Sar HaTorah Reb Chaim Encourages People to buy Letters in the United for Protection Sefer Torah


The Posek Hador, Sar HaTorah, HaRav Hatzadik HaGoan Chaim Kanievksy Shlita has encouraged and endorsed the Miracle Sefer Torah of Healing. Yesterday, 6 Nissan in Eretz Yisroel, Reb Yisroel Meir Druk, the Rosh Yeshiva’s chavrusa for the past 30 years, met with Reb Chaim on behalf of the organizers to inform him of the project and it’s backstory:

When the town of Mezibush faced a pandemic, the Baal Shem Tov instructed them to write a communal Sefer Torah to banish the virus. They did, and immediately saw miraculous healing. Drawing inspiration and strength from this directive, Jews from across the world are joining together to write our generations’ Miracle Sefer Torah of Healing.

Rabbi Druk asked the Rosh Yeshiva for his opinion…

Click on the video below to hear his encouraging response.

Klal Yisroel is reeling. The Satan is using every ounce of cunning to divide and isolate the international Jewish community. He has shuttered our Shuls, schools, and Yeshivos. Grandparents watch their grandchildren’s chuppas from their homes, people are sitting Shiva alone and broken. It’s time we respond.

The Rosh Yeshiva has clearly given his approval for this spiritual offensive. Now is the time to unite with every fellow Jew in the act of writing a Sefer Torah. For our protection. For the world’s protection.

Spread the word near and far and help others join our efforts. Together, UNITED, we will see miracles.

To learn more about the Miracle Sefer Torah and to see how you can take part, visit:

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    • Who’s “cashing in”? Do you think there are no expenses in writing a Sefer Torah? Anyway, first of all, they’re not demanding any money for a letter, just asking for a voluntary contribution. Second, on their site they say quite clearly, “Any extra funds will be donated to Hatzala.”

  1. This is a misleading advertisement.

    Rav Chaim shlit’a was not presented with the full background of this initiative in the video, for example that it comes from Lubavitch, including openly messianic Lubavitchers, who believe their late Rebbe is Moshiach.

    His “endorsement” was weak, and his response is not clear, nor fully heard in the video.

    Stay away from projects that mislead people in such a way, such misleading marketing is a red flag.

    • You’re lying. The people behind it are Lubavitchers, but not “openly messianic” ones. Just because you hate your fellow Jews and slander them baselessly doesn’t mean that R’ Chaim should pay any attention to that.

        • I see. So if messianic members say to keep Shabbos, then that means you should break it? If they say that you shouldn’t attend minyanim in the current circumstances, then oif tzelochos you’ll go and attend one? Use your brains, and realize that “supporting” something is not the same as “being behind” it.

  2. It is clear this is coming from circles far from Maran Rav Chaim shlita, if you look at it closely.

    For example,

    1) in the text he is called “posek hador”, which is not his title.

    2) in the video text (0:19) he is called “Maharan”.

    Maharan?? Huh??

    There are other indications as well.

    Evidently they got someone known to Rav Chaim to help market it to him, but the public at large should not be fooled.

  3. People are using this gadol. I’m refraining from stronger language due to this crisis.
    Right now, tzedakah should go to people who got hit financially.

    • agree 1000%, there are at least a dozen keren yesomim RL, numerous kimcha dpiska, people who have idea where the next meal is coming from, in the dire need of PPE, Etc. and we should be donating money to extra money to be donated to Hatzalah?
      BTW I never heard the term Sar Hatorah in prior generations

      • Are you actually using every penny of what you’ve got for those purposes? If so, then fine. (Although you can still sign up for a letter; they _ask_ for a donation, they don’t _require_ it.) But if by any chance you spend 2 dollars on yourself, then instead you can redirect it for this purpose.

        BTW, the term Sar Hatorah has been used long before nowadays. It’s on R’ Shamshon Raphael Hirsch’s matzeivah, for example.

  4. Wow, so exciting. What a great segula for this week. I just can’t wait to see what next weeks segula is going to be. The more money wasted paying these PR firms and advertising, the better it is. The segula of the week game show, at this time of vulnerability, is sick and disgusting! These promoter hustlers should be ashamed of themselves.

    • It would be a lot shorter for you to just say that you don’t believe in the Torah and in its power. We’re seeing a lot of that lately, people who are ostensibly frum but in fact don’t really believe in Hashem at all.

      • I believe in Hashem, Moshe and the Torah, I think its sick that everyone is trying to make a buck off it, give money to write a letter, give money to this kupah and you will get this broucha, give money to this and get a kamayer, I believe in Dovid Hamenelch and the power of theilim, not in hustler trying to scare people into doing things.

        • Aha. So in other words, you believe in things that don’t cost you money, but as soon as it hits your pocketbook, then we find out that money is your real god, before which you shall have no other.

          Where do you see anyone “scaring people” into getting letters in this Sefer Torah, anyway?

          • Sorry but saying thilim in a time of tzar has been passed down from generation to generation, it saw us thru golus bavel and edom, thru pogrom’s and inquisitions, mahgayfahs and death camps. My gd is hashem echod, ain ode milvado, btw for you information I donated well over $5000 to varios keren yesmomin.
            The ad itself is offensive

          • If that’s really true, then an extra $2 for a letter in a Sefer Torah isn’t going to hurt you. As I mentioned above, you probably spend more than that on things for yourself, so redirect it from that, without it affecting the yesomim or anyone else.


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