Kiryas Joel: Authorities To Arrest Those Who Ignore Social Distancing Rules

Sign when entering Kiryas Joel, a Chassidic community in Upstate New York. (Source: Screenshot)

ORANGE COUNTY (VINnews) — Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus hosted an hour-long forum on Thursday to update the public on the current situation regarding Coronavirus in Orange County.

As of Wednesday, April 1, 1,782 people had tested positive for coronavirus. 227 people have been hospitalized. The death toll for the county is 25.

Just 38% of total hospital beds in Orange County are still available.

Commissioner of Emergency Services Brendan Casey addressed the forum later on.

Accoding to Casey, Governor Cuomo has authorized counties to create task forces of prosecutors, state police and local police to enforce social distancing in this time of coronavirus.

Casey said that the county intends to create such task forces, and will focus primarily in high-density areas, such as Kiryas Joel which houses 20% of the total postive cases in the county.

The social distancing offenders will be prosecuted by District Attorney David Hoovler.

Casey said that the leaders of Kiryas Joel have been made aware of the new protocol, and stand behind it.

Neuhaus urged the public to be on the lookout for anybody breaking the social distancing rules.

“If people are gathering, take a picture,” said Neuhaus, “then call the police, call your leaders.”

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  1. 20% of cases , what percentage of total tests is also a question meaning if kj had some effective drive thru test sites and tested many more than other counties so there positive count would be higher

  2. I went to Walmart and Home Depot because local stores are closed. Those stores are full of non Jews who supposedly do social distancing. The isles in Home Depot were packed with people doing in home construction with there empty time… Others shop for home parties in Walmart. The smallest percent were KJ residents. By the way, Jews make up twenty percent of Orange County. I listened to the forum and people keep asking about the worries that Jews spread the virus. This happened all the years with pandemics. Happens to be, the virus came from China and brought here by non Jews.

    • They asked Daas Torah how to spell appropriate and they were told “with 2 p’s”.
      IMHO what that meant was that in the first appearance of the letter”p” within the word, it should be used twice.
      Others tyina, no. What Daas Torah is telling us – and this is important – is that in the gansah word there are only 2 letters “p”. This is a big chiddush, because in the dictionary (which, remember, was written by goyim) it does with the word no less than 3 times.
      Naturally, the Yidden who wrote up the sign went with Daas Torah, so please don’t question the decision. And if you, you can’t be counted in a minyan even if there was one to go to.

  3. The reason that K J and the Jewish community is always targeted, is this is truly a silent minority, they are peaceful and law abiding, and while this is good traits, it works against them.
    Has the observers who have been driving through K J, driven through any other towns and/or villages in Orange County, or entered stores to observe and take pictures?
    Another question is, are you by chance an Anti Semite?
    Please note I am not a resident of K J, nor Hasidim, Just tired of seeing K J a quick target for the press and others.


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