PM Netanyahu Files Police Complaint After Death Threats Against His Son Yair


JERUSALEM (VINNews) — Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu submitted a complaint to Israeli police after death threats were issued against his son Yair and against other members of his family by anarchistic left-wing demonstrators outside the prime minister’s residence. One of the demonstrators, Chaim Shadmi, warned that “Yair Netanyahu is flanked by security guards for a reason- if the guards would disappear then -poof. Nobosy can know” in a veiled hint to what could happen to him. Shadmi was also caught on camera saying that a firebomb should be thrown into the prime minister’s residence.

Yair Netanyahu himself responded immediately on his Twitter account, stating: “Wow! he is threatening my life on a megaphone opposite the prime minister’s residence. Netanyahu stated that he had filed complaints in the past against Shadmi but received no response.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan responded: “Yair, good morning! This is indeed a direct and serious threat which to my mind constitutes incitement to violence and a criminal act. I asked the police to immediately update if it was dealt with.

‘Despite this it should be stressed that crimes of violent speech and incitement are determined by the State Attorney and not by police.”

Yair responded that “this is just ridiculous! I feel that my blood is worthless! The state attorney and police are encouraging violence and even murder of the Netanyahu family.

He added that police were standing meters away from Shadmi at the demonstration and were laughing. Netanyahu asked why they would not have authority to arrest him on the spot as they do to (right-wing activist) Shefi Paz at right-wing demonstrations.

Police spokesmen said that they had received the complaints and that every complaint regarding incitement crimes in transferred to the state attorney for a decision about continuation of proceedings.


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  1. The left throughout the world have an unusual and rationally inexplicable power to disrupt and force the agenda they want.

    This phenomenon will very soon undergo a drastic change since Satan , who they’re very much connected to and who provides them with this extraordinary power, from the dark side, is presenly in the throes of death!


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