasio allows the clothing stores to open the week of Pesach to allow people to purchase suits, shirts, shoes, new pair of tzitzis, etc… Same thing for the women.

        • You make it sound like, if there is a safe minyan all of a sudden everybody will get sick and drop dead like some kind of devil. It’s very unlikely to result in any harm and its a long stretch.

          It’s important enough that if it only elevates the risk to a small slight amount it’s matir it. Just like during the war when many put others at risk to feel yiddishkiet and tam in life.

          And when we talk about a maybe tiny bit of elevtated risk we mean social distancing still, wear masks, in the street. A very low to almost no risk.

          Remember in Israel, in the street minyan is allowed

          • What does kol hakavod mean? And whatever it means why couldn’t you write it in plain English?

            Mitzva is a word commonly used by Jews of all stripes in the USA. The word is found in the Webster dictionary. Kol hakavod isn’t in the Webster dictionary nor is it commonly used by American Jews. I was told that it’s a term used by Israeli jews. If that’s the case let’s not use it. We don’t need to import their foreign culture to our shores. American Jews have their own superior culture.

            • Shlomo: So now you know

              Literally meaning “all the respect,” kol hakavod is the Israeli equivalent of “good job!” and similar phrases like “well done” or “way to go.” It’s omnipresent in the world of little tykes and their minders, the easiest way to praise a child for putting “Goodnight Moon” back on the bookshelf (actual literacy skills not

      • Archy, does your Mommy know that you are using the computer? Spoiled little child whining how YOU need social interaction. Guess what – we all do. However, mature adults are acting responsibly to save lives. Do you really think that Davening with a minyan will mean anything when you have blood on your hands. Grow up spoiled little yingeleh

        • Its not just the “scoial piece”. Its about feeling a tam in yiddishkiet. I refuse to go thru a pesach without hearing duchaning. And i bet you so will thousands of others. Its what we jews stand for.

          “Do you really think that Davening with a minyan will mean anything when you have blood on your hands.”

          1) Well lets see during the holcoaust many exposed others to risks to make minyan. 2) we won’t go so far as to say ona regular weekday go to minyan. But after a 3 week lockdown? And on a yom tov Yes it means everything
          3) Its not like minyan = kill someone. Its a 5 times over maybe risk. We will do it safely with masks and soical distancing. Who says otheres will get exposed? Who says it wull be serious
          4) In israel they allow street minynaim still.

          Grow up spoiled little yingeleh
          Let me ask you something big talker. Do you still go to grocery stroes? why grow up spolied yingeleh? Manage on cans of tuna in your house. How dare you put others at risk? Grocery stores are more risky than safe minyan.

          No its not about being spoiled at all. Its about basic necessiety to live life as a frum yid should feel. We need to feel yiddishkeit. That comes with a minyan at least on yom tov

    6. Frankly, we should lock Archy, Heshy, and They Can’t in a room until this is all over. Maybe they can infect each other and no one else. Maybe Heshy can even live out his long suppressed dreams.

      • I am telling you now thousnads will be davenning with a minyan pesach. If you arer wise you’d come up with a smart plan how to best manage it. We together with President Trumps support will not stay locked up a whoe peasch. mark my words.

        FYI, I see all the safe people who went into hiding way before minyan got shut down are sick too

    7. I am shocked and sad…
      I see this website for the first time…
      PLEASE STOP LASHON HARA (bad speech)!

      This virus /plague should bring us all together and not have this bad mouthing lashon hara, and lack of respect and unity for fellow humans.

      Rabbi akiva’s 12000 pairs of students died of a plague nearly 2000 years ago, because they did not love their neighbours…

      How many of our communities will die of this plague? How many more of the people on this Earth will die?

      Until we have unity, caring, sharing and “love your neighbour as yourself” this 2020 plague will continue.

      Wake up… Follow rules and save lives…

      The most important place is the home not the synagogue: what is important is caring for family, helping family and friends in a safe way.

      We are still Jewish even when we can’t go to gather together in synagogues.

      Hashem (the creator)will continue to allow the virus to spread until we respect, care and share.
      Covid19 = cavod19 … 19 gematria chava. Chava = shekinah, the female aspect of hashem:
      Cavod means respect.
      Have respect for hashem.

      Bidud in Hebrew means isolation/quarantine.
      Hitbodedut means to be “alone” in order to be with hashem/to find hashem.

      So use this wonderful gift of bidud/isolation/staying at home to reconnect with the Creator.

      May we all have the merit to fill ourselves with happiness and joy, closing all Gates of negativity,
      allow the light of the creator to infuse us with certainty and health, and unite with each other in respect and love.


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