15 Rulings from Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l on Hilchos Pesach as Told to Rav Aharon Felder z”l


    By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for 5tjt.com

    1. If a child makes a siyum – it counts for adults.
    2. Firstborns that were born via a C-section must still fast.
    3. A father must still fast for his firstborn baby even if he is less than 30 days old.
    4. A store owner who sold his chometz to a goy may sell his chometz after pesach even to a person who is careful not to sell real chometz to a goy.
    5. One may NOT eat matzoh meal cake after the Zman on Erev Pesach
    6. For the 4 kosos it is preferable to drink most of a reviis of straight wine than all of a reviis of wine mixed with water.
    7. One can fulfill the Mitzvah of leaning by leaning on an armchair handle.
    8. Even if a bris is on Pesach itself – one should still say krias shma with the baby the night before even though it is leil shimurim.
    9. One may eat chicken baked in a lot of water in the oven and this is not considered tzli kdeirah.
    10. Someone that is required to consume chometz should keep it in a place that he has rented out to a goy and retrieve it daily.
    11. If someone is required to consume chometz, if possible, it should be consumed pachos pachos of a shiur.
    12. One should not recite a blessing when he is only checking a room that is less than dalet amos by dalet amos (7 ft. 1 inch by 7 ft 1 inch)
    13. When doing bdikas chometz on clothing one may feel a pocket from the outside to see whether or not it is empty.
    14. When one sells the chometz to a goy it is not enough to just put it in a box – a mechitzah or covering is also necessary.
    15. You may use Matzah that you otherwise would not have eaten for an Eruv tavshilin

    The rulings here are culled from volume three of Rishumei Aharon pages 35-41.

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