Public Health Expert Warns Virus Not Going Away

A woman waits to cross an empty street during the large-scale restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the new coronavirus outbreak in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sunday, May 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara)

WASHINGTON — A public health expert says the new coronavirus still “has a long way to run” despite President Donald Trump’s claim last week that it will go away without a vaccine.

Dr. Tom Inglesby says it’s likely that only a small portion of the country has been infected, “so most of us are still susceptible to this virus.” Inglesby is the director of the Center for Health Security of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

He says the nation does not have sufficient testing or tracing the contacts of people who do test positive for what he described as a “really nasty virus.” Inglesby says the danger is that as businesses reopen and Americans start to resume normal activities “with increased social interaction, we will again see increased transmission and rising number of cases.”

Reacting to Trump’s assertion that the virus simply will disappear, Inglesby says, “No, this virus isn’t going to go away. Hopefully, over time, we’ll learn to live with it and we’ll be able to reduce the risk of transmission. But it’s going to stay as a background problem in the country and around the world until we have a vaccine.”

Inglesby made the comments on Fox News Sunday.

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  1. That vaccine will be when judge Ginsberg leaves the Supreme Court and is replaced by a serious conservative judge and gay marriage will be done away with. Until then we are in trouble. See chullin 92B

    • You seem to have delusions of prophecy that will go away once you have an understanding of the virus and of the Supreme Court. Did you and Educated Archy both attend Trump University?

    • No problem, the next Democrat POTUS will pack the Court to 13 or even 15 to outnumber the Republicans. The Republicans kept to court to 8 under Obama so the Dems can take it to 15 or 17 etc.Then the Reps to 21 Dems to 31 Chayzik ) No law in the USA about a 9 seat court. Get ready every few years a new court.

  2. Correct it isn’t going away . So what should we do then ? If we lock everyone up for another two months will it then go away? So should we like everyone up for another two years and live In caves ? Let’s say it’s here for 5 years ?
    Lockdowns are bandaids that are temporary solutions . It’s not a permanent cure . If the illness isn’t going away what can you do other than live with it as much as we can.
    So far I haven’t heard any rational response where you outline how to deal with it

    • Correct it isnt going away in NYC and other similar Cities. Time to move to Eretz Yisroel or North Dakota. There is very few Coronavirus in No Dakota and Georgia and other similar States are already Open.

  3. Yes the curve is down. But curve is about at the point when this lock down began. So it was bad enough to close down back in March then how is it safe enough to open up now?

    • Because you have to look at the slope of the curve . When we closed it was upward now it’s way down. ( not that I agree with your number but the curve slope is the key ) almost zero new cases in frum community Over two weeks ! Bh

  4. The dems want our economy to totally collapse for ever, anything negative that they can say, they will say, they want us to lock ourselves in our houses and all get depressed

  5. Didn’t we go to minyan when this all started? Didn’t we have all yeshivos kololim schools open ? Didn’t we have torah learning? All the davening and learning stopped when people where dying like flies. So what’s the true answer ??


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