Rabbi Yeshayahu Englard, Brother Of Radzhiner Rebbe, Passes Away From Coronavirus


NEW YORK (VINnews) —  Rabbi Yeshayahu Englard, the son of the previous Radzhiner Rebbe and brother of the current Rebbe, passed away Wednesday in Boro Park from the coronavirus at the age of 66. Rabbi Englard was a descendant of the Chesed L’Avraham of Radomsk and a grandson of Rabbi Yeshayahu Englard, the rabbi of Sosnowiecz (1885-1943).

Rabbi Englard was one of the rabbis of the Radomsker Beis Medrash in Boro Park where he lived. He was known for his kind deeds and his knowledge of Torah and Chassidus. A few months ago his mother passed away and he came to Israel for the funeral.

Rabbi Englard did not have any previous medical conditions and his family said that his condition deteriorated rapidly due to the virus until he passed away Wednesday.

He is survived by children and grandchildren. His oldest son, Rav Nosson Nachum Englard, serves as the rav of the Radziner Chasidim in Jerusalem.


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  2. I’m curious how they know he passed away from the virus if he wasn’t tested. According to the family, he collapsed without warning and passed away

    • I saw him this past shabbos. All he stated was he was very fatigued. He and his wife believed they were infected. His chavrusa had it. Results of test he took on Sunday not back yet.


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