WATCH: Queens Rabbi Throws Man Out Of Shul For Asking Why He’s Open

Medical personnel in protective suits await the arrival of possible COVID-19 infections in the Molinette Hospital lobby in Turin, Italy, March 26, 2020. (Stefano Guidi/Getty Images)

QUEENS (VINnews) — This story has been removed since the Shul in question has been closed

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  1. Shuls by defintion belong to the public. You can’t “close” a shul. Its not anyone’s to close. You can tell individuals don’t daven with a minayn but you can’t close a shul.

    • “Shuls by defintion belong to the public. You can’t “close” a shul”.
      One of the dumbest things I’ve read today. None of that is true. You can look through history and see many, many great sages that have closed shuls and yeshivas for a variety of reasons. There’s also no legal reason why that would be so. If a rabbi starts a shul with his own money and efforts at what point in time does the ownership transfer away from him to the public?
      What mayseh kinyan takes place to affect that transaction? If he wants to close it down because of any reason and turn it into a yeshiva or into a school how does the public override that? What public? Does everyone in the neighborhood or city or state or country get to vote? Just a bunch of narashkeit

  2. A complaint should have been filed with the local police precinct, and the Mayor’s office, and that congregation should have been closed immediately; also, the Rabbi should have been arrested.

  3. Apparently some people don’t get it they are in denial people are dying left and right stop the nonsense and close pikuach nefesh is dieche having to daven with a minyan shame shame on the rabbi for keeping his shul opened

  4. Who are you to claim the right to talk so big — Reb Chaim K says no daving in any shul –

    Unfortunately there may be people who might listen to you still – that is why you are a sakono for the kllall
    You don’t hear – a rachmonus

    Oy vay Oy vay

  5. First of all, this jerk is wrong on the facts, Houses of worship are allowed to be open,
    Second who appointed him to go around to make sure the place is open
    Third I would have charged him with trespass

    • The City can indeed stop services and any citizen may report a crime or violation of a city ordinance. Try and charge him with “trespass” see how far it gets you. You will he laughed out of the station. The rabbi on the other hand could very well be charged with assault for trying to grab the phone. These lunatics should be locked up.

  6. All you guys, have you been to the grocery or even better, to the dress/shoe store today? It’s all a matter of your priorities.

  7. i recognize one of these idiots. from now on i will make sure to call him a rodeif to his face whenever I see him, which is at least once a week. oh yeah….once minyanim start again.

  8. If it’s so dangerous why is this lunitck entering the shul?, especially without keeping a distance, the mispallim are at least keeping a distance?

  9. I showed this to a maimonedes nurse and she almost cried and said that she works so hard to save people who its not their fault but rodfim like these people they should stop treating people in the hospital

  10. There is no misera on a rodef…if it has not become clear we are dealing with life and death..unfortunately many of these deaths could be preventable if people stopping being holier-than-thou

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