WATCH: Rockland County Legislator Aaron Wieder Calls Out Rockland County Health Dept. For Issuing Violation Against A School That Is Actually Closed


ROCKLAND COUNTY (VINnews) — Rockland County legislator Aaron Wieder released a video on Thursday, in which he calls out the Rockland County Health Department for issuing a violation against the Central UTA school for being open, when the school is in fact closed.

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If this was not already enough, says Wieder, Rockland County Executive Ed Day took the time to double down on these claims in a Facebook post.

In reality, explains Wieder, the only thing happening on the campus is a food station that was set up, so that the families can stop by and pick up food for the children. The staff on site can be seen in the video wearing masks.

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  1. Ed Day should witness NYC public Schools distributing meals the same way. You can bet that if the Jewish School did not do this some bureaucrat would find fault for using Government funds incorrectly.

  2. It might have been a good idea for the school to notify the County Health Department that they intended to set up stations for food pick up rather than create a situation where neighbors could think they were open and call the police.


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