British Epidemiologist Resigns After Report

Clinical staff clean Personal Protective Equipment PPE at the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, England, Tuesday May 5, 2020. (Neil Hall/Pool via AP)

LONDON — A leading epidemiologist whose work heavily influenced Britain’s lockdown measures has resigned from his position as a government adviser after a newspaper revealed he broke social distancing rules.

Professor Neil Ferguson says he “made an error of judgment” and regrets “any undermining of the clear messages around the continued need for social distancing.”

His statement came after the Telegraph reported he had allowed his married lover to visit him at home during the lockdown.

Ferguson leads a team at Imperial College London who modeled the spread and impact of the coronavirus in data that was instrumental in prompting Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose lockdown measures.

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  1. Newsweek, a liberal mag, is reporting that Fauci’s institute poured 3.7$$ million in Huan lab over the last 9 years.
    Very serious allegation against this double talker.

    • Art of the Deal. Fauci/Trump poured 3.7 m in Huan. They knew what follows. He and his buddies Sold 100s of millions of stock. Always follow the money. All Republican Senators/employees under Trump

  2. Whistleblower get it correct it was money sent thru Obama administration The good doctor has been in government dole for years. Birx was involved as well

  3. Just stop resisting and get your flu shot. If you do, you’ll live forever and never have to worry about any illnesses or diseases.

  4. @anonymous ******
    Whom are you kidding? You praised fauci to the sky under your other names, his brilliance as a scientist and how Trump should listen to him..
    What happened ?

  5. I am rather surprised the fact this man cheated on his wife seems to matter. After all both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu also betrayed their wives. It seems such behavior is all-too widespread nowadays.


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