WATCH: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


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  1. I missed the briefing as I had to cut my nails. Any new revelations from the stable genius who wants to end the quarantine so that the churches can be full on April 12th and church goers can infect others? Is he planning an egg hunt on the White House lawn?
    Did he again call Dr. Brix by her first name? Did Dr. Fauci have to correct Trump’s statements again? Did Trump praise himself for the tremendous job he’s doing to battle the pandemic that he knew about because of his genius before anyone else? Did he voice disappointment that Romney doesn’t have the virus?
    I’m probably going to cut my nails again during tomorrow’s briefing so please keep me informed of the President’s pearls of wisdom.

  2. No, politics doesn’t bother him,
    What is bothering him is that the US is being led by an incompetent child who’s the bully of the class, doesn’t know what’s flying, doesn’t mean what he says, doesn’t say what he means, only turns red when saying the truth,


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