Outrage As Police Break Into Roli And Yoeli Dickman’s Apartment to Stop Prayers


BNEI BRAK (VINnews) — In an outrageous display of insensitivity, police Tuesday broke into an apartment in Bnei Brak where singers Roli and Yoeli Dickman were holding live prayers via loudspeaker and confiscated equipment. The two singers were making a live Youtube stream of prayers for Chol Hamoed to enable neighbors and people worldwide to join with them when police stormed into the house after breaking in via a porch and closed the microphones, even though the event had been coordinated with the municipality, there were only three people there and there was no legal reason to stop the prayers. After the municipality intervened, the prayers were allowed to continue without interference.

Police sources claimed that there had been complaints about the noise emanating from the apartment but Chareidi politicians were not convinced and said that this was another example of anti-Chareidi incitement causing an overreaction.



MK Michael Malkieli (Shas) said that “it is very painful to see such a sight- police breaking into a house with large forces as if it was at the very least a drug factory. Three people were acting in accordance with Health Ministry rules and only wanted to make a happy atmosphere for prayers.”

MK Uri Maklev(UTJ) said that “the continuous cases of police harassment and the feeling that everything is allowed against the Chareidi community deepen the lack of trust and hostility and prevent cooperation. The policemen give legitimacy and increase the stigmas against the Chareidi public. We will demand an investigation and punitive action against the policemen.”

MK Yaakov Asher (UTJ) wrote Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan: “At a time when Bnei Brak residents are shut in their homes, heightened sensitivity should accompany the determination required in enforcement activities. The pictures of police breaking into an apartment in which activities were being performed to encourage the public to stay in its homes during the festivals is extremely disturbing and appears to be premeditated harassment. Police should be told to use their brains before they use their brawn.”

Public Security Minister Erdan responded that he had received “tens of complaints” about the event and had asked police to investigate it. He added that “I ask the public to remember that police are dealing with a huge load of thousands of events and are enforcing regulations for our own health and endangering their own health for citizens. Before judging them we should wait until all the details are clarified. There may be mistakes or improper behavior and I will do all I can to deal with them.”

Bnei Brak Mayor Avraham Rubinstein said that “this break-in is outrageous and unacceptable. The prayer was in accordance with all the rules and regulations and was coordinated previously with police. There was no gathering at the site and no reason for such a grandiose break-in. I will demand an investigation with police to ensure that such unfortunate cases will not be repeated.

Yoeli Dickman said that “we received a special permit to conduct prayers between 10 and 12. The prayers were streamed live on Youtube to thousands of people worldwide and were very successful. Despite the permit, police broke into the house from the roof in what looked like a scene from an action movie despite our permit from the municipality. We tried to explain to the policemen but they refused to listen. Only after we contacted local enforcement authorities the police let us continue.”


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  1. I don’t know about the permit but I do wonder if they had answered the door, would police have had to use the roof. Or was the refusal to answer the door something separate. It’s hard to tell from this.

  2. No “Good Deed” Goes Unpunished …. Music Truck Gets Pelted With Eggs in Bnei Brak…

    The above is some other ANTI news from Bnai Brak.
    The eggs must of been thrown by either the police or some zionists.
    Or maybe it was thrown by the anti Yeshivah group or the anti chasidim groups. Or maybe by the Pelegrín guys.
    It’s just another day in BB. All is normal. Thank Hashem it was only a music truck that was enough to vent for yesterday.

  3. If the police were right or wrong to stop it is not the issue. Was it too loud even with a permit etc. The arrogance of not answering the door when the police knock, making fools out of them is the issue. They knew why they came and played stupid. They should have opened the door and dealt with the issue as human beings, not conceded frum behemis forcing the police to break in, and then claiming anti-semitism.

  4. Kol Hakavod for the police. This Rodfim killed more Yiden than Arab terrorist (No need to say lohavdil for a rozeach)in the last 20 years combined. 100+ Yiden died from Coronavirus in Israel, spread most likely by frumme Yiden. Where is the outrage? If a terrorist kills 5-10 Yiden r”l Its the Muslims bla bla bla. Who are the killers of 1000’s of Yiden Worldwide today. The largest mass killing of Yiden since the Holocaust? Not the arabs.

  5. They refused to open the door to the police. Would you do that in America? Just curious if anyone thinks it would be ok not to open the door to the police – anywhere.

    • “Just curious if anyone thinks it would be ok not to open the door to the police”, a man’s home is his castle, no one has a right to enter, unless authorized by law with a search warrant, unless it is the USSR and the KGB is knocking.

      • A search warrant is necessary to search a home in the United States, however it is not necessary if the police believe a crime is occurring. Why don’t you try blasting music at 3 am out your window and be sure to tell the cops when they knock: it’s my castle, not letting you in Mr KGB.

  6. The arrogance of some commentators here.
    Nowhere in the article does it say they refused the police.
    AND even if they knocked (doesn’t say they did) they were in middle of recording and not every knock means it’s the police. Could have been curious nudges.
    Don’t forget; when u record u have in earphones.

    • exactly. finally someone talking sense. They probably had no idea police were knocking. If anyone knows anything about recording or livestreaming. Especially when the radio show that hired them had organized a legal permit; why would they suspect.
      This is called an intrusion on democracy. Overzealous police against chareidim. These Dickman boys are probably the last ones to want to start up with police.


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