Passing Of Rabbi Marvin Schick


Rabbi Schick was the longtime president of Yeshiva and Mesivta Rabbeinu Yaakov Yosef, and was the founder of the prestigious Edison Yeshiva, in Edison NJ.

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  1. BD”H. So very sad to hear of our loss. I recognize his name as one who worked on behalf of the Jewish people for decades and ask Hashem to please give us Moishiach NOW.

  2. BDE. Fifty Seven years ago, in the summer of 1963, Rabbi Marvin Schick was my Instructor for a Political Science course, at Hunter College, in Manhattan. I remember that one time, he pointed out the window towards the apartments on the Upper East Side, and stated that a Jew couldn’t rent apartments in that area. At the time, that was undoubtedly true. Also, our course was given several months before JFK was assassinated. I remember Rabbi Schick raising the question as to what JFK would do when he left office. I believe that he was the brother of the late owner of Schick’s bakery, in Borough Park. Also, he formally wrote a column for The Jewish Press.

  3. April 27, 2020

    To mark the death of Dr. Marvin Schick, many will share recollections of his extraordinary life. Judaism was never far from his mind. It was my privilege to take 3 of Dr. Schick’s courses while a graduate student at The New School for Social Research from 1976-1984. In the Fall of 1976, my first semester, I was in Dr. Schick’s seminar on Political Parties and Voting Behavior. The class had only around a dozen students, and on this this particular day only 8 were there on a rainy and cool day. He was was deep in thought explaining a complex subject when a 9th person walked in a little late. Without hesitating, he said, “good, we have a minyan, now we can davin.” He then picked up where he left off.

    Dr. Schick had very high academic standards. In 1980, while writing my doctoral dissertation, I made the mistake of bringing him many chapters instead of one at a time. I thought he would admire my initiative, but instead I was reprimanded for thinking I could accomplish this on my own. Around half of the material was in the finished work, and the dissertation was published, but 40 years later his lesson remains with me: seek the collaboration of trained experts who have your best interests and don’t get too big for yourself. I have been a Constitutional Law Professor in Wisconsin since 1984 and still think of the impact Dr. Schick had on me in my formative years.

    Thank you for your gift to many Jews in your long and very active life. Rest in peace, my dear Professor.


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