Father Demands Paternity Test To Prove His Daughter Is Mamzeres


ASHDOD (VINnews) — An Israeli who resides in the US submitted a petition to the Israeli family courts against his 30-year-old daughter, requesting that the court order her to take a DNA test to prove that he is not her father. The father also requested that she not use his name forthwith.

The daughter asked attorney Tal Meron to present her defense and ask the court to dismiss the case with prejudice, claiming that it is upsetting her and could cause harm to her and her future children.

Before the parents divorced the father attempted to kidnap his children to the US, but the mother succeeded in foiling his attempts by taking legal action in the US. The father refused to give his wife a get for more than 12 years, did not pay child support as the court ruled and even married again before he was divorced.

The father claimed in his petition that the respondent was not his daughter despite her being registered in the Interior Ministry and that she was born from an adulterous affair of her mother.

Attorney Meron stated in response that the father heard his daughter was getting married and decided to wreck the wedding. He managed to obtain details of the groom’s family and sent them a letter saying that his daughter is a mamzeres (bastard) and that their grandchildren would also be bastards if their son married his daughter. Meron added that the father gave no explanation of why he had delayed his suit for 30 years. The father’s claim that he would have to bequeath a portion of his property to his daughter was fallacious since he could make a will and the daughter had also declared that she relinquishes any right to her father’s inheritance.

The case is being adjudicated in family courts in Israel.

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  1. One reason to keep quiet so long is that as long as the mamzeret knows
    how to navigate mamzerus and not cause damage, why cause conflict and
    embarassment to her and her mother?

  2. if not for the state of Israel, these people could have married gentiles and left Klal Yisrael alone. The fact that non-religious Jews marry Jews causes more problems than it solves. Let them all assimilate and then Klal Yisrael will be cleansed. This is one of the reasons why Hashem put us in Galus, to get rid of bad ex-Jews and to attract pious converts who will be better Jews.

  3. It seems to me that if he knows she is a mamzeres He needs to do whatever he can to stop the marriage. Now I’m not sure if he has נאמנות or if dna evidence is acceptable so that’s for the dayanim to decide

  4. I wouldn’t think a paternity test has halachik significance. There is a heskas kashrus and that should be the end of the matter. The question of paternity comes up more often in rape situations which were unfortunately common in previous generations. The basic rule was heskas kashrus. I am not a posek though.

  5. DNA tests are not recongnised to establish mamzerut…
    Nor can a man like that be believed… So his claim isn’t worth anything…

    • I had a situation in Panama many years ago.

      So I flew down there to check it out. They sit you in a chair. They sit the child in another chair, same place, same time. They took a swap from the child and put it into an envelope attached to a long folding form. The envelope says “Child.”

      Then they took a sample from me (a cheek swab). They put that in an envelope labelled “First potential father.” The form had another envelope “Second potential father.”

      In any case, it turned out I was not the father. I still ended up paying for his last year of high school.

  6. Not the first time this has been dealt with by the Rabbanut. There was a similar case in the 50’s, except there it was a blood test that showed that the divorcing husband and son had incompatible blood types, which means that he could not have been his father. The father’s interest was to be exempted from child support.

    The court ruled that the father was exempt from support, but that the son was not a mamzer.

    Essentially, both kept their chazokos, as the doubt went two ways: Doubt whether a blood test makes someone into a mamazer and doubt whether it is weak enough that it could be ignored. Hence, the wife would have to prove that, despite the blood test showing that her husband is not the father, she still has the right to extract money from the husband.

  7. Bastard is a terrible mistranslation of mamzer. One can be born from unmarried people and not be a mamzer. A Jewish single woman and single non-Jewish man do not produce a mamzer. Even an unmarried Jewish woman and any Jewish man she could be married to and isn’t do not produce a mamzer.
    I see nothing wrong in VIN publishing a story with no names of such interest halachically. A paternity test is a scientific way of adding some evidence in this case if brought before a bais din.
    If it’s impossible that this man is her father, what non-mamzer who’s criticized VIN for publishing an interesting, disturbing anonymous case would marry this daughter?

  8. This misfit father needs to get a life and stop harassing others . He can’t force a DNA test on anybody and is in no position to demand that anybody do anything .

  9. It’s a sad situation.
    I always wondered why the rabbunit in Israel makes kosher marriages of non religious Jews. If they get divorced and need a get and woman remarries without a get then new kids could be mamzeirim. Many secular Israeli Jews may not care to get a kosher get especially if they move to other country.

  10. @ezra f The father does not appear to have any chezkas ne’emanus but DNA tests are very accurate today and the process for a Court ordered DNA test is rigorous and excludes any possibility of a person using another’s DNA swabs. A DNA test may not be acceptable in halacha to rule a person a mamzer but I would not want this girl as a daughter-in-law if the DNA rules she is not the purported father’s daughter. Sofek mamzerus l’chumra in this case, in feeling even if not in halocha.

  11. This father is a major dirtbag. I, unfortunately, do not know a word obscene enough to describe someone who would be motzei shem ra on his own daughter to gain an advantage in a monetary dispute, not to mention his disgusting behavior in denying his wife a get (N.B. He can’t have it both ways. If, as he claims, his wife was mezaneh, how can he withhold a get? he has to divorce her.) I am certainly not a navi but i know that there is truth and justice in HaShem’s universe and this evil man will escape retribution.

  12. I heard the story about R. Moshe many times from his family and from his Talmidim, and it went like this. R. Moshe was about to be M’Sader Kedushin and the mother of the Kallah told him that the Kallah was a Mamzeres. Regardless of what R. Moshe answered, he continued with the wedding and was Mesader Kedushin.

    IMHO, I dont believe there would be a difference between the Mother and Father or anybody else. First, the rule is, a person, one Aid, can not assur something on someone else, only on him/her self. So the Father in this case, by saying his daughter is a Mamzeres, wants to assur her on her Husband. Cant happen. The Father (or any other person who claimed this) would now be assur on the daughter and her children because of his claim of Mamzeres but not others.

    Theres also a rule of Rov Beilos Talui Eizel HaBaal. So even it was 100% true that a mans wife was mezaneh, we assume that all children are the fathers regardless, and we dont beleive him if he says he wasnt together with his wife.

    Yakir applies at birth, and has nothing to do with this case. And other recognized rights of a father regarding his daughter, all end after Naarus, which is at 12.5 years old.

    Probably a lot more to write about this, but in brief, a guy cant just come out of the woodwork and stop everyone elses life.

    • That is a mistake. Yakir is any time, and only the father is believed.

      Anyway, the story with reb moshe is meaningless. It is a clear halacha, who needs stories? But it only applies to the mother, not the father. A father is believed, not a mother.

      You may be confusing a midlife, who is indeed only believed at birth


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