Israeli Children’s Television Star Commits To Keep Shabbos In Order To Help Friend Recover


TEL AVIV (VINnews) — Israeli television star Michal Weizman, known as Michal Ha’Ktana, is a popular children’s star who lives a secular lifestyle. However when her good friend Shir recently gave birth, there were complications after the birth and the mother was sedated and respirated. (She has since recovered). Michal wanted to do something to help her friend and when she visited Linor Aberjil, a former Miss World who became religious after the pageant, she decided to commit to keeping Shabbat and not appearing in shows on Shabbat. A delighted Linor hugged Michal and wrote afterwards that “there are moments in life when you are left speechless. Michal, you moved all of us and I am sure all the young girls in Israel. Thank you, thank you for making this happen in my house. Thank you Hashem.”



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  1. See how a Yid pours out brochos. NEVER judge a book by its cover. What a truly amazing young lady. Mitzvah should goreres many mitzvois for her with good strong health, b’gashmius and ruchnius, & in every way that’s good go from strength to strength.
    Such a leap is like yeish m’ayin. Astounding, God bless her. Wonderful girl! How moving.
    What a special girl. I just can’t get over how she pours out so much good from inside her. Wow.


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