A Smart Idea – That We Hope We Won’t Need


    by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for 5TJT.com

    This idea comes from a wise woman by the name of Bonnie Gurewitsch – and it should be spread.

    The current policy in hospitals is that no other person from the patient’s family can accompany them to the hospital. This is distressing, but necessary in order to minimize the spread of infection the Corona virus.

    Because of this, the following four should be prepared in advance for everyone:

    • a one page summary of each family member’s medical history
    • a list of each family member’s medications and dosages
    • a list of each family member’s doctors with contact information
    • the contact information of the patient’s next of kin and health care proxy. A copy of the health care proxy should be attached.

    In case of need, this would go with the patient to the hospital, and hopefully, ensure a measure of accuracy and continuity of medical care even if the patient has no personal advocate who knows them.  We hope to never need this, but it makes sense to be prepared.

    You can download such a form below

    Medication List Template 01

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    1. Patients have always needed advocates in hospital with them, and it is so now more than ever. If someone in your family needs to go to a hospital, make sure to join them via Skype or Zoom.

    2. This Rabbi was merely saying that the government is saying that it is distressful and necessary and because of that lived one’s are not being allowed to go along. Whether you agree with the policy or not it is a fact that one cannot go alone with the patient. Therefore the Rabbi was passing in a good idea so that G-d forbid someone need to be transferred to a medical facility one is prepared.
      Stop knocking and being so negative. The man was being helpful!!!

    3. You can send ten megillos and it won’t make a difference. The hospitals are at best indifferent right now to anything other than breathing problems, and unless you have access to a member of the hospital staff they will not take care of other problems even if they’re bigger emergencies than the breathing.


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