New York Supreme Court Judge And Former Councilman Noach Dear Passes Away From Coronavirus


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Former Brooklyn City Councilman and New York Supreme Court judge Noach Dear has passed away from coronavirus at the age of 67.

In 1975, Dear received both a B.S. from Brooklyn College and a M.S.W. from the Yu Wurzweiler School of Social Work. He received his J.D. from Brooklyn Law School in 1991.

Dear served as a member of the New York City Council from 1983–2001, where he headed the Transportation Committee. In 1986, Dear also voted against a civil rights bill prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodation.

As a councilman, Dear had a close relationship with the Chareidi community and its needs and passed many laws in favor of the Chareidi sector in his precinct. He had a special relationship with the chasidic rebbes in New York and would come frequently to visit them at their homes and at their gatherings.

After completing his term as a councilman, Dear was appointed Commissioner of the Taxi and Limousine Commission in 2002, slated to serve a seven-year term. In 2008 Dear embarked on a judicial career, serving first as a civil court judge and then from 2015 as a Supreme Court judge in New York.

In 2017, Judge Noach Dear was the victim of an anti-Semitic attack. He was standing near the Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park when a man started yelling at him.

Dear, who was wearing his yarmulke, ignored the man as he walked to his car, then the man yelled out, “You ——– Jew, don’t you have a mouth?”

The judge got into his car, locked the doors and called police.

Dear was described by friends and colleagues as  “a legendary public servant and representative who understood that his position should be used to help the most vulnerable and downtrodden. He was respected and admired. To watch him pray was an experience.”


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  1. That is true. One can judge a persons character by the way they daven. I observed Reb Noach Z”L daven several times when he would come to Landau’s Shul. You can takeh see he connected with the Borei Olam. Nice quiet private man. He will be missed.

    • Really a good person. Those impovereshed NY residents, loved him because he was NOT a corporate Yes Man. He made the Plaintiffs,usually debt collectors, bring documented proof or he dismissed the case and many times made them pay the defendants court costs. He was meticulous in his moral, and was bestowed with Chochmas Shlomo. He will sorely be missed.

    • chaim my father died in Ghetto lodz and my mother was gassed in chelmno and I was liberated in Buchenwald. My father never talked about a talmid chochom but again and again about an erlicher yid. You can be a lamdim and not an erlicher Yid which is a\

      paradox of modern orthodoxy. See Reb avruminu inVienna was a teirer erlicher Yid

    • Who are you to criticize our past and present City Council members? As I have found those who admire Trump are simple minded people lacking seichel.

      • Heimisher Yidden have brains and hearts, so change your stupid moniker to something appropriate for you. Examples: Evil, Idiot, Brain-dead, Imbecile, Stupid, or Retard. Best: all of the above.
        And, BDE, a decent Democrat passed away. Now there are virtually none left anywhere. Worse, now they’re truly vile DemoncRAT filth, like you.

  2. @ Triumphinwhitehouse: It is possible to Eulogize a special man, yid, and great public servant without trashing other people- especially when that what you are saying about them is horrible and untrue! Mench up buddy

  3. i never met r noach but about twelve to fifteen years ago i left my suitcase and tefillin in a yellow cab on the way back from lga airport. Someone told me to call r noach. He left no stone unturned until he went through the cameras by the henry hudson bridge and found the exact taxi and tracked him down. He spent a lot of his busy time on the phone w me going through details. If he did such a small thing for such a random person he never saw im sure hes helped thousands that ppl never heard of!

  4. I believe he sang on the beautiful Klei Zemer record we had when I was a child. Was played over and over in our house, with its inspirational melodies and excellent harmony.

    Reb Noach would also keep a seder at the Mir in Brooklyn each day. Made it his business to always be approachable by any constituent who needed his help by coming to where they were likely to be, not forcing them to shlep to him or try to track him down by phone.

    Always sociable and presentable. A real people person who loved what he did. Sad that he had to suffer in his last days. Wishing his family a complete nechama and only simchas.

    • Yep he was in Clei Zemer. Sang and played saxophone. I think I have a copy of that LP somewhere.

      They used to make a big deal of some supposed “rivalry” between him and Dov Hikind (which never happened), when the truth was Noach played sax at Dov’s wedding…

  5. Dr.Yael Respler replying
    I am so upset about the passing of Judge Noach Dear. I went to Yeshiva University graduate school with Noach Dear. The school at that time had a minority of frum people. We were both on the G.O. committee for party planning. While I made sure the wine and cheese or any school party was 100 per cent Kosher, Noach played the drums and was involved in keeping the music Kosher. I just lost my own Husband Dr. Mark ( Mordechai) Respler who was a Urologist ( M.D.) affiliated with Mount Sinai hospital. We are losing all our Tzadikim. I am so upset about losing my husband and now to lose a graduate school classmate. I am an Almana at 63. We need Moshiach now
    Noach was an amazing person as was my husband Dr. Mark Respler.. Please Hashem stop this horrific virus.

    • Yael,
      I was so sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. I couldn’t find any way of reaching you to offer my condolences. Then I found this nite you wrote.
      I too was shocked to hear about Noah Dear (who also was in Maimonides).
      I don’t know if you’d remember this, but we were at the same single’s weekend where you first met your husband. Again, I’m so sorry about your loss.
      An old classmate and friend,
      Sarah Reiss (Markowitz)

  6. i knew R’ Noach personal as a friend of mine. How did i become my friend , by just meeting me once.
    Noach met someone and spoke to him they became his friend. He was a great shliach for klal Yisroel and i know of many people who were saved from Foreclosure, Bankruptcies, Machloykes, Shulem Bayis by Noach working with them. i used to walk in his courtroom ,i think it was known as room # 1110 and i watched him how respectful he was to every defendant no matter of color,race,religion. If he can help someone he would stick his neck out for them. I hope he can defend us now from Shemayim and be a Mylitz Yoysher for Klal Yisroel and for his Chusheve family. Hamukoym Yenachem Eschem

  7. I just saw him a few weeks ago davening in Rabbi Landau’s shul. I’ve also seen him a few times in Sharei Rachamim shul as well. Although I didn’t know him well, it does kind of hit me on a personal level. BD”E!


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