We Begged Him Not to go to Shul


    From an email..

    He was one of those who never missed a minyan.  He owned a business and always worked it out that he attended minyanim – even during those times that he had long business trips -which were frequent.  His dedication made the rest of the family look bad.

    And then the Gedolim came out with no more minyanim.

    He didn’t listen.  He continued attending and so did that whole shul.  We begged him and explained that he was putting others at risk.  He ridiculed the idea.

    “Everyone else is going everywhere.  There are lines at grocery stores, Goyim are going to the beaches.  And I should stop going to shul?  You are all crazy.”

    “But the Gedolim said…”

    “I am going to shul and I will be fine.”

    Now, he has it.  We are all worried.  The family has taken over the business – but it is very hard, and we do not know what to do with many things – but if we don’t take it over – it will fall apart.

    I write this as a warning to other people.  Please don’t be foolish or headstrong.  If Gedolim say not to go – please listen.  I know that there are hundreds of other families just like ours.  May Hashem grant us all yeshuos v’nechamos.

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    1. Nah, you’re overblowing it. According to Educated Archy it’s just a little flu. No problem. Listen to Archy. Go about your business as usual; you can’t stop the malach hamoves.

        • Archy knows bec Israel who is ahead of the curve allows outdoor minyan . I trust their professionals.
          Secondly , you need to make sure you social distance
          Furthermore, I don’t say go to shul in a regular Tuesday since yes for now stay home .But on a special day like Pesach after already being locked up for 3 weeks Then yes .
          To add even more , I am not convinced it’s bec he went to shul . I see plenty who stayed home who are getting it to.

    2. Or how about the yeshivos that stayed open not just in Lakewood. Shame on them this is what they taught their talmidim go against the law against rabbanim and against health professionals. The torah they learn says v’nishmartem MEOD L’nofshoshaichem. when it comes to matzos and an esrog theyre much more machmir than their lives??? how did the R”Y take responsibility to stay open. Boys did get sick then they sent them home but that’s a joke cuz for a minimum of 2 days before they showed symptoms they were contagious. that means the other boys the r”y and their families are now at risk.

      • There were no yeshivas left open in Lakewood after the order to close them. This is misinformtion. The video that appeared to show an open yeshiva was a dorm with out of town boys that had not yet made it home, while arrangements were being made.

      • You crazy. You think rabbonim can’t disagree?? I know a few rabbonim who disagree with the decision close all the shuls. A decision that was made so irresponsibly considering the gravity of the issue. They just took doctor advice and ran with it. Did they investigate the numbers at all? The risk factors? Analyze the different ways of doing this? Last I checked frum doctors aren’t rabbis.

        • Well said. Plus isn’t it quite possible he contracted it in his business, which is obviously still open as the family is still running it. He spent a lot more hours there. He and all of klal yisrael should have a speedy refua sheleima !! But please stop blaming everything on shul.

      • Why ? Maybe your rebbe feels that the self worth and the idea of shpering a tam Shabbos via a minyan is worth the added risk . Didn’t we expose others to danger during the Holocaust simply to make a minyanim or due one mitzva ?

        • If one person is killed because a minyan was made against Halacha blood is on their hand. I’m not sure what the status of the Holocaust is in Halacha, but if it’s considered a שעת השמד Halacha then calls for mesiras nefesh for every Halacha. However, if that isn’t the case then even the Holocaust they would be considered rodfim and allowed to be killed before they could place anybody in harms way. Of course nobody would judge them, it was the time of the Holocaust. Either way, the comparison to your petty little problems today is shameful and comes from ingnorance in Halacha and a general bombastic and buffoonish personality.

          • Its not about halacha it about our essenece. We are how we are bec we feel a tam in yiddishkiet. Its the essence of our self being.

            Furthermore, there is the physical mental aspect. We as humans cannot mnetally stay locked up. Its just too much.

            I am refering to a 3 day yom tov like pesach not a regular tuesday.

            Stop it with your “halcha” Its alot depper than that.

            What if one perosn is killed bec you went to the grocery to buy milk? why is that better?

            lastly I don’t believe, “even one extra person will get killed” if we do it safely. Bec you think it kills more people doesn’t mean it really does.

        • Archy, if you weren’t so dim I would explain to you how your holocaust analogy is a false equivalence. Frankly, you are too foolish (or maybe just too much of a troll) so I won’t waste my time.

    3. sounds like a phoney emotional article, no name, no location, but it is emes….
      protect yourselves and stay away from crowds, close minyanim and simchas.

    4. I am not saying it is right or correct to go to shul and yes they probably should be closed for the time being

      But cases are exploding all over NYC and more so in the jewish community majority who Did NOT go to shul recently- i know of many who haven’t stepped into shul who contracted it so unless you can point to a definite connection between shul the 1 or 2 shuls still open barely have a minyan and everyone stands 20 feet apart

      Anyways I’d like to wish whoever this is a refuah shelema along w anyone else who contracted this

    5. Ushmartem Es Nafischem! One must take normal precautions and then pray that HKBH” will
      grant that it works . Unless you are the Baal Shem Tov you cannot depend on your broom shooting like a gun.

    6. Considering the number of rabbonim who are either ill or were nifter from the virus it’s evident that they either contracted the virus in shul or at the many simchas they attended

    7. How is it possible there are people in the Frum world that still do not get it. If you cannot understand how a Minyan can be a problem then not sure what to tell you. Even the Gedolim agree with this!!!! Please get help.

      If you want to die, or cause others to die including your own family, go daven with a minyan if that makes you feel better.

          • I agree. I am not going to minyan 3 times a day. But gald you at least agree that comes pesach lets at least go just once a day for at least 2 out of 3 days?

            • shoite – Nomitzva to take chances when there is a fire in the house
              Hob rachmonus on yourself and other yieden.

              We are supposed to be an am chochom venovon

        • To my Dear fellow readers on VIN: scroll down a bit a see the story about the breakout in Bnai Brock. Here is the gist of the story:

          “In Bnei Brak unfortunately there are about 300 cases of coronavirus. This is the most rampant and dangerous level of infection in the whole of Israel, and the prognosis is even more scary. It’s time to wake up!”

          We must take care of ourselves. Shabbat Shalom.

      • You are so right…
        I am shocked and sad…
        I see this website for the first time…
        PLEASE STOP LASHON HARA (bad speech)!

        This virus /plague should bring us all together and not have this bad mouthing lashon hara, and lack of respect and unity for fellow humans.

        Rabbi akiva’s 12000 pairs of students died of a plague nearly 2000 years ago, because they did not love their neighbours…

        How many of our communities will die of this plague? How many more of the people on this Earth will die?

        Until we have unity, caring, sharing and “love your neighbour as yourself” this 2020 plague will continue.

        Wake up… Follow rules and save lives…

        The most important place is the home not the synagogue: what is important is caring for family, helping family and friends in a safe way.

        We are still Jewish even when we can’t go to gather together in synagogues.

        Hashem (the creator)will continue to allow the virus to spread until we respect, care and share.
        Covid19 = cavod19 … 19 gematria chava. Chava = shekinah, the female aspect of hashem:
        Cavod means respect.
        Have respect for hashem.

        Bidud in Hebrew means isolation/quarantine.
        Hitbodedut means to be “alone” in order to be with hashem/to find hashem.

        So use this wonderful gift of bidud/isolation/staying at home to reconnect with the Creator.

        May we all have the merit to fill ourselves with happiness and joy, closing all Gates of negativity,
        allow the light of the creator to infuse us with certainty and health, and unite with each other in respect and love.

    8. I believe that we are missing a fundamental principle of Torah here, the Ko’ach haChachomim or Rabbonim which without this you are reform.
      Whether or not you agree with the pesak, its the Rabbonim who have SYATA DI’SHMAYA to know whats the correct thing to do and reveal the Rotzon Hashem.
      So in short if you follow Torah because its a nice tradition then you can make the rules but if you follow Torah as being from Hashem then the psak Ha’rabbonim is Rotzon Hashem.
      And its even more revealed now that you have a majority of Rabbonim who come to the same pesak

    9. Have any of you listened to the Gedolim or read the Joint Statement? Some Torah Jew are you if you have not! It takes more to be frum than bad mouthing Obama and fawning over Trumpus.

      • Many more rabbonim than you imagine are pro minyan but they were bullied into shutting down and following orders. Like I said for time being I am Ok and listening. But pesach is mine and mnay other’s breaking points.

    10. With all due respect, by the time they closed the Shuls and yeshivas most people who have symptoms were already infected. On Purim, most people went to shul and had family seudos. No one told them otherwise. That’s when it spread. The doctorscandcrabbanimbclosed the barn door after the horses left.

    11. “Please don’t be foolish or headstrong.” You’re right. But you don’t need to wait for gedolim to “agree” with the orders or advice of the medical experts. No gathering with non-family members means exactly that. No exception for gathering to daven or learn or to say t’hillim. You listen to the medical experts immediately while keeping a reasonable open mind to new information or considerations.

    12. @ Heshy
      You might have voted if you are old enough.
      We are not in a level to understand why people suffer or go.
      From the names of Big gedolim that were niftar, How can you say that they are suffering because of anything the government did with gays.

        • The Republican Senate helped pass same sex “marriage ” your Donald Trump yms literally wore a rainbow flag.

          You are part of the problem you are using same sex “marriage” for your own agenda.

          If you were truly against it you would not excuse lgbt supporting Republicans

    13. That the machla came b/c of the progressive agenda seems logically & instinctively correct. The Gemorrah is Shabbos says that the “Umois Haoilum” will be rewarded for 3 reasons; 1 of them being that even though men practiced “toy’eveh”, they never gave a Kesubeh (marriage) contract to another man. Well, that’s out the window. And is it coincidence that the progressives; who condone this behavior, are the most vocal pro Moslem (who stone adulterers [usually young girls who were raped] and throw gays off rooftops) anti-Semitic Obama lovers?

    14. Anti vaxers are supporting to keep shul open and they also passed stupid advice over corona in robo calls in yiddish. Dont take advice from robo calls or whatsapp. Call your regular Dr. Consult cdc web and Who web. The rabonim that allow shul or mens mikva are a minimum. Remember you violate now and ladies mikva will be the next chalenge . Behave! And the elderlry will probably be jailed up till june

      • When your religion is Gedolianity, you Must ask. Ask and wait. Keep waiting. It’s getting Smokey but you must wait – no using your brain. Wait. Keep waiting, the building is falling on you. Wait. H!tler came to power. Wait. Don’t leave.

        Otherwise you run.


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