106-Year-Old Survives Coronavirus: ‘Something Else To Tell The Grandchildren’


BARCO DE VALDORES, SPAIN (VINnews) — 106-year-old Lucia Blanc, a resident of the Galicia region in northwestern Spain, has already seen everything in her life, and now she has also survived the Corona virus to her doctors’ amazement. Blanco, born in December 1913, went through World War I as a child, survived the Spanish influenza, the terrible civil war in Spain from 1936-1939, World War II and now the coronavirus which has taken a major toll on elderly people worldwide.

In a video released from the hospital in Spain, the medical team can be seen applauding a woman who has in fact seen everything in her long life.

A spokeswoman for northwestern Galicia Health Department, the area where Lucia lived, said “Lucia became infected with Corona while in her nursing home at Barco de Valdores, but also overcame this disease that mainly affects older people.”

When she returned to her nursing home, the institution’s director, Pablo Fernandes, told Lucia that “I and all the staff here love you very much.” Lucia herself replied that “I still love you more back, now I have something else to tell the grandchildren.” So it turns out that although the coronavirus poses a challenge not just for older people, there are those who have seen everything in their lives: huge epidemics, civil war, and both world wars, and for them corona will be yet another episode they will tell their children.

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