Policemen Dress Up As Chareidim, Bust Clandestine Minyan

Ultra Orthodox jewish men pray at the entrance to their home in Jerusalem April 3, 2020. following the government's decisions, in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus. (Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

RECHASIM (VINnews) — Two members of the Zevulun police department went undercover as Chareidim in order to find out the whereabouts of a clandestine minyan taking place inside a shul in the town of Rechasim near Kfar Chasidim.

Police had been trying for days to discover the whereabouts of the clandestine minyan but each time the minyan had split before police succeeded in arriving. Police commander Kobi Karni dressed up as a Chareidi together with another undercover member and thye succeeded in finding the forbidden gathering. The two took out their police badges, detained the members of the minyan and fined them.

Just an hour later the place was opened once again for prayer despite the prior warnings. Police swiftly entered the makeshift shul, closed it up and registered fines of 17,500 NIS to the participants.

מחופשים לחרדים

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  1. I just spoke to my son who lives in Rechasim:; the following psak halachah was just broadcast by Rabbi Brandies shilt”a, the rov of all Rechasim, via telephone and whatsup: No minyanim are allowed–not private, or shuls, or on balconies–only daven b’yechidus period!!!!!!

  2. Update on Psak of Rav Brandies: A WRITTEN PSAK was sent our forbidding any and all sorts of minyanim.
    I will upload the letter after Shabbas as it is near candle lighting here.

  3. Really nice of them to make the police waste precious resources and when they all get sick and go to the hospital they will waste more resources and then they will call the Israeli hospital workers and police Nazis, then they will go home to get their checks paid for by the Israeli tax payers, who they will hold in contempt. What happened to simple gratitude?

    • Would you write this to any other “criminal” and blast him for causing the police and jails
      to waste precious resources on enforcing his arrest – or just for “criminals” that you don’t like?

      • If you want to compare them to common criminals, thieves and muggers, it’s fine by me.sone might say murderers. Interesting that came to your mind. Very interesting.

        • This is ridiculous justifying evil by shifting to others crimes.

          They are rotzchim, we dont defend ritchica by saying the other guy is a ganav or even a rotzeach


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