Tracking The Coronavirus Outbreak In The US

    US county map of confirmed and reported coronavirus cases shows larger concentrations of cases around urban areas; 4c x 5 inches; 195.7 mm x 127 mm;

    NEW YORK (AP) – Maps exist to show us where we are, as well as where we’re headed. The Associated Press COVID-19 county-by-county map does just that.

    Today, America’s coastlines are streaked with deeper shades of red — California and New York in particular. That’s where most of the cases of the coroavirus are. Farther inland, the image grows paler, showing the regions that so far have escaped the worst of the pandemic that has dramatically changed the lives of more than a billion people.

    Drill down and zoom in at the individual county level, and you can access numbers that will show you the situation where you are, and where loved ones or people you’re worried about live.

    In the coming days, this map will remain at this link and appear in many AP stories about the pandemic. It will be updated constantly and tell the story of the virus’ progression in this country.

    Red areas will break out and grow deeper in some places more than others. And if Americans’ efforts to stop the virus are successfull — the testing, the social isolation, the race to treatment — then red areas will begin to grow paler.

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      • The deplorables are dropping like flies which doesn’t bode well for the GOP, OAN or Fox News. Trump, Limbaugh and Hannity convinced their ignorant followers that this virus was just like a cold or the flu and would soon magically disappear. Could it be that they all have investments in the funeral industry?

    1. (Tea Party PAC) – Nancy Pelosi’s new coronavirus relief bill is an absolute joke. It’s more or less just a wishlist of different things that the radical left in America wants to push through in order to see more of the transformation of this country into a socialist nightmare. This is the very definition of capitalizing on a tragedy to further a political agenda.
      One of the biggest head scratchers on the list is a bit that would provide $35 million for the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, which has folks all over the board wondering how Democrats plan to justify this kind of expenditure for something that has nothing to do with the coronavirus at all.

    2. Which kind of yidden. We must remember why we are being hit by this virus. Because of same gender marriage. You liberals here will scream but this is a fact. After the same gender marriage passed there was a little earthquake followed by hurricane sandy. But you all laughed. This evil continued and it was due to New York and California. Now they will be wiped out unfortunately. There is no escape. Don’t forget sixty per cent of Jews in Brooklyn are not religious. Imagine the statistics elsewhere.

      • You can say the same drasha about every wrong or perceived wrong under the sun.. why did you choose this one? Oh I forgot mazuz told you.. nah can’t be the reason when you have every guy with a shtender giving his own interpretation.. the answer must be because you are gay and are trying to surpress it. Embrace who you are. There is nothing wrong with being gay. You can’t act out on it just like straight people can’t act out on all their taivos. The sooner you make peace with it the better off you’ll be.

    3. Tracking the outbreak? Here you go:

      25 March 247 deaths reported

      24 March 225 deaths reported

      23 March 141 deaths reported

      22 March 113 deaths reported

      21 March 46 deaths reported

      20 March 49 deaths reported

      19 March 57 deaths reported

      18 March 41 deaths reported

      17 March 23 deaths reported


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