Opinion: Secret Minyanim – An Open Letter To Klal Yisroel

Ultra Orthodox jewish men pray at the entrance to their home in Jerusalem April 3, 2020. following the government's decisions, in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus. (Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — The following email was submitted to VINnews by one of our readers:

Today is Isru Chag, a day we often look back at the memories we created during the last eight days. Memories with children and grandchildren, memories of a beautiful Hallel in Shul sung with friends and family, memories of meaning Divrei Torah spoken by our Rabonnim over Yom Tov and of course memories of a long meaningful seder with a crowded table full of amazing nachas.

For many of us this was still a beautiful Yom Tov though very different, for some it was even painful as they were forced to sit alone at the seder. As a nation who has a clear understanding that everything comes from Hashem, I would think we have a better outlook on what is going on then most of the world.

However from my point of view it appears that some of us are missing something. First and foremost we are required to listen to our Rabonim & Gedolim secondly we are required to listen to medical professionals, both of whom are telling us to daven at home yet still there are “secret minyanim” going on.

Should I assume that the people at these minyanim are not aware of these rulings, are not aware that they are putting the lives of their families and neighbors in danger, I can try. However I sincerely believe that these minyanim are practicing malicious behavior and are creating a massive Chilul Hashem.

To make matters even worse, there is at least one Rav in Flatbush who is holding a secret minyan in the basement of his shul.

I beg of all, my brothers, who I love and care for deeply to stop this destructive behavior. Perhaps Hashem is waiting for all of us to be home one day and feel the pain together of not being able to go to shul. Perhaps when you start listening to the words of our Gedolim you will be bringing an end to this terrible plague.

Please take my words to heart and stop.

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