An Open Letter About Possible Minimization of Corona Effects


    by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

    I received a letter from a highly intelligent MIT friend of mine who probably had the virus.  His suggestion was approved by a well-respected doctor.  Some may agree or disagree with what is suggested here – but it may be a good idea.  I apologize to anyone who thinks it is improper for me to post this letter.  YH


    Dear Rabbi Hoffman,

    Please see below. This medicine seemed to help me, and if it works for everybody the same way, the crisis is over. I wrote some of the doctors in town, and Dr. ____ said it seemed interesting, and would offer to patients.
    I don’t know how to disseminate, as so many are desperate for a cure. But I can’t be 100% sure I actually have Covid-19, since I can’t get a test. And even if I get one today, my viral levels may have dropped too far, already. I had a flu shot in fall, so probably can rule that out.
    I wrote the CEO of Pfizer, assuming I have correct email. Will forward separately. I may be totally crazy and imagining things, but if there is a 1% chance, it is worth it to make a fool out of myself.
    Please do what you like with this info, but please keep my name out.
    Dear Rabbi ______  and _____________
    I believe I have Coronavirus, because have had all the symptoms, and had a flu shot in the fall. My condition was getting very difficult at home shortly before Shabbos. I was fortunate to have in the house two medicines which helped dramatically, and have kept me breathing well so far. I have tried 4 times to request a test. Once by phone, 2 times online registration, and then once by going in person today to Jones Beach test site, but was turned away because had no appointment.
    But I don’t need medical help now, as I am recovering well. I just wanted to know if I test positive, as it would be good to know if these medicines work for this virus. I am sharing the below letter I wrote to the NYS Commissioner of Health, Dr. Howard Zucker, yesterday. I am anxious to see if these can help others. The first, Azithromycin is being widely recommended here as an antibiotic to treat the secondary bacterial pneumonia that can accompany viral infection. But the second, Benzonatate, is a prescription cough medicine, but seems to very effectively restore breathing. I am getting enough air and it is 6 days since I first started having difficulty.
    While we should be skeptical, but because this is an extreme emergency, and because it is so easy to try, works in a few minutes, and doesn’t require invasive tests to measure viral load, perhaps the doctors in shul should be made aware and evaluate this.
    I know there are around 70 medicines that are being looked at, some in development and some older. Nevertheless, perhaps this should be tried, as well.
    One doctor ______  said he thinks it is interesting and will offer to his patients. Perhaps some in ____  may want to try, as well.
    Thank you very much for your help and may we merit vateiatzar es hamageifah very soon.

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    1. Maybe he had Covid19. there are many reports of people having mild cases and recovering . The Zithromycin might have prevent a secondary infection and the cough syrup might have helped avoid problems, bu this is no a game changer.

    2. it is a bad idea to take any prescription medication without the advice of physician. just call your doctor, okay? otherwise you could end up like that fool in Arizona who took aquarium cleaner tablets because he thought it would cure him

    3. I do think it’s highly inappropriate for you to share this. Honestly, I’m disappointed in you.There are enough forwards on WhatsApp with untested misinformation. There is no need for you to add to them. This even has has the same “fake news” structure, by including skepticism and mentioning reputable companies. Firstly, these are prescription, so why doesn’t the doctor “email the CEO of Pfizer (?)”. Secondly, you cannot attribute recovery after six days to a drug more than to time alone. Thirdly, anecdotal evidence is wrong and false so many more times than right. Lastly, the only information from this letter that I can see is that a cough medicine helped a cough. That is not groundbreaking. Even anecdotal reports should include a detailed timeline of symptoms, medications and resolutions. There is one redeeming fact in this letter. It asks you to share it with doctors. Yet here you are, posting it on VIN.

    4. This letter does not claim a cure; it just suggests medications that will alleviate the symptoms just as Tylenol or aspirin do not cure the flu.They give the body the strength to fight the flu.

    5. I personally know someone who has a friend that had a very bad case of Covid-19 and cured completely by buying a lizard in a pet shop, burning the lizard tail and sprinkling the ashes on his wife’s toes while using a blow dryer to send hot air down his throat to burn out the virus from his lungs. Seems the combination of lizard tail ashes and blow dryer (on high heat) cured his bad case. Lots of hot air – that’s what he used and that’s what this article is.

    6. Q. What do taxi drivers and barbers and rabbis all have in common?
      A. They know all the answers of what needs to be done to solve any issue in any topic – politics, economy, medicine, relationships etc.

      I respect rabbis for their rabbinics, taxi drivers for their driving, barbers for their cutting – but that is what they are trained in, and they should stick to what they know.

      They gain no honor by opining about topics in which they were not trained. When they do, it makes the rabbi, taxi driver and barber sound foolish.

    7. Thank You Rabbi Hoffman For sharing this here,
      I think the comments above are as unsensible as can be.
      No one will die from trying these 2 medicines and on the other hand if there is even a 1% chance that it helps, thousands of lives could be saved.
      As of now they don’t have a cure yet so everyone who has symptoms should definitely try every idea out there before landing in the hospital with a respirator ch”v.

      • Big Moish, “No one will die from trying these 2 medicines and on the other hand if there is even a 1% chance that it helps, thousands of lives could be saved.” So everyone should also try ashes of a lizard’s tail sprinkled on their wife’s toes while using a blow dryer on high heat to shoot hot air down your throat. If there is even a 1% chance that it helps…Fine, if you or I spread such “cures”, but when a rabbi does it, he loses credibility for promoting such silliness.

    8. There is no reason not to use hydrochloroquinne on severely ill coronavirus patients .They are doing this in Lenox hill hospital with 100 percent success rate. Other doctors have tried it on severely ill.patients with success.


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