The Community Miracle Sefer Torah – Update: Over 50,000 letters reserved


The Community Miracle Sefer Torah is well underway. We are excited to share some updates with you on the progress of the Community Miracle Sefer Torah.

The Sofer, Rabbi Moshe Klein, has been hard at work, and the first Parshah is already complete!

The website has been translated into multiple languages. This allows us to extend our reach further and wider, enabling Klal Yisroel from around the world to participate in this incredible project.

We are well on our way to completing the Sefer Torah, but we need your help to get there!

Please help us spread the word by sharing the information with your family and friends. Encourage them to buy their letters and grant them the z’chus of participating in this worldwide display of achdus.

We invite all of Klal Yisroel, men, women, and children, to participate in this unique special opportunity, to join in the writing of the Miracle Sefer Torah,”

Together, we will bring this Sefer Torah to life!

And Visit:  to purchase your letters.
After covering the cost of the Torah and Siyum, all extra funds will be donated to Hatzalah.

For more information, please watch:

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  1. Tomche Shabbos of Rockland needs your help!
    We are faced with a community crisis!

    People are reaching out to Tomche Shabbos in unprecedented numbers as the effects of Coronavirus begins to hit hard-working families.

    People who don’t usually rely on Tomche Shabbos are being faced with extraordinary hardship due to lack of work/business etc.

    We’ve set up this fund as a way to give to those affected by the current events and to get them through these troubling times.

    All donations will go directly towards families of people who have lost their job or have otherwise been impacted by the Coronavirus.

    We understand that you too may be feeling the effects so any amount will help and should stand as merit for you and your family!

  2. At this time, Kupath Ezrah will be helping over 1,500 families in greater Monsey (about 10% of the community) for Pesach, including many families that have lost their jobs and businesses as a result of the corona virus. This number unfortunately keeps rising.

    As a result of social distancing, Kupath Ezrah of Rockland County is having difficulty reaching people for help for the community to make Pesach.

  3. Another sefer Torah which will sit in an aron kodesh?
    Rabboisei_____ Families need help now . Anyway, bazman hazeh , many hold dfferently.
    Gevald !!!!!!!!!!! Families need kimcha depischa now. They need rent money..What’s going on here???

  4. The sefer Torah says to help people in need. Harken to to the Torah. This is an emergency so let’s dig a little deeper in tzedakah. To anybody you know or don’t know.

  5. The suggested donation is $2 per letter. It’s very easy to donate to the Seder Torah writing and have that z’chus as well as donate to many other necessary tzeddekas

  6. Already some Achronim paskened that in our times, other mitzvos such as publishing or buying seforim is done in lieu of writing another sefer Torah.
    In any case, yidden have been hit hard and helping them comes first. Do not bring opposing views even if such exist at all.. It’s an emergency now. Let’s help each other. Some heart for struck Yidden. Unbelievable.


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